Wilderado at The Warehouse 6/17/24

Happiness is…
Walking up to the will call booth saying, “Hi! I should be on the band’s list?” and getting handed a comped ticket and a photo pass and then picking a spot in the front row. Thanks to Stunt Company Media, I was able to check out Tulsa, OK band Wilderado, which I had previously seen perform at Hanson’s Hop Jam Festival in 2019. The touring bassist for the band (Aaron) has also played with Hanson a couple of times, so it was cool to see him again.

The opening band was a band from London called Flyte and they were really good. Unfortunately, as happens a lot at this venue, there was a lot of talking at the bar and I’m pretty sure it was distracting the lead singer, he even asked for people to stop having conversations at one point but I don’t think the people who were talking even heard him because they just kept going. Fortunately, once Wilderado took the stage, the conversations were to a minimum and everyone seemed to be really into the show.

I’m not really familiar with their music but based on the woman behind me’s reaction for each song when they started, it must have been a really great set list. She just kept saying wow. Wow, oh, no way I love this song.  So it must have been a pretty solid set less if you were a fan but honestly not being familiar with any of their music I don’t know if they skipped anything, but it was A really good show.

They opted to not leave the stage before the last 2 songs and just have us cheer for them anyway and then did 2 more songs the first one the crowd was really, really into it. It became a big sing along and the last 1 all 4 members of the band were singing around one mic and the lead singer played guitar. That was pretty cool to see and that song also turned into quite a sing a long as well.  I’m definitely gonna have to check out some of their music soon – and September 20th they will have new music coming – their album “Talker” which they did play the title track from. Thanks to Stunt Company Media for a hooking me up with the ticket and photo pass for the show. I was a lot of fun and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to cover some more shows that I wouldn’t go to on my own in the future because I’ve been introduced to a lot of great music this way!

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Hanson at The View 6/13/24


Thursday I had tickets to see a taping of the view. We had to get up super early and take a 730 train into New York City. Then we grabbed a cab to go to ABC studios. The traffic was absolutely ridiculous, before we even made it one block our cab rate went from $7 to $14. We also almost got hit by a bus while in the cab. So that was fun but managed to get to the line to the view in plenty of time and were seventh and eighth in line for the show.

We didn’t really know if Hanson was going to be on or not. I had gotten tickets based on a rumor that I heard and everything was kept really hush-hush. But, once we got into the holding room, they told us that Hansen would be there for her performance, but that it was a surprise for Alyssa, one of the host’s, birthdays. We ended up filing into the studio and the guys instruments were all set up. The warm up comedian told us that they’d be playing 3 songs, but that Alyssa thought we were doing a segment on puppy adoption.  So once she was in the area, we had to not mention anything about Hanson and we’re just kind of going,  “Oh, look at the cute puppies” and stuff like that. Then a couple of the other hosts came out and introed the segment which we had to film twice. Because apparently we were clapping too loudly. We had to bring it down from a 10 to about a 4 and then they brought Alyssa in and Hanson was there and they sang the new Penny and Me Moonlight version and then went into MMMBop and then went into where’s the love.

They did a little interview with them afterwards and everything that Taylor said ended up getting cut and didn’t make it on to TV. I also barely made it on to TV, you can see the blue of my shirt for like a split second when Alyssa walks into the room. After Hanson was done, they reset up the stage with the table and everything and then we got to see them film, most of the segments for the view.

Before we went in, we were given a tax form that said there was going to be a giveaway where at least $75, and if it ended up being worth over $600,  we would have to pay taxes on it. We ended up getting 2 tickets to the Hanson show of our choice for their upcoming tour. Which I already have all my tickets so I’m going to be bringing some friends along, I guess. When we saw the show air they had another segment that was giving away some gifts. But we didn’t end up getting those. I don’t know if that would have put us over the $600 threshold. Or why they decided to film that segment separately. We never saw them film the segment with the gifts for Alyssa’s home.

After the show was done taping, it took a bit longer than we hadn’t anticipated, we got an Uber and headed back to Grand Central. He dropped us off in front of a restaurant, so we decided might as well stop and eat, then grab some snacks from Hudson News and hopped on the train home and ended up getting home about 6 PM – the train was on the wrong side of the track, so there was a giant gap which freaked me out on the conductor had to come and help me get off the train, but I’m hoping to figure out some extra accessibility for that for the future.  I think for tour it might have to be taken the train by myself.

