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Sad day for Get Glue fans


As you all know, I’ve been collecting stickers from GetGlue for quite some time now. Even posting about them here on the blog as they arrive.  Today GetGlue announced on their blog that they are going in a “new direction” and are doing away with the physical stickers and instead replacing them with ANIMATED stickers. Why? I don’t know.  There are over 400 comments on the blog post – all essentially saying the same thing – We use GetGlue to earn stickers, we love the physical stickers, animated stickers in replacement of actual physical stickers is dumb.

I am hoping that they will have a change of heart over this – there was talk a while ago of perhaps charging to get stickers.  If it meant I could finish out my collections, I’d surely pay a small fee. (How much I’m not quite sure but certainly enough to cover shipping)

There was no warning whatsoever, and while I was digging out all my stickers from my boxes to try and catalog what I have, it now all means nothing because you can no longer request physical stickers as of when the blog post went up today.

I’m not sure how much this petition will help – but there is one on if you’re outraged as well

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I’ve been slacking a bit on Get Glue being disorganized with the move.  Here are my 2 most recent sticker shipments, I dont even remember if Ive posted these already or not.  I need to get everything organized now and figure out which stickers I still need from my favorites (and if i have them or need to figure out how to trade)  Just another thing to add to my never ending to do list

IMAG0241 IMAG0242 (1) IMAG0243 IMAG0244

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Get Glue April!

I have 3 Get Glue accts and usually I don’t get all 3 stickers I’ve requested every month but in April I did!  I’m trying to collect certain shows (for now) so that is why I am loving the new pick what stickers you want feature.  I think it’s easy to figure out what ones I’m trying for based on the stickers I got 🙂 


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Get Glue May


Still working on my core shows, though I did throw a few random extras in on these pages.  I think I have almost all the Pretty Little Liar stickers I earned (of course not the new season has started up so I’ll be behind again) and I’m still working on Dexter and Gossip Girl.  Tossed a couple other shows in the mix now too – like Glee.


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Get Glue – Pretty Little Liars

I love that now you can pick whatever stickers you want from Get Glue! This months sheet is ALL Pretty Little Liars!

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Get Glue march (II)

With Get Glue now letting you choose what stickers you can get, I’ve been trying to focus on a few of my favorite shows – Fringe and Gossip Girl because they are over and then I can figure out which ones I never unlocked so I can either trade or invite friends and get to unlock them (if only I could figure out HOW to invite friends?) and Dexter and Pretty Little Liars (none on this sheet though).

Now to come up with some sort of visual checklist so I can keep track of what I’ve got, what I don’t, and what I never unlocked! ( should come in handy there)

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Get Glue Stickers March

Jonas Brother VYRT
Dexter Season 7 Coming soon
Gossip Girl Coming Zoon
Gossip Girl The Complete Fifth Season
Dexter Countdown to the New Season 5 Days
Fringe Coming Soon
Dexter Countdown to the New Season 7 Days
Dexter Premiere
Switched At Birth  The Declaration of Independence
The Voice Blind Auditions Round 8
The Voice Best Of Blind Auditions
The New Normal Shania
Dexter  Buck the System
The Voice Battle Rounds 3
Gossip Girl Dirty Rotten Scandals
The Voice Battle Rounds 4
Dexter Run
Gossip Girl High Infidelity
Dexter Swim Deep
The Voice Part 2 Knockouts

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Get Glue stickers February

Get Glue has completely re-done how they send you your stickers each month.  You can now choose which stickers you’d like to receive from all the ones you have earned.  You can select any 20 so you are not stuck with stickers from 2 years ago if you don’t want to be.

This is my first set of stickers that I received since they re-did the site,  I decided to go in order with them but I do like the option that I can have a completely Gossip Girl sticker sheet or Pretty Little Liars if I want!


Dexter Sacrafice
Glee The Concert on DVD and BluRay
Gossip Girl: Crazy, Cupid, Love on CWTV
Gossip Girl: The Backup Dan on CWTV
Gossip Girl: G.G. on CWTV
Gossip Girl:Father and The Bride on CWTV
Gossip Girl: The End of the Affair on CWTV
Gossip Gir;: Riding in Town Cars with Boys on CWTV
Gossip Girl: Rhodes to Perdition on CWTV
Gossip Girl: The Big Sleep No More on CWTV
Gossip Girl: I Am Number Nine on CWTV
Gossip Girl: All The Pretty Sources on CWTV
Gossip Girl : The Fasting and the Furious on CWTV
The Monkees: Micky
Pretty Little Liars: Eye of the Beholder
American Idol: Top 13 Perform
American Idol: 1 Voted Off
Pretty Little Liars: If These Dolls Could Talk
Switched at Birth: The Sleep of Reason
American Idol: The Top 12

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Get Glue Stickers

It has been quite some time since I posted any Get Glue stickers. Not because I didn’t want to – but because I wasn’t getting any!  I was requesting monthly, but everything was either getting lost in the mail or never sent to begin with.  To my surprise in January I did end up getting a sheet of stickers.  Of course from my super old account so these are all over a year old I am pretty sure (or maybe more!)

I did stop requesting for a while, but now that these turned up maybe I’ll try to pay more attention and get more stickers and try requesting them again.

2011 Golden Globe Awards
Storage War$
MFL Gameday Final
Game Day Morning
Being Human
Gold Rush’s Jimmy
Live CoCo Cam
Making Stuff Stronger
NFL Network
Jersey Shore
Piers Morgan Tonight
Piers Morgan Tonight Premiere Week
Royal Pains Winter Premiere
The Dilemma
The Green Hornet
NFL Total Access
White Collar Winter Premiere

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Get Glue Stickers June

Well, it has been forever and a day since I have gotten any stickers in the mail from GetGlue.  I was beginning to think I’d never get them again – even though I requested monthly – until this envelope popped up.

Ive earned some of these so long ago Im not sure there names, but here goes nothing:
Caprica Season 15 Coming Soon
Black Swan
Caprica I’m a Caprican
Duran Duran Fan
Duran Duran All You Need Is Now
Mexico Trilogy
Caprica 1.5 on DVD
I Kept My Eyes Open for 127 Hours
Easy A
Easy A – Olive
Sarah Palin’s Alaska
Short Stories Showtime
The 4-Hour Body Opening Week
The Dilemma Coming Soon
Tron Box Office
Tron opening Week
Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear Coming Soon
Yogi Bear Box Office

Most of these will probably end up on my trade list – but sorting my stickers and  creating said trade list (or updating it, rather) is not even on my radar right now!

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