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The Wanted – Beacon Theater New York, NY

It’s a different kind of feeling when you KNOW the show you are going to is going to be the last time you are going to see a band. Whether it be “for a while” or “forever”. You wish you had a crystal ball so you’d know if it’s going to be forever or not. (Heck, you wish you had a crystal ball so you’d have known you’d be out of work this week and bought VIP for all the close shows even though they were weeknights!) In 2012 I went to what was SK6ers final show before their hiatus, but that was different.  We knew Stephen would be doing solo shows so you’d be seeing at least him again and you’d be hearing the songs live still.  Not to mention, I don’t think there were any shady rumors about why SK6ers were taking hiatus.  There are all sorts of rumors swirling about why The Wanted are breaking up – they’re being forced, etc.

Friday night was my 10th time seeing The Wanted.  And I somehow managed to score a front row center VIP ticket.  I guess if it’s the end – let’s go out with a bang!  I got to meet the guys before the show.  Jay asked why I was so quiet.  I didn’t know.  Then he also informed me he had lost his phone that morning.  How does he do it!?  The M&G seemed to go by a lot faster than it did on Long Island. Maybe because I was so quiet!

We ended up going to eat after the M&G and I got to my seat just as Midnight Red was taking the stage.  I opted to sit for Midnight Red and Cassio Monroe’s set and wasn’t sure what I’d do for The Wanted because they were telling the girls they couldn’t go right up against the stage.  I ended up sitting on my folded seat for half the show and once security didn’t seem to care girls were leaning against the stage I moved up.  There was a light right in front of me that would come right in my face at times.  The heat those things give off! No wonder why everyone on stage is always sweating like crazy.

The show was perfect.  The guys interact so much with the fans up front throughout the show, talking to them and all that. (Or in my friend’s case – taking their flask and drinking from it!) It didn’t feel like the end. Until the end. When they were walking off stage after “Glad You Came” I teared up a bit.  It’s one thing when you see a band and you don’t know when you’ll see them again – but you know they’ll tour again so it will happen.  It’s a totally different thing when you have no idea if they will end up back together after all of this. Having lived through so many other boybands reuniting but my ultimate favorite NSYNC not (at least not for a tour – though trust me I bawled my eyes out to see them at the VMAs)

I’m not sure what else to say about the show.  I was nostalgic being at the venue where Hanson recorded their first concert VHS.  I was excited because I made it to NYC and the venue on my own and met up with friends there. (I can do anything!) It was just so bittersweet. I hope it’s not the end and I hope that they figure out whatever it is they need to do and come back very, very soon.

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The Wanted Word Of Mouth Tour – Huntington, NY

Tuesday night, The Wanted kicked off their US leg of the Word of Mouth tour in Huntington, NY at The Paramount.  Before the show, I got to meet the band because I had purchased a VIP package through their fanclub.  Each package included a lanyard, signed card and a chance to meet the guys and get an individual photo.  The line moved pretty quickly, although it seemed like they gave everyone enough time with the guys.  I gave Jay a present and Siva thought it was just about the greatest thing ever.  I’ll have to see on Friday when I meet them again if he’s put it to good use! (I gave him a Phone Fetcher which I had reviewed here a couple of years ago!)

There were several hours to kill after the VIP had gone through the M&G and before doors were set to open. They let us in early and we were on the barricade in the front row but then thought better of it and went over to the ADA section. With all the pushing coming from a couple of people in the ADA area – we probably would have been better off trying to stay in the front row.  These people were completely oblivious to the concept of “personal space” or that maybe I was sitting for a reason and didn’t need a small child standing right in front of me!

Midnight Red kicked off the show.  I think I liked their set better when they did it at Foxwoods in October.  The set was a bit different and I don’t know, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Maybe because it is so focused on center stage (give or take a random band member coming off to the side) and we were off to the side.  The rest of the crowd seemed to love them though.

Next up was Cassio Monroe who I had never heard of, but they were pretty good. They had one song/rap about trying to get a girl to dump them instead of them dumping her which was pretty funny.

Then it was time for The Wanted! The strobe lights during their set was out of control and I had on sunglasses on and off for most of the show because it was just way too much.  They started the set with Gold Forever which I thought was perfect since this is, unfortunately, a farewell tour.  The whole show was pretty high energy, they did a few songs playing instruments.  They said that they hoped to be back soon. Let’s hope that somehow it works out for them and their “hiatus” isn’t very long.  The setlist was the same as they had been doing for the UK leg of the tour (check it out below) and it consisted of 19 songs which included a medley and no covers!

