As you all know, I’ve been collecting stickers from GetGlue for quite some time now. Even posting about them here on the blog as they arrive.  Today GetGlue announced on their blog that they are going in a “new direction” and are doing away with the physical stickers and instead replacing them with ANIMATED stickers. Why? I don’t know.  There are over 400 comments on the blog post – all essentially saying the same thing – We use GetGlue to earn stickers, we love the physical stickers, animated stickers in replacement of actual physical stickers is dumb.

I am hoping that they will have a change of heart over this – there was talk a while ago of perhaps charging to get stickers.  If it meant I could finish out my collections, I’d surely pay a small fee. (How much I’m not quite sure but certainly enough to cover shipping)

There was no warning whatsoever, and while I was digging out all my stickers from my boxes to try and catalog what I have, it now all means nothing because you can no longer request physical stickers as of when the blog post went up today.

I’m not sure how much this petition will help – but there is one on if you’re outraged as well

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