Rhode Island Comic Con

After a couple of successful years at RICC, we had decided we would skip this year and use the funds to go to LeakyCon instead since it was an all Harry Potter related con.  When RICC added Evanna Lynch (Luna from HP) we figured we’d try to go one day to meet her… but once they added James & Oliver Phelps (Weasley twins) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) we were all-in for the full weekend.


We didn’t have too much to do on Friday, as it was a short day and not all of the guests would be there.  I did the Weasleys team up photo and we went to see the panel “Richard Dreyfuss: A Legendary Career Retrospective”  We were happy that they had a new moderator, but the panel was not all what we were expecting.  The moderator asked him what he didn’t want to answer and he said Jaws was off the table – he knows everything about Jaws and any question about Jaws he has heard before – but if you had something he hadn’t heard before he’d give you $10.  If not, you’d have to give him $10.  He also went on a… rant? about Civics no longer being taught in schools and he is writing a book about it that should be out soon. *shrug emoji*  Not quite at all what we were expecting and we hoped that didn’t set the theme for the rest of the con.


We had a pretty packed schedule for Saturday and our only potential conflict – with the Stranger Things panel being the same time as Elijah Woods.  Once we found out that you needed to get there early to get a wristband for Stranger Things we decided to sleep in, roll up a little later and just go to Elijah’s panel.  We had 3 straight panels starting at noon – but didn’t figure into our sleeping in plan that the parking garage may have been full!  We had to park at the Providence Place Mall which actually worked out ok as it was not a long walk and we were starting and ending our day at the Omni Hotel which was closest to the mall!

Our first panel was “Catherine Tate: A Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Career”.  She had no moderator and just fielded the questions herself and chatted about her career.  I don’t really know who she is but my friend I was with wanted to see her but she was very entertaining.   Our second was “Saved By The Bell Reunion: A Trip Back to Bayside” and was supposed to be Mark Paul Goselaar and Elizabeth Berkley, but Elizabeth canceled at the last minute so it was just MPG.  Front row in front of him was almost too much for me to handle.  He even did a tumble tuck and roll onto the stage after (purposely?) tripping up the stairs.  He had a moderator who really knew his SBTB stuff and it was really entertaining that MPG remembered next to nothing from the series.  Next up was “John Barrowman: A Hero, A Villain, A a Hero Again.”  This was the first panel we were told no photos for and we were BUMMED.  But John took the mic from the side of the stage and said his fans could take all the photos and videos they would like!  He also had no moderator, was absolutely hilarious and sooo much fun. He even sang A Thousand Years to end the panel.  He went over time and we had a little bit of time to get to the convention center for my Evanna Lynch photo op.  We were rushing, got up to the top of the elevator and were blocked by… John Barrowman.  Would have loved to briefly chat with him – but just had to say excuse me so we could hustle to the NIGHTMARE that was photo ops. You had to enter the complete other end of the room, get past the massive Saturday crowds only to find a wall of 800 people you have to push through to get in line.  Fortunately I made it in time – but wanted to put on a different shirt and didn’t have time for that.  Oh well.   Then we had about an hour to kill before a photo with Christina Ricci, so we wandered around a bit and then made it through the masses AGAIN for the next photo.  Things were running behind and were SO unorganized but fortunately it all worked out and I ended up first through to meet her and she was so sweet!

With some more time to kill before our last panel, we went and got Gaten’s autograph and Mark Paul Gosselaars.  I couldn’t even speak to him but got an autograph and a photo with him. I guess better to not speak at all then say something stupid.  “Beyond the Shire with Elijah Wood” was in the smaller room (with Stranger Things in the bigger one) which was maxxed out in occupancy.  It also was only 30 mins instead of 45 like the bigger panels and it was just not enough time!  He was adorable and funny though and I just love him.  Then it was time to leave our busiest day.


