Hanson – 11/7/13 Philadelphia, PA TLA

Thursday, after working crazy work hours in order to leave work early, I took off to PA to see Hanson in Philly. I met up with my partners in crime for the night – Maribeth and Amber and the original plan was to take the train to the venue but last minute Maribeth decided she could probably drive it and find a parking garage nearby.  The GPS rerouted us at least 5 times and we ended up making it there just before the opening act, David Ryan Harris, was set to take the stage.  Once I made it up to the balcony the lights went out on me and it was time for David.  As much as I enjoy him, he is a bit too mellow and almost became the only artist to put me to sleep during a show – TWICE.  Great if I was trying to fall asleep. Not so great to hype me up before Hanson taking the stage.

The goal for this show was the same as all the rest – get a new song I had never heard live before.  Unfortunately that didn’t end up happening as the new cover “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” was not put in the set and everything else I had heard before.  However, Isaac did do “More Than Anything” as his solo which is a rarer song and a treat. They also threw Sound of Light into the set which is on their Hanson.net Members EP that is not a common song either.  (I was in Tulsa for the recording of the Members EP though, so I heard that one before – actually twice before because they had to do it twice for recording purposes)  Zac also did a rarer solo song – Get So Low – that he had previously premiered in Jamaica and done only a couple other times as a solo on tour.

The lighting at the venue was also not the best for pictures, but overall I thought the setlist was strong and it was a solid show.  We ended up going to a closed ice cream shop to buy water after the show and headed back to Maribeth’s house before taking on round 2 the next day.


Fired Up
In The City
Ive Got Soul
Wheres The Love
Scream and Be Free
This Time around

On and On
With You In Your Dreams
More Than Anything (Isaac solo)
Get So Low (Zac Solo)
Save Me (Taylor Solo)

Sound of Light
Waiting For This
You Can’t Stop Us
Tragic Symphony
Thinking Bout Somethin
Get The Girl Back
Minute Without You
Something Going Round

If Only

Book Review: The Delphi Deception

delphi2In Book 2 of the trilogy – we are back with Zach and Ashley after they had broken in to the library. They were set to run away, but it didn’t work out and both are now in the hospital.  Ashley is back in the psych ward and being medicated and Zach tries to escape – with her – but it doesn’t work.  He knows he should leave town but he fears for what may happen to Ashley if he does.

Zach ends up teaming up with Katie, Ashley’s sister and they are going to try and find answers.  Except Zach isn’t sure he can trust Katie like he can trust Ashley.  The two sneak back in to the library and Zach is caught.  Do they know who he really is? What will happen?  Katie gets the information she needs and leaves – and seemingly gives up Zach’s whereabouts at the same time.

The head of the committee tries to get Zach to talk but he refuses.  They threaten him with an injection that could lead to death but he’d rather that than tell them what he knows.

I have to say that I liked this book a bit less than the first, but it certainly was interesting and had a lot of twists that I was not expecting.  We are now left not knowing what is going to happen, I guess I will have to wait and see what book 3 has in store?

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

A desperate teen, a dangerous alliance, an ancient foe. The gripping Delphi Trilogy continues with Book II, THE DELPHI DECEPTION, plunging you deeper into a world of conspiracy and danger.

After ten years in hiding 17-year-old Zach made the mistake of returning to his wealthy hometown. He slammed head-on into the conspiracy that killed his parents, drove a childhood friend to suicide, and exploits other teens to fulfill an ancient agenda of greed. Zach should have run. But he stayed, and now the consequences are burying him.

His blind pursuit of the town’s deepest secrets has left him injured and terrified. The answers he’s gotten about his true identity are more disturbing than he could have imagined. And his first love, Ashley, is in more danger than ever.

Desperate to save Ashley, Zach is deterred by the mysterious man he thought was his ally. Forced to team with Ashley’s ambitious sister who’s willing to help—for a price—he enters an alliance fraught with deception and betrayal.

As the League of Delphi’s vicious new security chief closes in on him, Zach is propelled back into the jaws of danger by a cryptic command from beyond this world. Will his misguided mission save Ashley? Or will it get them both killed?

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