This is not a paid post. I just need to share the amazing.

After Jamaica, there was some discussion on me getting Global Entry, which helps expedite getting back into the country and through customs.  My credit card would actually pay for me to get it as a card perk but I remember there not being anywhere nearby to do interviews when my friends started talking about it several years ago so I opted to just go for TSA Pre-Check instead.  The CT airport has an interview location so I figured I would go for it and shortly after filling out the form saw that appointments were over a year out.

Enter Appointment Scanner.  For $30 I had access for 1 month for it to look at up to 3 locations for appointments. I chose CT, RI and tried to add Boston but it wouldn’t let me (Could have been user error).  Almost immediately I had an appointment scheduled for April 2023.  Then March. Then Feb. And a couple came up for the next day, but I wasn’t able to make it with my work schedule.  In the end, I got an appointment for an off Friday and had signed up and got through the interview process in about 10 days.  I will say – though I had CT and RI in my profile to give me updates, I never saw any pop up for RI so as they always say – your mileage may vary.

Just a tip – once you sign up it’ll default to look for appointments within the next year.  Once you get one closer, update that date to the date of your appointment or your phone will keep blowing up with appointments that may be later in the year than the one you already have.  I snagged whatever I could initially, and then tried to be a bit more selective with my schedule and it worked out for me.

I am still waiting for my ID card to come in the mail – but I am all set now until 2028!  Best $30 I’ve spent in a while!  I just wish I came up with this scanner idea myself!

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