Book Review: Klout Matters

kloutKlout is not something that I claim to know all that much about, I just signed up for it because it was supposed to be beneficial for my blog and various people I’ve done reviews for have wanted to know my “score”.  Basically Klout gives you a score based on how much of a reaction your various social media posts generates.  The more reactions you get from individual people, the better you score.

I found this book to explain things a lot better than anywhere else I was looking and explain how things are calculated and how to gear posts to better your score.  There is a chapter devoted to how people try and scam the system with like farms and buying twitter followers and the damage that can be caused to your reputation in the long-term by doing this.  It is better to truly gain followers legitimately, even if it may take a while to build up that sort of following.

The chapter that most perked my attention was “What You Can Do When You Don’t Have Time For Social Media”, I don’t have access to Facebook or Twitter from work – unless I want to use my phone – which never is a good idea. I am always looking for ways to figure out how to better use my time when it comes to my blog and promoting.

Overall lots of great tips and I feel like I have a much better grasp on what Klout is and what the score means!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

“This should be read by anyone who wants to learn more about the symbiotic relationship between Klout, influence and social media.” Joe Fernandez, cofounder and CEO of Klout.

Influence is more important than ever in today’s connected world as brands, companies, and individuals vie to become the next big phenomenon.  Enter Klout, a measurement system that determines s a score from 1-100 to determine how influential you are online and offline by using over 12 billion pieces of data to calculate all Klout Scores.

Klout scores are mostly determined by the amount of engagement you have with your audience, i.e., how many comments on your Facebook or blog post, how many retweets you receive, and your recommendations on LinkedIn.

In their new book, KLOUT MATTERS social media gurus Gina Carr and Terry Brock make a clear case why a Klout Score should matter to you, and offer tools and techniques for effectively raising your Klout Score to evolve into a top influencer yourself.   From why social media is the new arbiter of influence, to tips for managing your social media presence, Carr and Brock demystify Klout and show how it is a necessity to thought leaders and businesses who want to grow their communities.


GINA CARR is an entrepreneur, speaker, and marketing consultant who works with thought leaders to leverage social media marketing for greater influence, profits, and success. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Gina’s Klout Score is 78.

TERRY BROCK is an internationally recognized business coach in the areas of marketing and technology. He is a member of the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame. Terry’s Klout Score is 76.

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