Get Glue has completely re-done how they send you your stickers each month.  You can now choose which stickers you’d like to receive from all the ones you have earned.  You can select any 20 so you are not stuck with stickers from 2 years ago if you don’t want to be.

This is my first set of stickers that I received since they re-did the site,  I decided to go in order with them but I do like the option that I can have a completely Gossip Girl sticker sheet or Pretty Little Liars if I want!


Dexter Sacrafice
Glee The Concert on DVD and BluRay
Gossip Girl: Crazy, Cupid, Love on CWTV
Gossip Girl: The Backup Dan on CWTV
Gossip Girl: G.G. on CWTV
Gossip Girl:Father and The Bride on CWTV
Gossip Girl: The End of the Affair on CWTV
Gossip Gir;: Riding in Town Cars with Boys on CWTV
Gossip Girl: Rhodes to Perdition on CWTV
Gossip Girl: The Big Sleep No More on CWTV
Gossip Girl: I Am Number Nine on CWTV
Gossip Girl: All The Pretty Sources on CWTV
Gossip Girl : The Fasting and the Furious on CWTV
The Monkees: Micky
Pretty Little Liars: Eye of the Beholder
American Idol: Top 13 Perform
American Idol: 1 Voted Off
Pretty Little Liars: If These Dolls Could Talk
Switched at Birth: The Sleep of Reason
American Idol: The Top 12

2 thoughts on “Get Glue stickers February”
    1. There are widgets when you watch the episodes on the CWTV website. Or you can check out (I know they were down recently, not sure if theyre back up or not) that usually links to the widgets.

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