It had been on my bucket list since I was about 12 years old and I wanted to see Hanson perform on a TV show in person. We’d always watch these shows from home in the summer and there’d be all these fans there and I was like, Why can’t we go New York’s not that far? So I was happy to finally cross that off my list and also see my 289th Hanson show and with any luck I should be hitting 300 by the end of this year!

Gaelic Storm at The Kate 6/12/24

Wednesday night Gaelic Storm returned to The Kate in Old Saybrook, CT for the first time since February 13, 2020.  I did not attend the show in 2020, though I’m not entirely sure why, but later we found out that Pat went into the balcony and then jumped off the balcony and ended up breaking both of his legs. So I was quite surprised to see the Kate on their tour itinerary again and this time we decided that we weren’t going to miss the show.

The show was on a Wednesday night and unbeknownst to me, the town green, which is right next to the venue, hosts Wednesday night concerts. So there was absolutely no parking close by to be found. I ended up finding a spot a couple blocks away and making it to the venue. (Turns out my next show at The Kate is a Wednesday too so I’ll have to keep that in mind)  We entered just after 7 and the show started at about 7:30 with the Waterbury Police drum and bagpipes, which was pretty cool.  They played for about 10 to 15 minutes and then it was time for Gaelic Storm. Pat of course made a bunch of jokes about PTSD and being afraid to be back the venue and all that and threatening to jump off the balcony again, if someone was going to catch him. After every song, he told a little bit about the story of what happened after he left the venue and went to the hospital, having surgery and all of that.
Steve is still not with the band he’s out on medical leave and they have a young man named Parker who was filling in. He was a great opposite to Pat and I loved how he picked on him by playing different songs on his guitar to try and taunt him throughout the show.  Pat also kept saying that certain songs that were being yelled out weren’t on the set list and ended up saying that they were going to play Russell Crowe because of the requests. But after the show I got a set list and wouldn’t you know Russell Crowe was on there? I was supposed to be followed by Johnny Tarr which they ended up doing in the encore instead. I can’t remember if they switched out anything else from the setlist. But it was a really, really fun show. Gaelic Storm is always incredibly entertaining and I’m looking forward to getting to see them again!

Hanson Day 2024

I recently made my annual trek to Tulsa for my 14th Hanson Day celebration. It gets harder and harder to write about, especially since it is much of the same activities year after year. This year I went a day earlier than normal, to make sure I could attend Taylor’s Food on the Move lunch on Wednesday.  Monday when I was supposed to be packing I got the message that I and another friend were chosen to be the HTP Live Reporters.  No pressure!

Tuesday morning I left at 2:30AM only to find that the highway was a PARKING LOT.  I managed to get off an exit and do back roads to one more exit up – but it was still at a total standstill.  My flight wouldn’t board until 5am so I kept telling myself I had plenty of time – and finally the traffic started moving.  It was also my first time parking at a new lot as the one I used to park at closed abruptly earlier this year.  The flight was on time and I landed in Charlotte only to be told they had no wheelchairs and to wait.  We were waiting so long one of the flight attendants said “I guess they don’t want you to leave!”  Finally someone came with the chairs and pushed us to the top of the jet bridge.  Then we had to wait for someone else to come, who pushed us into a wheelchair pen.  I had a 3+ hour layover (on purpose for this exact reason) so they told me I’d be the last to leave but as people coming in after me were leaving before me I tried to tell them I was meeting friends for brunch and finally it was my turn.  My friends ended up taking over the pushing duties after we ate because I was told that they needed more pushers than they had available – and they kept firing people!

Our second flight seemed to be diverted due to weather (it was absolutely POURING on and off) and then they told us they’d be getting us a new plane.  Somehow the plane that was now circling the airport landed just before the new plane arrived at the gate – go figure! We ended up a little bit delayed but honestly, that’s nothing compared to other flying issues I have had!

That evening we ended up going to the Tulsa Drillers game since tickets were discounted to $9.18 and it was $2 Tuesday for hot dogs, soda and other items.  We left early since we were all exhausted from travel and the team was playing like a bunch of little leaguers. (They ended up losing, 6-3, when we left it was 6-1 so maybe we should have left sooner?)

