October 2010

Josiah Leming&Tyler Hilton setlists

I need to get at least a couple of hours of sleep tonight, so a review is going to have to wait until I get home from Oklahoma. (Though I will most likely write it up on the plane tomorrow – if I’m not asleep)  I did want to try and get setlists posted though. Josiah’s setlist should be about right – he said almost all the names of the songs, but I did zone out near the end and the notes I took are not producing anything in google (“Mistaken I don’t know” is what I wrote lol)  so I am not sure of that.  During Tyler’s set I realized that I am completely lacking in keeping up with his new-er stuff – but his set was great so I need to get on that once I get home!

I didn’t keep track of Clay Garner or Dion Roy’s sets.  They each did about 5 or 6 songs.  Hopefully the notes I took on all the sets will make sense come another day when I try to read them…

Josiah’s Setlist:
One Last Song
Day and Night
Silly Fly
You, I Love
Song Without A Reason
Come On Kid

Tyler’s Setlist:
When It Comes (Solo)
Sunset Blvd
This World Will Turn Your Way
Missing You (Cover)
Rollin’ Home (Solo)
When The Stars Go Blue (no band, with French fan, Claire?)
You’ll Ask For Me
Ain’t A Thing
I Believe In You


Guide for tomorrow night

I was a bit nervous when I found out that Tyler Hilton and Josiah Lemming not only had another support act on tour with them – but an opener too.  I don’t want to stay out too late because I need to be up and out of the house by about 4:30am tomorrow in order to get to the airport with time to check in for my 7:20am flight to OK.

But today StageOne sent out the plan for the night, and it looks like it won’t be as late of a night as I had first thought after all.

7:00 Doors and cash bars open
(note: our bar only takes cash )
7:30 Clay Garner
7:50 Bar break
7:55 Dion Roy
8:15 Bar Break
8:30 Tyler Hilton or Josiah Leming TBA
9:15 Bar Break
9:25 Tyler Hilton or Josiah Leming TBA

I should be home in plenty of time to throw together a quick review! Probably no photos though as I’ll need to get in a few hours of sleep. (And I hope I can fall asleep on the planes!)

I’ll have a bunch of stuff to catch up on when I get home – but my next shows aren’t until November 15 so I should have no problem getting that done 🙂 

Here’s hoping that Josiah goes on first tomorrow so I am not tempted to leave early lol

Rock N Roll Fridays

Today we picked A Halloween Treat: Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson. The song’s lyrics are in bold.


1. SCHOOL’S OUT : “School’s out for summer. School’s out forever…”
What was your best summer vacation memory as a child?

I was going to say our trip to Disney World but then I remembered that was Spring Break and not Summer… and now I can’t think of any summer trips we took even though I am sure we must have lol

2. BILLION DOLLAR BABIES : “Billion dollar baby, I got you in a dimestore
No other little girl could ever Hold you any tighter, any tighter than me baby”
What was the last thing you remember buying in a dimestore?

I don’t know what a dimestore is.

3. WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE : “Welcome to my breakdown,
I hope I didn’t scare you. That’s just the way we are, When you come down!
We sweat laugh and scream here, Cause laugh is just a dream here…”
Can you tell us about a nightmare you have had recently?

I had one just the other night.  I was back working at Toys R Us and a crazy dude came in right at close with a gun.  Clearly this was some sort of hybrid from watching the finale of last season’s Greys Anatomy somewhat recently.

4. ELECTED : “We’re gonna win this one, take the country by storm
We’re gonna be elected, You and me together, young and strong”
Democrats, Republicans or Tea Party? Who will sweep the elections?

I don’t really pay much attention to politics. I don’t know that anyone will sweep and I kind of think we’re all doomed either way.  Especially since most of the ads here at least are – my opponent sucks and here’s why – and not ‘here’s what I’ll do if elected’

5. NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY : “My dog bit me on the leg today
My cat clawed my eye, Mom’s been thrown out of the social circles, And dad has to hide…”
Have you ever done something that embarrassed your family?

