Product Reviews: Bandelettes

If you’re like me, you avoid wearing skirts because your legs will rub together and it bothers you.  Or, you wear a small pair of shorts underneath the skirt to stop it from happening. I recently got to try out Bandelettes – Anti Chaffing Elastic thigh bands and I am thinking that you might be seeing me in skirts a bit more often now.  These things are amazing and they look a heck of a lot better than a pair of shorts if they happen to be seen.  The bands are 6″ in length and are made of delicate lace with non slip silicone straps to keep them in place and protect your inner thighs from rubbing.
Bandelettes lightly wrap around your thighs a create a barrier between them, providing full comfort and decorating legs at the same time.  You can wear them even if you are lucky enough to have legs that don’t rub together – just to add a little bit more sexy to that perfect outfit.
They are comfortable to wear – the lace is not itchy or bothersome at all and the silicone stripes really help them stay in place. I tried all sorts of movements and jumping and they didn’t fall down.
To get your size, simply measure while standing around your thigh.  If you don’t have a ruler that will go around your thigh, use a string and measure that against the ruler!
Bandelettes come in 6 sizes and different colors.
Can be purchased at for $14.99 and worldwide shipping is available.

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Book Review: No Mistakes Resumes

resumesWhile I’m not looking for a job at the moment, it never hurts to have an up to date resume on hand.  Especially at my job – sometimes we are asked to hand it off to the boss to see about us moving to a different position within one of our customers groups.  I’m always a bit nervous that my resume is not the best it can be or what the person looking at it is going to be looking for.  What do I put on it? What do I keep off?  Also included in the book are some tips on cover letters which is also a pretty difficult concept for me to grasp – and I guess I am not alone since there are books written on how to do it.

The book is under 100 pages – your resume should be short and to the point and so is this book! It has a lot of great examples of what doesn’t work on resumes and how to re-word it so that it will work. There’s a lot of great tips and I am going to be working on my resume a bit to get it up to par after reading this book.

This is also the first book in a “No Mistakes” Career Series – the next one will be about the interview process – that you’ll no doubt get after making a kick ass resume!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to  write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Warning, reading this book might get you a new job. 
If you’ve ever wondered why you didn’t get called for an interview—when you knew you fit the job—this book will explain why. Learn how to… Keep your resume out of the trash!

Discover     the secret to a perfect resume.  Learn     the three most important parts of a resume.  Find out     how to get the hiring manager’s attention Learn     which sections of your resume can put it in the trash. Uncover     the magnificence of a perfect cover letter.

What makes me qualified to write this book?  I have been a headhunter for more than 30 years, and I have evaluated, screened, and edited a gazillion resumes. I know a gazillion sounds like a lot, and maybe it wasn’t quite a gazillion, but it was a lot of resumes. (more than a few dozen for sure)
I see people make the same mistakes over and over again. Mistakes that keep them from being considered for the jobs they want. That’s why I wrote this book—to help people get the jobs they really want.
So what are you waiting for? Want to know how to get that interview? Get the No Mistakes Resumes book. (It only costs about 2 cups of coffee.)
No Mistakes Resumes. Change your life today! 
Danger! This book contains sarcasm, humor, and damn good information

Review & Giveaway: Dream Essentials Contoured Sleep Mask


Since we moved into the new house, I’ve been having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night because there is light coming in from under my bedroom door and there’s a street lamp just outside my window where the light peeks in even when the blinds are closed.

I decided to try out the Dream Essentials Contoured Sleep Mask.  They claim it is “so light you will hardly believe you have it on your face” and I’d have to agree.  It is very comfortable and molds to your face, unlike some other sleep masks I’ve tried in the past.  It also won’t make you hot when you sleep, it’s soft, flexible and breathable.  The last thing you want is to wake up over heated because of the mask, open your eyes and see pitch black and freak out…

It truly is pitch black once you put it on.  I’m on of those people if I ever have blindfolds on for games I will always figure out a way to cheat.  However with this mask it fits perfectly to your face so there will be no light slipping in anywhere.

The mask has velcro in the back so you can adjust it to the size of your head – or adjust if needed depending on your hairstyle!
DSC05401 DSC05402The Contoured Sleep mask retails for $12.95 at Dream Essentials


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One lucky ConcertKatie reader will have the chance to win a sleep mask of their own! Contest ends 12/6/13 and the winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or the prize will be given to another entrant. Good luck!

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Adventures at the Genius Bar


I have a MacBook.  It’s from 2007 or so.  It’s been working pretty well – it’s only my ‘backup’ computer that I use for browsing the web or taking on trips so I haven’t done a lot of wear and tear on it.  Until this summer when the battery started to warp.  Then the charger stopped charging and I found myself with quite an expensive paper weight on my hands.

I made a genius bar appointment, thought I fixed the problem on my own, canceled it, turns out, it stopped working again. (Isn’t that how it always happens?)