Wednesday we headed to Taylor’s Food on the Move lunch where we had some home grown greens and locally sourced chicken sandwiches.  Taylor and his team spoke a bit about what they have been doing (LOTS of changes since we were on site last year) and what they are hoping to do in the future to help bring fresh produce to the community.   After the lunch there was a pop up registration which I worked after hitting up the store and spending nearly $400 on new merch.  For dinner we went to Cabin Boys which unfortunately was nothing to write home about, which is sad because it’s so close and convenient but even with us all getting different food, no one was really impressed with anything.  That evening we had to cram watching the EP Listening Party to come up with 6-8 questions for our interview the next day.

Thursday morning I worked registration again, watched everyone set up chairs for HTP and we formulated a plan to get me on stage.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of mobility issues and in Feb/March was unable to go up and down the stairs at my house – even with a railing on either side.  So the fact that I made it up there with no railing (but with 2 helpers) made me realize just how far I had come since then.  We hit up Mexicali’s for lunch and a pre-interview drink and then it was time to freak out for HTP.  We were given seats off to the side to get us as close as possible to getting on the stage, which meant we couldn’t see much due to a monitor on stage. This may have worked in our favor because by the time it was our turn I wasn’t really nervous anymore. It was kind of hard to hear the guys answering on stage, but from everyone coming up to me afterwards, we must have done a good job!

That evening it was time for karaoke, we hit up Empire for some pizza first and then hung out for about an hour of the karaoke before calling it a night.  Younger Hanson brother Mac was cohosting with Isaac.  Isaac kept saying he couldn’t sing with everyone because he had 2 shows to perform – but also couldn’t seem to stay away from singing with almost everyone.  Karaoke was at Cain’s for the first time – and while I liked that we had a lot more room – I do wonder if those performing were more nervous to be on such a big stage in a big room or not.  (I know that was a concern of mine with HTP! But with the way the chairs were situated, I could just look at Hanson and not have to look at the crowd, which I think helped!)

Friday morning we went to Pinot’s to paint our version of a Zac Hanson original.  I do wish they told us before we bought tickets which painting it would be – but it is always a fun time even if it’s not always something we would have chosen to paint.  This was my 3rd time and while I’m not sure it is an every year kind of activity, it is fun every now and then.  After we went to Yokozuna for Sushi.

Friday night was the paid add-on concert – Beyond Perennial.  They had made a few comments that they had named it wrong – but it was about a 50/50 split of what was on Perennial and what was not.  Rarest song award(s) goes to: Happy (1) and I’m Ready (2). Better Man and Grace Unknown full band are also rarer as they are typically done as solos.

After the show we went to a new restaurant – Fixins – for some chicken, cornbread, biscuits, etc. It was pretty good! But any time I have a large jug of Sweet Tea I am happy.

Saturday evening was the Members Only concert – which turned out to be a bit more Underneath than I would have liked.  The guys also announced a fall tour is coming that will hit 13 cities for 2 nights each and more info would be coming out in early June.  The highlight was of course hearing the new EP for the first time.  All the points taken away from Taylor for last second switching his solo from Be My Own to With You In Your Dreams. The other highlight for me was them doing a bit of Thunderstruck.  Wednesday night they had been in Oklahoma City to play at the half time of the Basketball Playoffs game for the Thunder and we couldn’t figure out a way to make it there – and once I saw they did Thunderstruck I was bummed – so I was happy that they included it in the show! But I found this setlist to be too festival-y and not enough member-y – even if the whole night before was all* members songs. (* technically not Nothing Like a Love Song)

For dinner we hit up Antoinette’s for pie night and then got ready for the space / star wars / y2k themed dance party!  I dressed as an Alien and dressed my walker as Buzz Lightyears Space Ship.  yay to Disney Store for not only having wheelchair costumes – but for putting it on clearance and allowing it to be cheap enough for me to do a “let’s see if this works” and it did!  We weren’t sure if Taylor was going to stick to a Y2K play list or not – turns out he did not – but it was still pretty decent.

Sunday I lounged around and updated my website and then we made the trek to Nothing’s Left.  For dinner we hit up the Tavern and I opted to not pack until Monday morning which I was pretty mad at myself for not even starting.