I don’t think so, but you’d have to ask them!

6. SICK THINGS : “Sick things, in cars, rotate round. My stars. Sick things. Pretty things…”
Have you ever been motion sick? Was it in a car, on a plane, or on a boat?

As far as I know I am not motion sick, but when I went on my cruise I took tablets every day just in case.  You had to start taking them before you got on the boat so I have no idea if I would have gotten sick if not.

7. I LOVE THE DEAD : “I love the dead before they’re cold, their blueing flesh for me to hold. Cadaver eyes upon me see nothing. I love the dead before they rise, No farewells, no goodbyes…”
What celebrity death really bothered you?

I was really devastated over Michael Cuccione from 2gether’s death.  I pretty much still am but it has been a while so I am better dealing with that grief.

8. SCIENCE FICTION : “Forever I’ll enjoy your under-achievement, I gonna see you every day now if I can, Why then don’t the night show really matters, I still wake on the fields of regret”
What is your favorite science fiction movie?

I don’t have one. (Seriously every week I am reminded how boring I am with these things)


9. WHITE KNUCKLES : Fistfuls of you… You pulled me through with white knuckles…
Fistfuls of you”
Has someone ever grabbed you to save you from a dangerous situation?

Not that I can recall.

10. THIS IS HALLOWEEN : “I am the clown with the tear-away face
Here in a flash and gone without a trace. I am the “who” when you call, “Who’s there?”
I am the wind blowing through your hair. I am the shadow on the moon at night
Filling your dreams to the brim with fright”
What is the oddest thing you ever did on Halloween?
I don’t really do anything odd on Halloween.  When I was young I trick or treated, then we gave up on it, I went to a couple of parties and then we went out to dinner to avoid the trick or treaters and this year I’ll be in Oklahoma for Halloween with Hanson.

11. THE WOW : “I’m worse than what you think you’d catch from me. Complicated’s understated. Did you stop and take a look at who you fell in love with?”
Have you ever been through a divorce?

12. THE FOOD PYRAMID : “Everybody! My body is a pyramid that’s made of healthy food so do what we say (yeah) eat right every day (food) I love you.”
What does your food pyramid look like?
Not at all like it is supposed to, I’ll tell you that lol

13. THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE : “Hey you, what do you see?
Something beautiful, something free? Hey you, why you trying to be mean?
You live with apes man, it’s hard to be clean”
What makes a person beautiful?
What is on the inside, of course.

Would You Rather Wednesday

October 21
Be buried in a high school gymnasium after you die
be cremated and have your ashes sprinkled over ted koppel?


October 22
Be able to use only one piece of tissue/napkin your whole life
Imbibe all liquids through a fallopian tube?

One napkin.

October 23/24
Have mayonnaise tears
kool-aid sweat?

kool aid sweat

October 25
Drink an entire bottle of vinegar
read the bible cover to cover

Read the bible cover to cover

October 26
have naturally water-repellant hair
nipples that pop up when food is done in the oven?

Seriously with the nipple obsession in this calendar… I’d go with water repellent (it is spelled repellant in the calendar but i think that is wrong?) hair.

October 27
Eat 14 full sticks of butter
The contents of michael jackson’s face

14 sticks of butter.

Nate Berkus Show / NYC trip

My mom and I went to the Nate Berkus show taping today.  I’m not sure how much I can say but I will refrain from talking about the topics on the show until the show airs. (Probably in a few weeks – though I will probably type it up and save it now so I don’t forget stuff lol)  But here is a bit about our day:

First, we had an issue at the train station.  We were going up the ramp, slowly, and this woman went running past and said she needed a ticket.  Well, so did we… She ended up getting to the cash ticket machine before us so we were forced to use the credit card machine and therefore I got no change of Presidential Dollars 🙁  My brother and I are collecting these and thought it would have been nice to have a few more to possibly add to the collection. Ah well, we all made the train with plenty of time to spare.

