Recently, as a bzzagent, I was sent some coupons to try out Fage (pronounced Fa-Yeh).  I have tried other greek yogurt before but I have to say I think Fage is my new favorite.  My only trouble was trying to get the honey into the yogurt. If you scoop it with a spoon, or squeeze it, it will go in but not all of it.  My mom suggested maybe it should come with a tiny spoon that you can fit in to it to scoop out all the goodness because “that’s the best part!”

Since 1926, FAGE has been making delicious yogurt from a simple family recipe of milk, live active cultures and cream — no added sweeteners, thickeners or powders here. This approach, along with the rich and creamy results it yields, has made FAGE the #1 brand of yogurt in Greece.

FAGE Total Split Cups continue the tradition, pairing the classic FAGE family Greek yogurt recipe with natural and flavorful fruit toppings for a perfectly portable, healthy snack that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Rich in protein and low in calories, FAGE Total Split Cups are a deliciously good-for-you alternative to other sweet snacks like pastries, ice cream or pudding.

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