Product Review: Fage Greek Yogurt



Recently, as a bzzagent, I was sent some coupons to try out Fage (pronounced Fa-Yeh).  I have tried other greek yogurt before but I have to say I think Fage is my new favorite.  My only trouble was trying to get the honey into the yogurt. If you scoop it with a spoon, or squeeze it, it will go in but not all of it.  My mom suggested maybe it should come with a tiny spoon that you can fit in to it to scoop out all the goodness because “that’s the best part!”

Since 1926, FAGE has been making delicious yogurt from a simple family recipe of milk, live active cultures and cream — no added sweeteners, thickeners or powders here. This approach, along with the rich and creamy results it yields, has made FAGE the #1 brand of yogurt in Greece.

FAGE Total Split Cups continue the tradition, pairing the classic FAGE family Greek yogurt recipe with natural and flavorful fruit toppings for a perfectly portable, healthy snack that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Rich in protein and low in calories, FAGE Total Split Cups are a deliciously good-for-you alternative to other sweet snacks like pastries, ice cream or pudding.

Book Review: Baby Santa

Baby Santa is a cute book series that has been around for a couple of years now geared towards children.  This book is the first in the series.  There is a disaster at the North Pole and they are in need of some help!  All the presents have been wrapped, but none of them have been tagged for who they are supposed to be given to on Christmas! How will they ever figure out who gets what?

Have no fear – Baby Santa is here!  Baby Santa helps them figure out what present is what and who it should be given to for Christmas and saves the day!  To thank him for his help, Santa lets Baby Santa go along for the ride to deliver all the presents!

The moral of the story is – ANYONE can help out no matter what the problem is!

I am looking forward to checking out the rest of the series in the next couple of days! It is certainly putting me in the Christmas spirit!

I received a free e-copy in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

When disaster strikes the North Pole, who will help Santa save Christmas?

When Santa and his elves realize that they have left the name tags off all the Christmas gifts, panic strikes the North Pole. How will they figure out which child gets what present? Is Christmas doomed?

Just when all seems lost, out pops Baby Santa from under a pile of bright Christmas paper. Santa’s inquisitive young son has helped wrapped all the gifts and knows just where each one is going. Baby Santa wants to ride in the magic sleigh and help his father deliver the gifts.

Santa decides to give Baby Santa a chance. Father and son fly off into the Christmas Eve sky, and their family adventure begins.

This heartwarming tale of father and son introduces readers to a new Christmas character who is certain to become a Yule-time legend. The rambunctious, unpredictable Baby Santa demonstrates that every member of the family can help out, no matter how big the emergency.
This is the first book in the Baby Santa series, enchanting children with the amazing adventures of the youngest member of the Claus family

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