We got to Grand Central and killed some time – I checked in and got the Historian badge on Foursquare!  Then we got a cab and headed to the studios.  We went by Pee Wee’s theater and I got the Pee Wee Badge too!

We ended up at the studio at about 11 and wouldn’t be checked in until 1.  They said tickets didn’t guarantee admission, so we wanted to make sure we were there with time to spare.  We were #8 and 9 in line.  Don’t let the line fool you though – just because you were there first, doesn’t mean you’ll get prime seating! We were in the back corner :/  I figured we wouldn’t be let in in the same order we arrived in but sheesh the side seating is really limited views! We could really only see Nate for one segment, which was filmed right in front of us.  There were lots of monitors around though.

The audience is mainly middle aged women who want to marry Nate.  lol I thought I was the youngest person there, but then a few girls maybe around my age ended up getting seated next to me.  The studio holds about 200 people.  His warm-up comedian is GREAT.  She did a segment on his show a couple days ago that I thought was hilarious (choosing a date by looking at the guy’s bedrooms!) and when I saw she was there I was psyched.  You get rewarded if you steal. I’m not giving any more information about this but my mom and I did not steal and therefore were not rewarded. (With an item I am kind of obsessed with lol)

Filming took about 2 hours – I don’t remember exactly when it started but we were there from about 3-5.  No gifts, but I don’t think he’s really given much stuff out.  He gave a can of paint one day though and that’s when I decided we needed to go. lol  We went to the Hudson Eatery across the street after – we were the only ones there and the prices were reasonable and the food was good!

Then we took a cab down to 5th avenue.  We were dropped off at a store with postcards so I got 10. Five for a dollar is a good deal lol  I probably should have even gotten more, since a few are for me to keep.  Next stop was Build A Bear and I picked up the David Wright jersey that they don’t sell in Connecticut (even though they sell the damn Yankees ones… but that’s a rant for another day!)

Next up was my new favorite store, Little Miss Matched.  They sell mis-matched socks! Since I wear a brace on one leg that goes up to almost my knee, I wear a knee high sock on one foot and a regular sock on the other.  So I picked up 6 fun new knee highs – and they have no matches!

The we stopped at B&N; because I had a gift card and picked up a case for my Nook.  There is a journal I wanted but they didn’t have it there 🙁  And then I saw Apolo was going to be there tomorrow 🙁  I want to see him but I don’t think I’m going to be able to pull it off because he is in CT the same night as I am going to see Let’s Make a Deal.

Then it was time to kill more time at Grand Central before finally boarding our train home! None of the doors were opened though and the tunnel was HOT.  Then we saw one door at the waay end was open so we had to go through that one and then in between every train car (and dang those doors are heavy). We went all the way to the second to the last car too lol  When I wonder why my arms hurt tomorrow – remind me its from opening huge doors on trains.

I got a pretty good picture (at least on the camera screen) of the Empire State Building, so I’ll try to post that at some point – OH and Nate show let us keep our ticket so I might post that too 😉

Hanging out with Ashlyne Huff

Earlier today I was sitting around and not doing much (though I had much to do, as evidenced by the to-do list currently sitting in front of me) and I saw Ashlyne Huff tweet that she would be at KC101 and wanted to meet people.

I debated going – it said she’d be there at 12:30 and it was going to take me to about that time to get to the radio station, first I said I wished I knew sooner to have planned on going but then I decided to just be spontaneous and hopped in the car and drove.

The station is only 20-30 minutes away so even if I missed her it wasn’t like I would have gone hours and hours out of my way.

I arrived and no one was there! I went to the door and no one was around to let me in so I called to see if someone would let me in, and no one was answering.  Then someone opened the door and I told him I was there to see Ashlyne.  He had NO idea what I was talking about and went to get someone else while I was standing in the lobby.  Someone else came out and I explained that Ashlyne had tweeted for fans to come down, but if she didn’t have time I understood, I was nearby and decided to come by.  He told me to have a seat and told Ashlyne I was there and then he said she’d be right out to see me.

