Another One Bites the Dust

The Jonas Brothers Perform Live At Dodge Music Center 08/13/10

The Jonas Brothers have FINALLY broken their silence on the rumors swirling since they canceled their tour.  And I can’t be more offended with how they handled the whole situation.  Here’s a time line of what happened for those not in the “know”:

October 9 – Fans find out that the tour has been canceled due to a “deep rift” within the band
October 11 – The fall tour was supposed to kick off
There are all sorts of rumors going on about why the tour was canceled but no official statement from Jonas, it’s radio silence until
October 22 – Joe and Nick tweet “please hold while we get our shit together” and “bear with us” which seems like information will be coming
October 29 – People has an exclusive statement from the band – “It’s over for now”

But wait – if you want to read more – buy People Magazine!  And then they all went on GMA too to discuss it.

The fact that they kept fans in the dark for weeks and then in order for them to find out details of the breakup they need to buy a magazine?  At least pretend you cared and weren’t just after the fans money, boys.  Post something on your website, don’t sell it to a magazine.  It’s just so frustrating the way they handled this whole thing – and this coming from the girl who nearly 2 days before the announcement was about to tweet that she was over the Jonas brothers.  Apparently they were just as over me.

I can’t help but compare and contrast this to Honor Society’s break up. (Since that is still so fresh in my mind)  At least we got a heads up and some farewell shows, even if I wasn’t able to make it to any of them.

And then the boys FINALLY posted something on their official website on October 31 – 3 WEEKS after the first information was coming out about things going on.

“It is with heavy hearts that we confirm that our time as the Jonas Brothers is over. This decision has not come lightly, and we know that many of you will be disappointed. The time has come for us to move forward on individual career paths. We have been a band of brothers for 10 years and are now choosing simply to be brothers. Going forward, you can expect exciting things from each of us, and we will of course continue to support each other in all things.  
We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and inspired us through the years, and stood by us in this difficult decision. We feel and appreciate your love. Because you waited so long for new music, we want to honor our Team Jonas fan club members by giving you our final album. This digital-only album contains four new studio recordings that would have appeared on our V album (which will now go unreleased). In addition, we’re including 10 live tracks that we feel capture the energy and excitement of this past summer’s tour. Details regarding delivery of this digital album to Team Jonas members will be issued shortly. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we’ve enjoyed performing for you over the last 10 years. It has been an amazing experience. 
You will always be the best fans in the world.
Kevin, Joe & Nick”

I can’t say for sure that I will *never* support them again in their solo ventures, but right now I kind of feel that way.  Maybe in time I will get over it and maybe in time I’ll get excited about potential “reunion” tours but as of right now the way they handled the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Product Review: Butterfly Bakery

The Butterfly Bakery started with one oven, one mixer and a whole lot of love!  In 1998, the founder started experimenting with Sugar Free desserts that her mom could enjoy.  She has diabetes and the choices at the time were limited. After experimenting with sugar free recipes, baking cakes and muffins – even creating their own buttercream frosting – Mom declared the cake “Simplesmente perfeito!” (Just Perfect in Portugese) and that’s how the bakery was born.

I received 2 different cakes to sample.  While no one in my home has diabetes, we all could benefit from lessening our sugar intake (but we still want our cake!) so I was excited to try the products.  We received a Sugar Free Angel Food Cake (one of my favorite cakes) as well as a No Sugar Added Chocolate Chip Cake.  Both of them tasted great and while the sweetness was not as strong as your typical cake – that was certainly not a bad thing.  The cakes also came just as we were moving in to the new house so it was a nice treat to have after moving boxes all around the house all day!

The only down side was that one piece of chocolate chip cake was left after a few days and when I went to go eat it – it had mold on it.  I guess that’s what happens when a cake is not full of crap that is bad for you.  We probably should have kept it in the refrigerator.

Check out Butterfly Bakery on twitter – @butterflybakery and on Facebook –   They offer a variety of cakes and treats in Sugar Free, No Sugar Added, Gluten Free, Whole Grain and Lite varieties.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Book Review: Fizz

Fizz tells the history of soda. It’s actually pretty interesting! A lot of info, probably more than I ever wanted to know but very nice to see that some of the big names from the beginning are still around – Coca Cola, Schweppes, Pepsi!  You’ll find out how it was invented, how it evolved over the years and also the impact it had on society during the war and even prohibition. Definitely more info then you would ever need to know about soda, but interesting just the same.

I drink soda pretty much daily (though I probably shouldn’t) but never really knew much about it. Now I know! Between wars over syrups and Pepsi vs Coke and everything that they tried to do to be equal (both go into space?) Certainly an interesting read.  Great if you’re doing a report on the beverage or if you’re just thirsty (ha, see what I did there?) for more knowledge on it as random trivia tidbits.

I received a free  e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

The story of soda is the story of the modern world, a tale of glamorous bubbles, sparkling dreams, big bucks, miracle cures, and spreading waistlines. Fizz: How Soda Shook Up the Worldcharts soda’s remarkable, world-changing journey from awe-inspiring natural mystery to ubiquitous presence in all our lives.

Along the way you’ll meet the quack medicine peddlers who spawned some of the world’s biggest brands with their all-healing concoctions, as well as the grandees of science and medicine mesmerized by the magic of bubbling water. You’ll discover how fizzy pop cashed in on Prohibition, helped presidents reach the White House, and became public health enemy number one. You’ll learn how Pepsi put the fizz in Apple’s marketing and how soda’s sticky sweet allure defined and built nations. And you’ll find out how a soda-loving snail rewrote the law books.

Fizz tells the extraordinary tale of how a seemingly simple everyday refreshment zinged and pinged over our taste buds and, in doing so, changed the world around us.

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