We started Sunday by going to meet Evanna Lynch. Then we had to hustle back over to the hotel and didn’t make it in time for close seating for “Growing Up On Camera: Q&A with Christina Ricci” but made it into her panel just the same (more no photos)  She was sweet and so fun to listen to talk about her career.   After leaving Christina we went to “Puppet Party: A Sunny Day in the Smallest State” which ended up with everyone crying because Carroll Spinney (Big Bird, Oscar) had retired from Sesame Street earlier and was now retiring from Cons.  Who knew that the Sesame Street panel would be the one to make us cry?  Then we did a GREAT job getting the rest of the signatures we needed – Catherine Tate, Bonnie Wright, James & Oliver Phelps (who were SO sweet and chatty.)   Some of these autographs I mention might just be featured in the Fanthropy Running Club’s Yule Ball Auctions soon… 😉 😉 Bid on them for a good cause!  Then we made it to the “Avada Kdavra! Wizarding 101 in Harry Potter” which was a great way to close out the weekend!

Wish photos were allowed even for the first minute during the later panels so I’d have something for my scrapbook – last year RICC posted some photos and I snagged those but I haven’t seen anything posted yet 🙁  Next year is already scheduled but not an off Friday so I guess I’ll have to see if I can save a vacation day or if I’ll be ok to just do 2 days based on the guest announcements!

Craig Ferguson Book Tour

Just before Mother’s Day I ended up winning tickets to see Craig Ferguson on his book tour at Mohegan Sun.  Craig happens to be one of my mom’s favorites so it was a great gift for her.  We each got his book and got to have it signed as well as watch him discuss his life and career with moderator Adriana Trigiani.  We were pleasantly surprised that the books didn’t come pre-signed but instead we would get to meet him after the event!   It was a fun evening and each of us came out on top at the slots as well!  If I ever get around to reading the book (balancing grad school and work is kicking my butt) I will certainly be posting a review.

KTUphoria 2015

Euphoria – a feeling of happiness, confidence or well-being

When I woke up Sunday, I didn’t know what I had in store for me.  I had a message from my friend Miriam that she had tickets to KTUphoria at Jones Beach on Long Island and meet and greet passes for Kelly Clarkson.  I had never met Kelly before, so despite it being the end of the weekend I decided I would join her at the show. Also performing were Adam Lambert, Pitbull and Ricky Martin (and others) – who I’d wanted to see as well.

She told me that she was taking the Rally Bus to the venue which would give her the chance to win Adam Lambert passes. I opted to drive in case I wanted to leave the show early and she told me that doors were at 5 and her bus would get in at 4 so I told her I’d meet her there at 4.

Despite getting a bit lost and driving around in (literally) circles at one point I arrived right at 4.  I checked my phone and had a message from her that they hadn’t even left yet, though it was from about an hour before.  When I told her I had arrived she said she still hadn’t even left yet (!) and was getting the contact info for someone who could get me inside even though she had our tickets. (Which made me laugh because I *promised* the guy at the parking lot I had a ticket rather than parking by will call. Guess I lied!)

Melanie met up with me and got me inside and gave me a pass to meet Adam – but I still had no ticket. I walked around to see if there were any other contests going on and to case out where I had to go to meet Adam and to see if I could figure out where to go to meet Kelly (turns out it was the same spot)  Melanie said Miriam would be getting there at 5:30, but Miriam was telling me otherwise. We had no idea if she’d even arrive in time to meet Kelly and the passes were in her name!

I talked to the girl at the pick up for the M&G passes and she told me if I could get an image of Miriam’s ID, even if she texted it to me, that I could get the passes.  That is what we did and I had the passes and was still hoping the bus would show up by 6:30pm.

Kelly’s set started and Melanie ended up giving me her ticket so I could go inside and watch. I stayed for a couple of songs but then headed over to the M&G area to make sure I wouldn’t miss it. I left Miriam’s pass back at the pick up area on the off chance she made it in time. (spoiler: she didn’t)

We walked back to the “backstage” area and lined up to meet Kelly. She is so cute! (I even told her that) she greeted me with a hug and asked my name and we took the photo. It was a small group to meet her so we got a bit more time with her than usual rushed M&Gs.

I had asked if I could hang back since Adam’s M&G was next and I didn’t want to walk back and forth again and they said that would be fine. Things ended up delayed so I had a chair brought over for me and was able to watch Adam’s set (and I had heard Prince Royce’s during the Kelly M&G) and then was first in line for his M&G.  I got to see Kelly leave and Laura Marano from Austin and Ally walked by too but I didn’t say anything to her.