Then she and her manager who were in the station area with some DJs turned to wave.  Her manager is Ned, Honor Society’s former manager.  They came out from the station room and went in another room to take photos and Ned told me they’d be out to see me in a couple minutes.

Ashlyne signed a photo for me and we took a picture together and got to chat for quite a while.  It was just me, her and one of the KC101 night DJs, while Ned talked to the DJ John Mayer about sports.  I had told her that I was an Honor Society fan and saw her open for them twice, she had asked if I was at the Toad’s show and I said no, NYC and Boston so she was like “Oh you hit the big ones”.  I also mentioned I was looking for a job and had an interview on Monday.

Then Ashlyne had to go, so we walked out together and she said “Good luck again with your interview!” and then Ned started asking all sorts of questions and told me that I had to tell them “I won’t let you down” and then I’d be guaranteed to get the job.  He also told me to tweet Ashlyne to let her (and him) know if I ended up getting the job or not!

Being spontaneous worked out and when I got home I saw that Ashlyne had tweeted thanking me for coming out.  I hope she got a turnout at her stop at Kiss957 studios too!  She’s a sweet girl and her EP is amazing – can’t wait for more music.  (A new single will be coming out in January and Ned said they’d keep me informed on touring and everything else she would be doing)


Rock N Roll Fridays

1. Rock Around The Clock – Bill Haley & His Comets
“Put your glad rags on and join me hon’, We’ll have some fun when the clock strikes one. We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight, We’re gonna rock, rock, rock till broad daylight.”
What artist was the last live concert you went to see?

Kris Allen & Lifehouse last Friday

2. Tutti-Frutti – Little Richard
“Got a girl named Sue. She knows just what to do. She rocks to the East, she rocks to the West, But she’s the girl that I know best!”
If you had to live on the East Coast or the West Coast, which would you chose?

I live on the East Coast so I am a bit biased. I’ve only been to the West Coast once, but would love to go back.

3. Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochran
“I’m gonna take my problem to the United Nations, Well I called my congressman and he said Quote: “I’d like to help you son but you’re too young to vote””
Have you decided who to elect for the Senate in your local elections?

No, all the TV campaigns are just talking smack about the other candidates, not saying what they want to do so I’m probably going to have to do a little digging to figure out who is the lesser of two evils.

4. Great Balls Of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
“I chew my nails and then I twiddle my thumbs, I’m real nervous, but it sure is fun, C´mon baby, you’re drivin’ my crazy”
When was the last time you chewed your nails and twiddled your thumbs?

I’m not sure I do either.

5. Earth Angel – Penguins
“I fell for you and I knew, The vision of your loveliness, I hope and pray
I’ll be the vision of your happiness”
Did you fall in love quickly with your significant other?

I don’t currently have a significant other so the answer is no I guess

6. Roll Over Beethoven – Chuck Berry
“Hey diddle diddle, I am playin’ my fiddle,ain’t got nothin’ to lose
Roll Over Beethoven and tell Tschaikowsky the news”
What is your favorite classical music selection?

I like Peter and the Wolf. Is that classical? I don’t really pay attention to genres lol

7. Blueberry Hill – Fats Domino
“I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill”
Where did you find YOUR thrill?

I don’t know why, but this question made me crack up. And the answer is I don’t know. (And these memes just make me realize how boring I am every week)

8. The Great Pretender – Platters
“Oh yes, I’m the great pretender, Pretending I’m doing well, My need is such
I pretend too much, I’m lonely but no one can tell”
Do you pretend that everything is fine when on the phone with your family /friends so not to reveal your true situation if it is not so rosy?

No, I’m pretty straightforward… if I’m pissed or upset you probably know it.

9. Charlie Brown – Coasters
“Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown
He’s a clown, that Charlie Brown”
Who is your favorite PEANUTS character and why?