Monday we headed to the airport around 1 – as I was walking to get to my gate, Zac was coming through security and said safe travels and he will see us when he sees us… The first flight ended up taking off a bit late due to there being an automated power issue so the engines needed to be turned on manually, and then off again once we landed.  The second flight ended up being slightly delayed waiting for passengers luggage to get there.  Again, I’ll take it. Not bad at all!

And I may have booked another trip to Tulsa for December while I was there…

Matt Nathanson at Bethel Woods

Friday May 11, Matt Nathanson played a show in Bethel Woods, New York. This is the site where the Woodstock festival took place in 1969. They have a museum that I have been wanting to check out for quite some time now. So when I saw that Matt was going to be playing there? I jumped at the chance to get a ticket and for $10 was able to get an add on ticket to visit the museum before the show.

I made the 2 hour trek out to New York and got to the museum at about 5 o’clock. When doors to the show are gonna be opening at 7. I started my way through the museum. Learning all about the 60s and what was going on in the world and what led to the Woodstock festival happening as well as lots of videos from the event live performances and things like that. It was really well done and very colorful and I very much so enjoyed it.
It took me about 1 hour to go through but admittedly. I didn’t watch all the videos that they had, but the tour ends with a 21 minute video with some live performances from the festival, which was pretty cool. Of course, the end of the tour pops you in to the gift shop where I somehow managed to spend nearly a $100. Everything was a bit more expensive than I was expecting it to be, but there were a few things that I just had to have like my own peace and love VW bus because, why not?
They also have a small cafe on-site. I was able to get a wrap and some fries for dinner before the show which was incredibly convenient. The staff was all super awesome. Very kind, very helpful, very knowledgeable.
At 7 o’clock, it was time for doors for Matt, so I went into the event gallery, which is a round room with really cool ceilings and a giant fireplace.
A little bit around 8, Matt took the stage and said it, the only way that he was able to get to the stage was to walk down the middle aisle because he couldn’t come in from outside. So he ended up awkwardly standing outside the ladies room waiting to come up the stairs to start the show.
The show was a lot of fun as I expected. Every time I see Matt, I say to myself that I should travel and go to see him more. And then for whatever reason every tour I only end up seeing you once and then regretting not buy more tickets but hopefully, in the future, I will switch it up and do a little New England tour.
He played until about 10 o’clock. He told us a bit about his feud with Taylor Swift’s fans. And thought the room looked a little bit like a spaceship or that aliens were invading us, so there was a lot of talk about that and he ended the night singing Suspended from about 4 rows back standing on a chair with no microphone or amplification. And we all sang along with him. He seems to be very impressed by our singing along and singing back up because it was just him and his guitar. He didn’t have Aaron or anyone else with him. He was joking that he might not need to bring them on tour any more, because we did a great job.
I had seen on the news that the Northern Lights might be visible that night. I was hoping since we were pretty much in a field in the middle of nowhere, I could see something, but I couldn’t really see anything by the naked eye when I walked out. However, there were groups of people all with their phones pointed to the sky. And getting really excited, so I overheard them say that if you put your phone Night mode into take a picture through the camera, you’d be able to see the northern lights through the camera, so I figured what the heck gave it a try and oh my goodness, it was amazing. It’s very pink and there were various spots in the sky that had pink streak. I guess some people said that they saw green as well. My camera didn’t pick up on that, but that was pretty cool. I do wish that I could have seen them with my eyes and not through the lens, but it was still a pretty cool experience and a really amazing way to cap off a bit of a bucket list trip.
I’m probably going to have to head to Bethel again some time because it was raining and I wasn’t able to see the monument and I’ve also heard that they’re now doing golf cart tours where they bring you to the main gate and you can go on a tour and see every thing as if you were going to be attending the festival of Woodstock 1969. So that sounds pretty cool and it’s something that I definitely consider doing in the future if there was another show up that way that I wanted to check it out.