I ended up getting a text from Miriam around 7 that she was in line for the Adam M&G so I told her I would see her after since I was already back there. The Adam M&G was super fast and didn’t have much time to say more than hi!  Justin Baron was on during Adam’s M&G and I realized that I had seen him walking around earlier but wasn’t sure who he was!

After the Adam M&G Melanie found me and she was also with the CEO of Rally Bus. We chatted a bit before Miriam came out of her M&G and talked to him. She obviously had a lot to say – since she had missed the M&G with Kelly (the reason we were going) and was not happy about it – she was heartbroken.  The CEO bought us drinks and Melanie was able to track down closer seats and a M&G for Jason Derulo for us.

We finally went inside at this point to see the show and Shaggy was on stage. We saw a couple of his songs and then they set up for the next act. We thought it would be Jason, our M&G with him was going to be after his set and I was worried I’d miss Ricky Martin.  But it turned out that Ricky was up next instead! His set seemed to be extra long so we wondered if maybe Jason hadn’t arrived yet and was on a rally bus of his own.

Jason was up next and he seemed to have a long set as well, especially since I was told the show would end at 10:30 (if on time) and we still needed to wait for Pitbull! Of course,with Jason and Ricky’s longer sets I should have known that something was going on.  They had JASON announce that Pitbull was unable to make it to the show before he did his last song. I thought this was such a copout from KTU – they knew that no one would lash out at Jason like they would if one of the DJs made the announcement instead.  After Jason’s set was done, everyone was booing because a lot of people were there to see Pitbull! (He was the only artist who had merch available for purchase at the booths!)

We made our way over to where the M&G for Jason was going to be and started walking to backstage again. Of course about half way there it started to downpour so we got to the tent looking like drowned rats. They huddled us all under the tent where the other M&G photos were taken but then ended up taking us to the actual backstage area (or ‘behindstage’) to meet Jason.  After checking multiple times for our passes (mine was a soggy mess at this point) we were told we MUST be in groups of 2 (or more) and it was going to go quick. So we got our pic, look soaked and ridiculous while Jason is dry and almost shirtless… and then headed back to the car – only this time I had the chance to put my rain coat on. I gave Miriam a ride home so she wouldn’t have to deal with the rally bus on the way home too. (Though we heard they got home without incident)

All in all, I am not sure the evening was anything close to “euphoric” but rally bus does seem like they’re going to try and make things up to us.  I will of course keep everyone posted but I am hesitant to try them for any event that actually has a starting time or where any sort of M&G opportunity is on the line!  I am so upset that Miriam was the one who got the passes for Kelly and wasn’t able to meet her 🙁

Throwback Thursday – 98* Meet and Greet


This week’s throwback isn’t a concert, but an autograph signing. Somehow the local radio station had gotten 98 Degrees to agree to do an autograph signing at a car dealership.  The signing was the day after the Aaron Carter show, so somehow my friend Lisa and I convinced our Mom’s that I could sleep over and she would drive back to Wallingford (I think that’s where it was?) for the signing.  We got there relatively early, but still had to wait in the heat for what seemed like forever to get inside to meet the guys.  The best part about getting up to the building was that the AC was on! Ahhhh.  It was quick, we got to say hi to all the guys and got a signed photo.





O-Town is Back!

Saturday night O-Town was set to play Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den.  The Wolf’s Den is a first come, first served venue, so I was left with a lot of questions.  O-Town hasn’t been around in 10 years – how popular would they be? How early would a line form?  My Dad had mentioned he heard of people lining up for other shows at noon – so I decided I’d try to get there by 1.  I ended up showing up closer to 12:30 and was 8th in line. My friends Liz and Christine met me later.  I had brought a small stool, which at one time was not a problem for waiting in line, but at around 3pm we were told we could not be sitting on the floor, could not have a stool (so we had to rent a wheelchair!), could not have any of our bags on the floor, etc. because it was a fire hazard. (But really, they wanted people spending their money in the casino to be easily able to cut through the middle of the line to get from one side of the casino to the other – I’ve read enough strategy articles on sites like paybyphonecasino.uk about the atmosphere and settings casinos pose to get more money out of their customers – such as comped drinks, dimmer lighting, etc to know that by now.)