We went to the Apple store anyway, because most posts online said that they can fit you in at the Genius Bar even without an appointment. The closest store with a genius bar is almost an hour away.  We get there and are told “There’s no way we can fit you in without an appointment.  Appointments are at least a week out.”  Except that on Thursday I made an appointment for Sunday (and only because I had plans on Friday and Saturday) and when he had me go to the computer to set up a new appointment… I could have gotten one for  Monday (the next day) but put in for Tuesday since I wouldn’t be able to go Monday.  I mean, I’m no GENIUS but that’s not a week!  (Actually I’m just kidding, I’m totally a genius.)

I left, super annoyed… to return on Tuesday for my appointment.

We got there about 5 minutes before the appointment, checked in and sat at the bar waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

While I waited I read the screen overhead that said “If you don’t have an appointment, we’ll try and fit you in” (maybe not verbatim, but close enough!) Oh, ok.  Apparently not on weekends though when we will lie to you and tell you appointments are a week out.

It was at least 20-30 minutes before someone could see me.  So tell me why did I have to make a 6:15 appointment?  Fortunately they were apologetic.  And I had a feeling that all I needed was a new battery and a new charger – but I didn’t want to buy them myself only to find out something more was wrong inside the computer.

Turns out – a 2007 MacBook is “vintage” and if anything more was wrong with it besides the battery (and the case IS cracking, but I guess I’ll live with it) I’d be S.O.L.  So I had to pay $129 for a new battery… and they were able to work it out so that the charger would be replaced for free since it was old and had known issues.  And ta-da! all was working again.

So, all in all I ended up saving myself about $100 on the charger / shipping… but had to drive to the store back and forth twice… and then sit there and wait.  Was that worth it? I don’t know…

But I am strongly considering a PC when I need a replacement laptop, if THAT tells you anything.

Goodies Box October

After I received my October Goodies Box I found out that they were discontinuing the program and that this would be my last box.  They have recommended another company that I can switch to if I’d like, but I’m still not sure I want to. (It is a bit more money too)  So here is my thoughts on what will be the last Goodies Box.

Latte Coffee Thins

by Tierra Nueva Cocoa

Step aside, chocolate, there’s a new treat in town. With as much caffeine as a real cup of joe, Coffee Thins provide a sweet, natural pick-me-up.These did not have much taste of chocolate and a strong coffee after taste.

Chocolate Sunbutter

by Enjoy Life

Enjoy the decadent flavor of a peanut butter cup in convenient gluten- and nut-free bar form. Chocolate and sunflower seed butter make a sweet combo.
Didn’t taste much like a peanut butter cup to me, but it was a good healthy snack alternative.

Espresso Coffee Thins

by Tierra Nueva Cocoa

Step aside, chocolate, there’s a new treat in town. With as much caffeine as a real cup of joe, Coffee Thins provide a sweet, natural pick-me-up. 
Felt the same about this one as the latte one. Very waxy, not a lot of chocolate flavor

Spiced Tea Latte

by Caffe D’Vita

Just add water and a fragrant, creamy, warmly spiced chai latte is yours to sip and savor instantly. Try it hot, iced or blended, you’ll be hooked.The description is right. I’m hooked! Definitely loved it.

Original Praline Chocolate

by Guylian

These irresistible chocolate seashells are filled with a luxuriously rich & creamy chocolate truffle; the original recipe of Guy & Liliane. 
love love loved these!

Greek Yogurt

by Happy Family

A sweet medley of fruit mingles with creamy Greek yogurt in this deliciously convenient, calcium- and Vitamin D-rich squeeze pouch. Tasty at any age. 
Was a bit freaked out at first because it was BROWN in color, but once I ignored that and actually tasted it, it was really, really good.

Book Review: Confidence

confidenceConfidence is an interesting book.  I really have none in certain aspects of my life so I was interested in reading this to see if it would help me overcome my confidence issues or maybe be more confident in my confidence issues. It was very interesting how it explained how both high confidence and low confidence could be good, but also bad.  Just because you have high confidence doesn’t mean you’ll succeed and just because you have low confidence doesn’t mean you’re destined to fail at everything you do.

It also talked a bit about confidence with dating and how confidence differs between men and women.

A perfect read for my recent flight, full of great information, but I’m not sure I am any more confident in my lack of confidence – but at least I know now that my talent and hard work SHOULD mean more in the end than my confidence in what I’m doing.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Biographers are quick to attribute the success of eminent people to their colossal levels of confidence, while downplaying the roles of talent and hard work, as if it were in anyone’s hands ( or minds) to achieve exceptional levels of success merely through sheer self belief.  Barack Obama did not become the first black president in US History because he had confidence; Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, did not found 400 companies because of his confidence; and Michael Jordan and Roger Federer did not achieve total domination of their sports because they felt good about themselves.

World-renowned personality expert Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic shows us in his upcoming evidence-based book CONFIDENCE that high confidence makes us less likeable, less employable, and less successful in the long run.  In his book, we’ll learn about the downfalls of having too much confidence and how more insecure readers need to understand the value of self-doubt and learn to capitalize on their low confidence.