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors at The Warehouse

Thursday night, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors came to The Warehouse in Fairfield to play a show, just like he had promised during his set with Darius Rucker in Bridgeport last summer.  The band is touring to support their most recent release, Strangers No More, and recently announced that Strangers No More Volume 2 would be coming out in September. (All the songs on Volume 2 were recorded at the same time as Volume 1).   “Find Your People” quickly became a favorite song of mine and it earned the band their first #1 Americana Single!  I was surprised to see that this was the song they chose to open the set with, but by the time the show was over it made perfect sense.  He quickly captured the audience and didn’t lose them until the last note.  Their latest single, “Suffering” didn’t come until much later in the set.  They closed the set out with “Dance with Everybody” which I’d been hearing on TV during a March Madness TV commercial!

The hour and a half set also included a cover of Fairfield native, John Mayer’s “Gravity” and an absolutely amazing cover of Adele’s “When We Were Young” which had Drew standing in the middle of the crowd.  He also called opener Donovan Woods on stage to join him for the song they wrote together “For Some Reason”.  The Warehouse was certainly rocking to close out the night by Dancing with Everybody – including Drew, who once again made his way in the crowd to, in fact, dance with everybody.

Another highlight included Drew calling over an adorable little girl who was rocking a very sparkly jacket and a Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors t-shirt to give her a vinyl from the band.  Also kudos to her parents for having her wear adorable pink noise canceling headphones throughout the show as well.

I am very much so looking forward to see what gems may be hidden on Strangers No More Volume 2, but for now I’ll continue spinning “Find Your People”, a song that very much so reminds me of my closest friends.

I received a free ticket to the show in exchange for this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

The Mighty Tour 2

Friday night The High Kings and Gaelic Storm brought their The Mighty Tour 2 to Foxwoods Premier Theater.  We had seen the first part of the tour last year and were excited to see it again in a much larger theater.  The Waterbury PD Pipes and Drums opened the night at about 7:45.  The High Kings came out around 8 to open the show.  I didn’t keep track of the setlists for either band and can’t find them now, but I did write out what I could remember.  I am pretty sure that the 4 part harmony of 1845 was my favorite song they did last time, and it was this show as well.  After an intermission it was time for Gaelic Storm.

One of the band members, Twigger, has been recovering from a medical issue so he is not on the tour and they had two guitarists helping out to cover his parts.  While we did miss Twigger, the two gentlemen that they had on stage with them were wonderful as well.  Pat always makes me laugh – and Friday night was no exception.  During Darcy’s Donkey they often encourage fans to dance like they are riding a donkey in a race around the venue.  But Pat decided security at the front of the stage weren’t doing anything because it was an easy crowd and had them come up on stage to ride their donkeys for the crowd.

For the encore both bands came together to play a few songs together including John Denver’s Country Roads Take Me Home and then had the Pipe and Drums band come out and join them again.

Oh Maggie
Men of Aron
The Lonesome Boatman
The Fields of Athenry
Chasing Rainbows
Whiskey in the Jar

The Night Pat Murphy Died
Johnny Tarr
Rum Runners
Darcy’s Donkey
Raised on Black and Tans

Joey & AJ – A Legendary Night

Thursday night Joey from *NSYNC and AJ from the Backstreet Boys teamed up for a legendary night at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT.  We had purchased Soundcheck upgrade packages and needed to get there early to check in for the 3:30 soundcheck.  The guys tried a couple of new things with the band and then answered questions from the fans that were in attendance.  It was absolute chaos, as expected.  After the soundcheck we waited for the M&G with Joey (AJ’s was before soundcheck) and then had some time to kill before doors for the show.

I opted to sit in the front row center spot I had snagged for my friends and I, and while I did have a couple of moments where I thought I might stand, seeing how close AJ was coming to the edge of the stage I knew I would never be able to handle it.  The show was more fun than I was even expecting – they started with some *NSYNC and BSB songs, AJ ended up doing some of his own solo stuff as well.  They did a medley of TV Show themes, a medley of “Girl Power” songs by female artists.  They also had and inflatable die and bounced it through the crowd and when the DJ’s music stopped whatever number it was on was the song they would sing.  This is also when the fans with couch passes were on the stage. They had intended to do 3 songs for this but ended up doing 4. They closed the set out with more *NSYNC/BSB songs.