I’ve always found issues with this line – and wish they would do wristbands (they can be numbered by when you get there and coordinate with numbered seats inside) so that you could eat, drink, shop and play if you wanted rather than spending that time in line – but I guess the loss in revenue isn’t enough to cover paying someone to hand out wristbands (maybe they can put in a machine to do it?)  But if standing there for 7+ hours was what I needed to do to make sure I got inside, that was what I was going to do!

Around 4:45, we spotted Jacob on stage doing soundcheck with his guitar. Shortly after all 4 of them were on stage checking All or Nothing.  It was in this moment that I realized just how much I had missed them. Before I was excited they were back but hearing them perform live for the first time in something like 12 years… I needed that.

We were let in about 6:45 and found a spot down on the floor. (Everyone is given a seat but then has the option to go up front in the pit area. I am not sure if this was just for the O-Town show or if this is how the Wolf’s Den is working from now on)  At 8pm O-Town took the stage, kicked off with Liquid Dreams and we were off and running!  The show was very high energy with a pretty good mix of songs from now and then.  Dan still has one of the greatest voices of all the boybands.   They did as 12 song regular set and came back out for a 3 song encore which included their first new single, Skydive, THE single All or Nothing and their newest single Chasing After You.  They also threw in Wobble with We Fit Together and did a cover medley including Kanye, Macklemore, Aloe Black and Sam Smith.

After the show, if you had bought anything at the merch table (Which was pre-signed) you’d get the chance to get a photo with the guys. It would have to be pretty quick – but we were the first ones through the line so we got hugs from everyone and a great photo. I’m not sure if they had to make things quicker later in the line or not (it was pretty long!).  There were also the most people I’d ever seen outside the Wolf’s Den – it is situated that you can see inside even if you are not outside and it looked to be 3-5 people deep in some areas!



Liquid Dreams
I Won’t Lose
Love Should Be a Crime
We Fit Together / Wobble
Right Kind of Wrong
I Showed Her
These Are The Days
Otis / Ceiling Can’t Hold Us / I Need a Dollar / Money On My Mind
Lines and Circles
Playing with Fire

All or Nothing
Chasing After You

96.5 TIC Acoustic Christmas Show

I was super excited for the TIC Christmas show because Backstreet Boys were headlining. I was also able to get a VIP M&G package from the BSB fanclub so I’d be meeting them before the show.  Then winter storm Ashford decided that he was going to come at 9am and get the worst at 7pm and turn to freezing rain at midnight.  With the show at 7:30, it would be horrible once we all got out of the show.  But as they say – the show must go on! and no one was canceling the show.  I knew I could make it up there and back for the M&G before 7pm hit.  So I got there for VIP check in which was supposed to be at 4:20 but ended up being a bit later than that.  Basically from 4pm – 6pm I was standing. And most of that time without anything to lean on – and yet somehow I survived it. (Very proud of myself because I was seriously doubting my ability to do that!)

We checked in and got our VIP pass and then waited in line to get in to the room to meet BSB.  While we were waiting, they all walked by us from I guess sound check or backstage or something.  The line seemed to be going fairly quickly once it actually got moving.  Everything was super organized, you had enough time to hug all the guys, chit chat a little bit and then get your photo.  This was individual photos too which was great! (and why I did it.  Usually VIP individual pics is like $500 and this show was a bargain at $150)  The order was Brian, Howie, AJ, Nick and Kevin.  I stood by Nick and AJ for the picture. It was funny listening to everyone chatting trying to figure out where they’d stand and hope that they didn’t get rearranged before we got there.  After we got our pic we were given a signed Christmas card from the guys that is done so you can put your photo on the front of the card.  Cute! But I’ll probably just end up scrapping the autograph or framing it 🙂

After the M&G (about 6:10) I had intended to go home but bumped into a family friend who works at the venue.  When I told her I was leaving she said she would take me home and I could crash at her house until the weather got better the next day.  We checked that my car would be OK there overnight and then I told my parents not to expect me.  She said if it got real bad they might leave early so I told her to find me if they did and I’d leave early too.  (Then I ended up switching seats and she couldn’t find me during the show – but they did end up staying!)

Plain White T’s started the show off and did a set of 1,2,3,4 Should’ve Gone To Bed, Giving Tree, Hey  There Deliliah and Rhythm of Love. They chatted with the audience a lot and were pretty good, they were the only act at the show I had no yet seen before.