Once Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic illuminates the distinct difference and benefits of competence and/or confidence, he illustrates how understanding these differences can be applied in everyday life including:

•Career Myths (Confidence, Talent, and Arrogance)

•Why Successful People are Rarely Themselves

•How You Can Benefit from Insecurities

•How High Confidence Creates False Health Hopes

•Confidence in Romantic Relationships

•How to Master interpersonal Relations using competence drawn from his extensive research in this area.

Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic reveals that spending time trying to become more confident and secure is not only fruitless, but would be better spent embracing one’s insecurities and becoming more competent.  People with low confidence are not only more likeable, but they try harder, are more introspective and realistic, and tend to keep striving even when they have already achieved success.  CONFIDENCE shows us how to close the gap between confidence and competence, how to fake it when you need to, and real ways to get ahead at work, home, and out in the world.

Love with Food box November



Once Goodies went out of business, they suggested that we try out Love with Food instead.  They are a bit more expensive, but for the first month they offered a discount to members.  The nice part about Love with Food is that with every box sent, a meal is donated to a hungry child which is what swayed me to sign up for this box now!  The November box included:

Kukuruza Tuxedo Popcorn
Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70% Chocolate
Maple Walnut Fudge
Ginger Twist Tea
Almond, Apricot and Yoghurt Bar
Sweet Corn Crunk
Organic Bhindi Masala
Gluten Free Sweet Potato PopChips
Rosemary & Pink Sea Salt Shortbread

If you are interested in trying the box for yourself- sign up now! (This is my referral link, I will receive points for every subscription I refer)


Sad day for Get Glue fans


As you all know, I’ve been collecting stickers from GetGlue for quite some time now. Even posting about them here on the blog as they arrive.  Today GetGlue announced on their blog that they are going in a “new direction” and are doing away with the physical stickers and instead replacing them with ANIMATED stickers. Why? I don’t know.  There are over 400 comments on the blog post – all essentially saying the same thing – We use GetGlue to earn stickers, we love the physical stickers, animated stickers in replacement of actual physical stickers is dumb.

I am hoping that they will have a change of heart over this – there was talk a while ago of perhaps charging to get stickers.  If it meant I could finish out my collections, I’d surely pay a small fee. (How much I’m not quite sure but certainly enough to cover shipping)

There was no warning whatsoever, and while I was digging out all my stickers from my boxes to try and catalog what I have, it now all means nothing because you can no longer request physical stickers as of when the blog post went up today.

I’m not sure how much this petition will help – but there is one on if you’re outraged as well

Product review: Soap Making Made Easy



I am always looking for new and fun crafty things to try out.  (Look for posts in 2014 with some of my attempts!) When I saw the e-book set on how to make soap at home, I figured I’d check it out and maybe consider adding it to my list of things to try making in 2014.

The 3 books that make up the package are:
Soap Making: A Quick Guide;
Soap Recipes; and
Soap Making Made Easy

The e-books are easy to read, they are not that long, but full of really valuable information and recipes on all the different kinds of soap that you can make.  There are several that I have on my wish list now to see if I can create them myself.  I’m not sure that I’ll end up trying to sell them or make tons and tons, but if you are interested in selling them the book also has great tips on keeping track of batches and all that information as well.   There are lots of troubleshooting tips as well – so hopefully you won’t make the same mistake that some others have along the way. (And if you do make a mistake – be sure to learn from it so it is worth your while!)

One lucky ConcertKatie reader is going to receive the same 3 set of ebooks that I received!  Enter below!

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Book Review: Status Update

statusI thought this book would be more about status updated with just Twitter and Facebook but I was pleasantly surprised (or maybe i should read book blurbs better) that it focused more on all sorts of technology and connecting to people – blogs, usenet, the way sxsw is ahead of the curve with debuting new technology. (Usenet is how I met most of my internet friends as a teen because I never had many friends IRL).  Interesting also is the ‘anti-fan’, a group of people who love to hate something and will comment negatively on anything the person they are an ‘anti-fan’ of posts. Who has the time for that?

The book certainly gave me a lot to think about in terms of status and being a ‘micro-celebrity’ not that I think I am one – but hey, a girl can dream, right? Maybe some day “concert katie” will be a household name?

If you are into technology, status and social media as much as I am then you will probably want to check out this book (Or if you have no friends IRL – or does that just go hand in hand?) It has a lot of great info and resources and you will hopefully, as I did, learn a lot!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Social media technologies such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook promised a new participatory online culture. Yet, technology insider Alice Marwick contends in this insightful book, “Web 2.0” only encouraged a preoccupation with status and attention. Her original research—which includes conversations with entrepreneurs, Internet celebrities, and Silicon Valley journalists—explores the culture and ideology of San Francisco’s tech community in the period between the dot com boom and the App store, when the city was the world’s center of social media development. Marwick argues that early revolutionary goals have failed to materialize: while many continue to view social media as democratic, these technologies instead turn users into marketers and self-promoters, and leave technology companies poised to violate privacy and to prioritize profits over participation. Marwick analyzes status-building techniques—such as self-branding, micro-celebrity, and life-streaming—to show that Web 2.0 did not provide a cultural revolution, but only furthered inequality and reinforced traditional social stratification, demarcated by race, class, and gender.

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