I was super excited for the TIC Christmas show because Backstreet Boys were headlining. I was also able to get a VIP M&G package from the BSB fanclub so I’d be meeting them before the show.  Then winter storm Ashford decided that he was going to come at 9am and get the worst at 7pm and turn to freezing rain at midnight.  With the show at 7:30, it would be horrible once we all got out of the show.  But as they say – the show must go on! and no one was canceling the show.  I knew I could make it up there and back for the M&G before 7pm hit.  So I got there for VIP check in which was supposed to be at 4:20 but ended up being a bit later than that.  Basically from 4pm – 6pm I was standing. And most of that time without anything to lean on – and yet somehow I survived it. (Very proud of myself because I was seriously doubting my ability to do that!)

We checked in and got our VIP pass and then waited in line to get in to the room to meet BSB.  While we were waiting, they all walked by us from I guess sound check or backstage or something.  The line seemed to be going fairly quickly once it actually got moving.  Everything was super organized, you had enough time to hug all the guys, chit chat a little bit and then get your photo.  This was individual photos too which was great! (and why I did it.  Usually VIP individual pics is like $500 and this show was a bargain at $150)  The order was Brian, Howie, AJ, Nick and Kevin.  I stood by Nick and AJ for the picture. It was funny listening to everyone chatting trying to figure out where they’d stand and hope that they didn’t get rearranged before we got there.  After we got our pic we were given a signed Christmas card from the guys that is done so you can put your photo on the front of the card.  Cute! But I’ll probably just end up scrapping the autograph or framing it 🙂

After the M&G (about 6:10) I had intended to go home but bumped into a family friend who works at the venue.  When I told her I was leaving she said she would take me home and I could crash at her house until the weather got better the next day.  We checked that my car would be OK there overnight and then I told my parents not to expect me.  She said if it got real bad they might leave early so I told her to find me if they did and I’d leave early too.  (Then I ended up switching seats and she couldn’t find me during the show – but they did end up staying!)

Plain White T’s started the show off and did a set of 1,2,3,4 Should’ve Gone To Bed, Giving Tree, Hey  There Deliliah and Rhythm of Love. They chatted with the audience a lot and were pretty good, they were the only act at the show I had no yet seen before.

Next up was Gavin DeGraw. I was kind of bummed he wasn’t later in the show – he puts on a great show! He even was in the crowd for a few songs.  His set was In Love With A Girl, Make a Move, Chariot, Mirrors (probably not a good idea to sing a Justin Timberlake song at a show with mostly BSB fans… from what I heard of reactions around me lol!) I Don’t Wanna Be, Best I Ever Had,  and Not Over You.

Then it was time for Avril.  Groan.  She kept walking off the stage and I think she was mad at the sound guys because a few times there was a lot of feedback when she was singing. Her set was Here’s To Never Growing Up, Girlfriend, Sk8er Boi, What The Hell, Black Star, Let Me Go, My Happy Ending and ended her set with Complicated.

Next up with Sara Bareilles who also puts on a great show. Her set was (sorry if I don’t get all the names right) Chasing The Sun, Gonna Get Over You, Many the Mines, Love Song, I Choose You, Gravity, Manhattan, King of Anything, & Brave. She seemed to really like the crowd and the acoustics of the room and split us up to sing a few times and was overall very funny and put on a great set.

Then it was time for the Backstreet Boys! They played until just before midnight and did The Call, As Long As You Love me, Show Em (What You’re Made Of), In A World Like This, Safest Place to Hide, 10000 Promises, Madeleine, Quit Playin Games, It’s Christmas Time Again, I Want It That Way, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).

After 4 songs they broke it down to an acoustic set or their “insurance policy” where they played instruments so that they have a backup plan when they can no longer dance. It was pretty neat to see them play Quit Playin’ Games during this set!

The show was a ton and fun – though I’m not sure I could have made it back to my house without completely panicking if I had stayed the whole time without an alternate plan!

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