Next up was Gavin DeGraw. I was kind of bummed he wasn’t later in the show – he puts on a great show! He even was in the crowd for a few songs.  His set was In Love With A Girl, Make a Move, Chariot, Mirrors (probably not a good idea to sing a Justin Timberlake song at a show with mostly BSB fans… from what I heard of reactions around me lol!) I Don’t Wanna Be, Best I Ever Had,  and Not Over You.

Then it was time for Avril.  Groan.  She kept walking off the stage and I think she was mad at the sound guys because a few times there was a lot of feedback when she was singing. Her set was Here’s To Never Growing Up, Girlfriend, Sk8er Boi, What The Hell, Black Star, Let Me Go, My Happy Ending and ended her set with Complicated.

Next up with Sara Bareilles who also puts on a great show. Her set was (sorry if I don’t get all the names right) Chasing The Sun, Gonna Get Over You, Many the Mines, Love Song, I Choose You, Gravity, Manhattan, King of Anything, & Brave. She seemed to really like the crowd and the acoustics of the room and split us up to sing a few times and was overall very funny and put on a great set.

Then it was time for the Backstreet Boys! They played until just before midnight and did The Call, As Long As You Love me, Show Em (What You’re Made Of), In A World Like This, Safest Place to Hide, 10000 Promises, Madeleine, Quit Playin Games, It’s Christmas Time Again, I Want It That Way, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).

After 4 songs they broke it down to an acoustic set or their “insurance policy” where they played instruments so that they have a backup plan when they can no longer dance. It was pretty neat to see them play Quit Playin’ Games during this set!

The show was a ton and fun – though I’m not sure I could have made it back to my house without completely panicking if I had stayed the whole time without an alternate plan!

Casey James at the Wolf’s Den

Saturday night Casey James returned to the Wolf’s Den. Mohegan Sun had a giveaway for 4 reserved seats for the show (normally first come first serve) and a signed poster.  At first someone else had won but then Mohegan contacted me and said that the winner had declined the prize and that I was the next in line to win!  I obviously accepted the prize and was told that the poster needed to be picked up at the hotel concierge.  When I arrived I figured that I would grab the poster, roll it up and carry it with me to the show.  Except that when I picked it up… it was a LOT bigger than I was expecting (not that it was a bad thing!) and it was on posterboard so I couldn’t roll it.  It was one of the ads for Casey’s signing the last time he was at the casino last year that they hang up around the casino to promote it. Very cool!

I dropped it off at the car and waited for my friends to arrive and we headed inside.  We were one of the last tables in the back which gave us a nice view of the stage.  He said that he was working on a new album and hoped it would be out soon and that he was kind of growing tired of the old stuff – not in bad way but he was just looking forward to adding some new material into his sets and giving us something new to listen to!  He also kept teasing that we were asleep because the clapping and cheering was minimal at times.  But he got us doing a call and response and trying to beat out one side versus the other.  In the end, I think it was a tie 😉

He played just over an hour set and then said that he’d be signing and doing pics at merch which I was excited about.  I’d met Casey before but never got a photo with him! (Last year at the casino I couldn’t stay for his signing)  It seemed like it took FOREVER for him to come out (it probably was only 10 minutes) and he chatted signed and took pics with whoever waited.  We were near the front of the line, but it was pretty long when I had looked back to see how many people were behind us! He was nothing but sweet and asked if I had seen him before because he recognized my face.  I was surprised because it was a while ago when I had last met him – but he did tell me at that time I was the first person who told him I had pre-ordered his CD, so I guess I was memorable!

I’m not sure how accurate this setlist is w/ the new song titles (I guessed, mostly) but here goes nothing:

She’s Money
Let’s Don’t Call It a Night
Nothing Like You
The Good Life
Get On The Roll
Woman’s Touch
So Sweet
Workin On It
Cover – So High
Too Sweet For Me
Cryin’ On A Suitcase
Need Your Love So Bad
Get Over It


(Another) Crazy Hanson Weekend

Typically I write one post per concert, but I also have a “rule” to try to write about one show before the next one happens. And I failed miserably at that this weekend.  In my defense, I was all over the east coast “touring” with Hanson. Our weekend kicked off on Friday when I stayed up waiting for Maribeth to get in from PA.  She took the train up because our last show was back in PA so we didn’t want to both have to drive down there following each other. But her train hit something and she had to switch and ended up being delayed an hour.