Lucy because she inspired the Hanson song.  But I also love me some Charlie Brown.

10. Poison Ivy – Coasters
“Measles make you bumpy and mumps’ll make you lumpy, And chicken pox’ll make you jump and twitch, A common cold’ll cool you but whooping cough’ll fool you, But poison ivy’s gonna make you itch”
Do you have any allergies? If not, did you get a Flu shot this year?

I am allergic to dust mites. I don’t get flu shots.

11. Love Potion No. 9 – Clovers
“ She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink
She said “I’m gonna make it up right here in the sink”
It smelled like turpentine, it looked like Indian ink
I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink”
What is the worst thing you ever drank?

Beer… or cough medicine

12. Get A Job – Silhouettes
“After breakfast, everyday, she throws the want ads right my way, And never fails to say, Get a job Sha na na na, sha na na na na”
Have you ever been unemployed? If so, how did you find a job?

Yes.. I am right now. I’ll let you know how if found a job once I find one…

13. Sixteen Candles – Crests
“You’re only sixteen (sixteen) But you’re my teenage queen (you’re my queen)
You’re the prettiest, loveliest girl I’ve ever seen”
How did you celebrate your 16th birthday?

Um, if I have the year right then it was by going to see NSYNC in Washington DC and New York City.

A presale at Midnight?

96.5 TIC is holding their All Star Christmas concert again this year and as soon as Kris Allen was announced as a performer, I knew I had to go.

Tickets go on public sale tomorrow morning, but there was a presale which started at midnight last night!  At first I wasn’t sure if they meant noon but got the AM/PM screwed up.. because I had never done a presale at midnight before and it seems like an odd time – especially during the middle of the week!

I had my 4 browsers open though, and was prepared for a midnight presale and at about 12:03, everything went up for sale!  I didn’t have much luck, most tickets were in the 2nd section of the venue and nothing was in the front center sections.

I managed to get 4th row on the left side of the theater and I know Kris really plays up the stage and will run back and forth so I’m not too worried about him – but I’m not sure about everyone else who is performing.

I will give it all another try tomorrow during the public sale and will have to look into LiveNation’s “exchange” program.  They claim if you find better seats at equal or greater value and buy them, you will get exchanged for the other set you bought – at participating venues.  Oakdale is one of the venues so I am hoping if I do find something better it won’t be a HUGE hassle to do an exchange. *fingers crossed*  (I did pull up seats 2 rows closer just after I bought the seats I currently have – but ended up losing them due to the time constraints!)

Would You Rather Wednesday

October 14
Be stuck on a desert island with avid ‘star trek’ fans
constipated clowns?

Star trek fans.

October 15
Fight 100 toddlers
100 ninety-year olds


October 16/17
Have the physique of a baby, but enlarged
have velcro body hair

velcro body hair could be fun…

October 18
Fight to the death a tiger with no front legs
800 bullfrogs?

800 bullfrogs

October 19
have your cell phone ring function set on first degree burn
personal insult?

Personal insult

October 20
Be stuck in an elevator with apathetic ringmasters
sarcastic postal workers?

postal workers

The countdown to #200

The magic number is 1! That’s right, my next concert will be #200!  I’m kind of amazed that I did so many concerts, so fast.  It took me nearly 10 years to hit 100 in July of 2008.  Now, less than 2 and a half years later – I am going to hit 200!  I guess that’s what happens when you have your license and a “real” job. (As well as a season lawn pass for the summer! That helped too!)

As of right now, #200 will be Tyler Hilton and Josiah Leming on Saturday October 30 in Fairfield, CT with my friend Jessa!  Unless of course something else pops up before then.  I don’t forsee that happening, but you never know!

I don’t think I’ll really do anything to “celebrate” but the scrapbook page will have to be nice and sparkly lol

(Speaking of scrapbook pages – I am all caught up with the exception of the Jason and Kris/Lifehouse stuff from last week!  Layouts will be posted soon!)

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