Pop / I Want You Back
Larger Than Life
Tearing Up My Heart
Burning Up
TV Themes (Cheers, Duck Tales, Full House, Fresh Prince, Golden Girls, Knight Rider, Friends, Greatest American Hero)
If I Ain’t Got You
Hit Me Baby
Bad Romance
Always Something There To Remind Me
All The Small Things
No Diggity
Part of Your World
My Own Worst Enemy
Good Enough
Poison / This Is How We Do It
Space Cowboy
I Want It That Way
Bye Bye Bye



90’s Con 2024 + Pod Meets World

When I was in 4th grade I had a hermit crab named Rider Taylor Keegan.  If you’ve seen the lineup for this past year’s 90s con, you will know that I was beyond excited that 2 of the 3 namesakes were in attendance. (Will I ever meet that elusive 3rd? I don’t know – but I’m hoping some day it will happen!)  I went for all 3 days this year, but due to some medical issues I tried to stay seated in the panels for as much of the con as I could.  This meant I met less celebrities, but honestly there were only a couple I was thinking about trying to meet in addition to the ones I did manage to see.

Friday there were no panels so that was the day I opted to do my Boy Meets World cast photo. There were 9 cast members in attendance – William Daniels (Mr Feeny), Danielle Fishel (Topanga), Rider Strong (Shawn), Will Friedle (Eric), Trina McGee (Angela), Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews), William Russ (Alan Matthews), Anthony Tyler Quinn (Mr Turner), Bonnie Bartlett (Dean Bolander)  I was the first one to enter the photo op with my “Best Is Grumpy” pod meets world shirt which Rider was really excited about and the rest of the cast applauded me.  We took the photo and they said it was good so I went to leave, only for them to say we were going to take a second photo.  This time Danielle yelled “RIDER! DO GRUMPY” so I was able to get 2 photos (BONUS! as screamed by Tony Quinn when they said we were taking a second) and have a grumpy Rider pose in photo #2.

After the photo op I met up with a friend, we went to see Jeff and Drew from 98 Degrees and then Andrew Keegan.  I cased out where I’d need to be for Geena Davis on Sunday morning and we ended up heading out to grab dinner.

Saturday morning first thing I went and lined up for the panels as they were kicking off with Boy Meets World.  I managed to get an ADA seat about 4 rows back in the center and stayed there through Sabrina the Teenage Witch and 98 Degrees.  The Boys Meets World panel had the same cast members as my photos – Bill Daniels came on stage to a wild ovation – the man will be turning 97 at the end of the month and is still doing these cons to meet the fans. Amazing.  He is a bit hard of hearing, but Bonnie helps him out by repeating questions and he will tell a story or two.  The Sabrina cast was without Caroline Rhea but did have Quiz Master Alimi Ballard instead!  To finish up my first shift of panels was Jeff and Drew from 98 degrees.  After that panel I left to have a quick snack and went downstairs for my Hollywood Darling Photo Op.  With some time before hand I managed to get a photo with the Golden Gays, which I had missed out on last year.

I was a little worried with a 2:50 photo op and a 3pm panel I wanted to see I wouldn’t make it in, but I was about the 3rd for Hollywood Darlings (Jodie Sweetin, Beverly Mitchell and Christine Lakin) and made my way upstairs for Dawson’s Creek with James Van Der Beek and Kerr Smith and a very kind volunteer found me an ADA spot in the 8th row.  I had considered leaving early, but decided since I had a decent spot I’d stay for the Full House panel with Dave Coulier and Jodie Sweetin – and good thing I did because Andrew Keegan showed up to apologize for his character on the show.

Then I had some time to eat dinner and relax before the After Party. They ended up letting ADA in “first” from a further door and then let the VIPs in as well and so it was pure chaos. I opted to just sit in the back.  Jodi Benson came out relatively early to perform “Part Of Your World” and said she had hoped to be in her PJs and in bed by 8:30pm.  Goals.  Jeff and Drew from 98 Degrees (or is it 49 degrees?) came out next and performed “I Do” and “Because of You” and then did a bit of “Because of You” with a fan.  I ended up leaving after that because I was exhausted and it was going to become a karaoke party.  I guess I missed out on some more Andrew Keegan fun, but I am pretty sure I made the right choice to get some sleep.