Saturday morning we headed up to Boston.  We knew it would be crazy because there was a Red Sox game right across the street at basically the same time, but what we didn’t realize is that it was ALSO move in weekend for Boston University! Crazy!  We took the T in so I didn’t have to drive in Boston and that worked out well. We stopped to eat at Bertucci’s and were asked if we were moving in – I guess we looked like we were still in college? I’ll take it!  When it was time for doors we were escorted to the 3rd floor for ADA seating and had basically the same seats we had for the last time Hanson played there which was awesome! (Not awesome was before the encore the woman working there said “It’s the end of the night I need to take the chairs back” and so I had to stand for the encore. Why are you taking chairs away from handicapped people who asked for them for what I’m assuming was good reason? So strange.)

Highlights from the Boston show…  Each of the guys did a solo (LOVE when they do this because you often hear songs you would not otherwise hear and it’s just them out there on stage alone) and after Zac left and Taylor took the stage, Taylor talked about how great Zac was and how he could play a bunch of instruments and was the youngest Grammy nom for song writing and he performed at the Grammys when he was 11 and it was really sweet.  Not sure what provoked it, but I’ll take it.  There were a few songs we were hoping to hear but didn’t, and a few we were hoping to not hear, but did.  Our only hope was also that they’d mix the setlist up for the next 2 nights and we’d hear what we wanted the next couple of nights.

Sunday morning we headed to NJ to pick up our friend Marisa and were off to Long Island.  We had intended on going to do The Walk with Hanson (I was going to work the table and they would walk) but unfortunately we didn’t time things right and were pulling up in to a parking spot just as the guys and the walk were walking by. We went to get dinner and then got ready to get in line for the show.  We had Loge seats but when we got in line they told us we could find the elevator to the right and the staff member operating it said we could go to the ADA section which was “really close to the stage”, when we said we had seats he still encouraged us to go to the ADA section and we were basically 2nd row Isaac’s side.  What an amazing ADA section!

Highlights of this show… are that they played almost every song that we were wanting after the Boston show. Do they have us bugged?  Also, before Isaac’s solo he was going on and on about the walks and how people talked to him about not having a solo song and he really was talking for quite a while.  Zac ended up coming on stage and pointed to his wrist and told him to hurry it up. Ha.  Then at one point, Taylor turned to Zac and mouthed something that I couldn’t make out and then it seemed like they all started playing Tragic Symphony (another we wanted to hear) and then everything stopped and Zac said Taylor said something to him but he didn’t really know what. I guess they were going to skip Tragic Symphony and do Thinking Bout Somethin instead but they all weren’t clued in to that!  It was neat to see because I feel like that is something that doesn’t usually happen – but it made them seem more real.

We checked out the bus situation afterwards but it didn’t seem promising so we headed home to get some sleep before the trek to PA on Monday.

Monday we made it to the Sands Bethlehem in time for the walk. Marisa and Maribeth were going take it while I hung out and did who knows what, but last second we grabbed the wheelchair and had Maribeth push me.  Everyone walked SO fast there would have been no way I could have done it without help!  We walked around the old steel mills which was really cool and I am pretty sure I took more photos of the surroundings than of Hanson. For each person who did the walk $1 would be donated to the Take the Walk campaign.  I chose to have my $1 go towards clean water.  Also, for each ticket sold on the tour, $1 would go to the campaign as well.

Doors were supposed to be at 5, but they started letting people in at 4. We ended up waiting in the lobby for a while and then went to the ADA seating area. I debated going up closer (the place was not very packed at all) but ultimately stayed in the back the whole time.  At this show, Zac’s solo was Call Out My Name which we had been discussing just that morning and hoped it would be a solo. (Really, am I bugged?) Isaac did For Your Love for the 3rd time in 3 nights – but honestly I think I’d rather hear that than a lot of his other songs he’s done as solo in the past. Taylor did Kiss Me When You Come Home which was a pleasant surprise.  They also ended up doing Tragic Symphony for real at this show (only the 2nd time I’ve heard it live!)

After the show we snagged a spot by the bus, Zac came out first but apparently my camera got messed up during  the walk and said “recording” instead of taking a photo even though it wasn’t on video mode.  He said he’d come back once I fixed it. He got like 5 ppl down and we called out to him but he kept going. We had hoped he’d loop back after he did the whole line to get us, but must’ve forgotten and we weren’t able to catch his attention.  Isaac also came out and by that point everything was fixed so we did get pictures with him.  He told us Taylor would not be coming out that he was “very tired”  Fortunately they had the next day off so hopefully they can rest up and be good to go for the next run of shows!

I won’t be seeing them until Vegas in a couple of weeks – but I am hoping they add some covers in by then. Isaac said we can expect the show to be very different by November when we do another weekend of shows.




The Wanted at Sands Bethlehem Event Center

Saturday night my friend Shea and I made the trek down to PA to see The Wanted.  Shea and I have known each other since we were 6 and she calls me her “oldest friend”, but the last time we went to a concert together was LFO when we were in high school!  She recently decided she liked The Wanted after watching their show on E! and I obviously love all boybands so we figured it would be a fun trip and I’d also get to case the place out for when I go see Hanson there next week.

When we arrived, we had no idea where to park and ended up going in through the casino and then walking through to the event center where the line was INSANE.  We talked to the box office about ADA seating and got that all squared away and the woman at the box office recommended we grab a bite to eat rather than standing in the huge line since our seats would be saved.  So we headed to the food court and grabbed a bite to eat and by the time we got back the line was much, much smaller.

There was a DJ on for a while playing the same old crap.  Then he said he had 5 more minutes left so we got super excited that The Wanted would be out next – but they ended up coming out like half an hour after that!  Their set was a bit different than when I had seen them last year (actually, exactly a year ago!) due to the new singles they’ve released and all that – but they still have so, so much fun on stage that you can’t help but feed off their energy and then they must feed off the crowd too and it’s just so fun!!

We sang at the top of our lungs and probably made the whole rest of our section annoyed, but we had such a blast!  Shea had said that since I meet everyone, I had to take her to meet The Wanted and I had warned her that I’d do what I could but I’m not a magician.  We grabbed a spot at the barricade near the buses and I told her that this would be our best shot.  She thought I was nuts at first and a couple times we made a “if they don’t come out we will leave at this time” pact – that we didn’t stick to.

All 5 guys ended up coming out and we ended up getting photos with all 5 of them and chatting with them for a bit.  Getting pics was kind of a pain with such tight quarters – which meant the flash was too close to my face and I blinked in a couple of photos… but whatever. (And my pic with Jay came out great and we were hoping for pics with just ONE of them so the fact that we got all 5 was just ridiculously amazing)

We left about midnight and went back around to get the car and then Shea said she’d pull around to see how we can get to that lot so we can park closer next week for Hanson and Siva and Nathan were STILL out there signing, trying to make sure that everyone who waited got something.  They were so gracious and sweet and Shea was asking if I thought it was an act or not but I truly think they are just so happy that people come out to see them and that they get to tour everywhere!!

We drove back home after and got home about 2:30am but it was beyond worth it!

Lose My Mind
Walks Like Rihanna
Heart Vacancy
The Killers Medley
Gold Forever
Chasing The Sun
I Found You
All Time Low
We Own The Night
Glad You Came

Midnight Red at DDML

Friday afternoon boyband Midnight Red did a performance in the Dunkin Donuts Music Lounge.  I really didn’t know much about them but I have a few friends who absolutely love them so I figured it would be worth it to check them out.  The 5 guys did a chat and live performance where they performed Rihanna’s Diamonds, Bruno Mars Treasure and their latest single, Take me Home (available on iTunes now!)  They won me over when they said that even though they toured with NKOTB and BSB they really love NSYNC and hold them as the pinnacle of boybands.  They also said if the Spice Girls got back together they’d want to work with them or working with their label mate Katy Perry would be cool as well.

They’ll be heading out on the road this fall with Austin Mahone on the east coast.  Unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to make it to any of the dates but if you can be sure to check them out!

After the performance we got to do photos with the guys and they were saying how they liked my shoes.  When I told them I designed them myself they asked if I used Nike ID and I said yes and then they asked if I could design them shoes too! haha.

Here I am intently watching them during the chat. We weren’t allowed to take any photos so I just tried to take it all in and stole a few from KC101’s site for the scrapbook 😉

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