Sunday I had an autograph with Geena Davis at 10:15.  I got in line and had met her and gotten my baseball signed by 10:13 (thanks for being early, Geena!) and that gave me enough time to get upstairs and get in line for the panels.  They let ADA in first – which somehow was only me?! I got a spot in the 3rd row on the side and that was where I stayed all day!  The first panel was “And the Award Goes To” with Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon and Mira Sorvino and that was probably my most favorite panel of the whole weekend.  They were so real and honest with us – Mira even teared up about her career being stifled by Harvey Weinstein and they talked about how there are still people who knew what was happening and letting it happen in the business and that needed to change.  The next panel was 7th Heaven with Beverly Mitchell (Lucy), Barry Watson (Matt), Catherine Hicks (Mom), Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) and David Gallagher (Simon).  They talked a lot about their auditions, how they became a family and are still in touch with “Jessie” (Jessica Biel).  Up next was Disney Princesses – Jodi Benson (Ariel) and Linda Larkin (Jasmine).  There was originally supposed to be a couple more princesses in attendance but they unfortunately had to drop out but I think they handled the panel just the two of them really well and the kids had some adorable questions for them!  Next up was Step By Step – Patrick Duffy (Frank), Staci Keenan (Dana), Angela Watson (Karen), Christine Lakin (Al), Brandon Call (JT), Christopher Castile (Mark), Sasha Mitchell (Cody) and Jason Marsden (Rich).  They started off by talking a bit about Susanne Somers who was the Mom on the show and recently passed away.  The crowd went wild when Sasha spoke – and was exactly like Cody – and lost it again when Sasha laughed – and it was exactly like Cody.  It was interesting to hear what sort of jobs the ones who left the business have now – and they all seem really happy with where they are at! 3pm brought Hey Dude – David Lascher (Ted), Christine Taylor (Melody), Kelly Brown (Brad) and Josh Tygiel (Buddy) – the highlight of this panel was them all singing the theme song! Josh also brought some photos of when he visited the area the set was recently and showed what was left of it.  The final panel of the day and of the con was with the “core 4” from Roswell – Jason Behr (Max), Brendan Fehr (Michael), Shiri Appleby (Liz) and Majandra Delfino (Maria).  The most impressive part of this panel was how Jason was just rattling off the titles of all the episodes that they were talking about like it was nothing!


I then went to my room and had a bite to eat before grabbing an uber to the Pod Meets World Live show at the Bushnell, about 10 minutes away.  Mr Turner was walking out looking confused and when he showed up at the theater about 10 minutes after me, I slightly regretted not offering him a ride in my uber.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the show compared to Boston – but they did manage to switch things up a lot.  Rider’s poem had some CT centric items in it, and of course some parts about Will Friedle being from here.  The skit ended up having Mr Turner, the Matthews parents and Angela in it and then all of them joined for the Q&A.  Will did some CT trivia with Danielle and Rider (which seemed to SHOCK them and I loved it) and there was a new skit added to the end.  Overall it was so much fun and I am so glad I went again! My only regret was that I didn’t get the M&G – initially I thought I’d be going home right after but opted to stay over another night instead so I definitely had the time for it. Oh well. Next time!


Peter Frampton at Oakdale

Peter Frampton was an artist my Dad and I enjoyed.  We had made plans to go see him together, but for whatever reason it didn’t end up working out.  My parents did end up going to see him as the last concert they went to together before my Dad passed away.  This summer, Peter was at the casino but I had a conflict so when I heard he was coming to Oakdale in March, even thought it was a busy month for me, I knew I had to go.  Of my concert bucket list – it basically consists of Peter and Aerosmith (who I had tickets for but that show is in limbo).

I wasn’t really sure what to expect – the only thing I was hoping for was that since Peter would sit, the crowd would too.  After he came out to a standing ovation, the crowd did end up sitting for most of the show (save for a few other ovations and a couple of songs on the encore).  The show seemed to go on forever – he came on a little later than the 7:30 start time and played until 10:15. (Which still got me home before bed time!)

The highlight of the night for SURE was the cover he did of Black Hole Sun that he sang through the talk box. I am not sure I will see anything as amazing for the rest of this year, if not longer. The guy sitting next to me and I completely lost it.

I do hope that Peter is able to continue touring despite his muscle issues – since he said when he sits down with the guitar he seems to be fine. Funny how music can heal like that, even if only for a short time.

Peter Frampton Setlist Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT, USA 2024, Never Ever Say Never Tour


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