They had 1 outfit change about halfway through the main set – with Jay coming back out in an outfit that made me feel like he had escaped from a Florida retirement community.  Siva had on what appeared to be some sort of harem sweat pants?  Max’s outfits were probably the best of the night.

As I said, the whole show was high energy and did not disappoint.  I am bummed that my next show tomorrow will be my last 🙁

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The Wanted at Foxwoods

Friday night The Wanted brought their fall tour to Foxwoods.  Getting tickets to this one was a lot of fun.  And I’m being sarcastic, kind of.  First, there was a presale.  While Foxwoods emails me passwords for every OTHER presale they do at this venue, for some reason I never got one for The Wanted.  Then rather than tweet the password out to EVERYONE, they replied to only a few girls tweets and by the time I found that – all the decent seats were gone.  There were only a handful in the lower orchestra to begin with.  Then the public sale was when I was in PA for Mixtape Festival so Maribeth got recruited to help me and once again – NOTHING in the orchestra.  I ended up going to Foxwoods website (they sell tickets themselves AND sell them through ticketmaster – it’s crazy) and was able to find a seat in the orchestra on the side but on the aisle closest to the center.  I figured if someone better came up I’d sell it and buy another one – and then dummy me had it put at Will Call instead of print at home. (It’s the scrapbooker in me)

A couple of weeks later my friends gave me a heads up that there was 5th row on ticketmaster now and while I was debating buying a second ticket, 4th row popped up so I snagged it.  Then I had to take a trip to Foxwoods to pick up the Will Call ticket after selling it on StubHub. (Whew. At least I wasn’t stuck with it.)  I also ended up winning 2 tix but no one wanted them sooo… I am thinking a ticket scrapbook header is in my future. Ive never wanted to cut up my own tickets before but since these are extra…

All that effort absolutely ended up being worth it because I was the closest I had ever been at the venue! We were off to the side, but the guys are really good about going to the far ends so it was perfect.


Midnight Red opened up the night after their tour with Austin Mahone got canceled.  They did I think 4 original songs and a few covers which included Rihanna’s Diamond, Bruno Mars Treasure and an acapella version of Boyz II Men.  AND they dance.  They are no NSYNC, but a dancing boyband has been missing from my life.  I think the girls were really into them too – that or they were being murdered – based on the screams.

Then it was time for The Wanted!  Their band took the stage and played the intro music and one by one they appeared on the stage for All Time Low.  The shows was pretty much constant high energy and I didn’t sit down once – which is probably why today I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. (Totally worth it though)  Nath was completely cracking me up the whole time when he was over by our side, kind of having miming conversations with the crowd while he wasn’t singing. He’s adorable.

For Heart Vacancy each guy gets a girl up on stage with him… well, usually.  Except last night Jay had a large and tattooed man that would absolutely HILARIOUS. (He didn’t get to pick for himself)  We met him after the show and he said that he was a friend of the drummers and when Jay hugged him he said “Please don’t kill me” and then he told him that he was Tucker’s friend and he was glad about that.  We were also told Jay smelled wonderful. haha.  It was seriously the best heart vacancy… person, probably ever.

They did a new song that Max wrote called Could This Be Love (although the setlist says Could This Me Love?), their Killers medley was back that they did in August… Warzone that they did not due in August was in the setlist again…

And the encore was We Own The Night and Glad You Came – where they allowed the first 5 rows to run up front but no one else which was kind of nice.  Although I didn’t go up there, which was kind of neat because then I was kind of the only one left and got lots of eye contact!

After the show they had a stack of setlists to give out, and I ended up with one from one of the security guards pockets, I think, because it’s all folded up.  We couldn’t find any spot where they might be doing pics or autographs (there’s really no spots at these casinos and it stinks because the venues are nice!) even though we did a few laps of the casino and stopped at the pay with mobile slots section before retreating to the low stakes poker tables.  Oh well, I have VIP for April 🙂

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Vegas Trip: iHeartRadio Village Concert

Saturday morning we got up and rented a wheelchair for the day because we weren’t quite sure what to expect at the iHeart Radio village show. We went to the bus stop but grew too impatient to wait and ended up walking (rolling) the entire strip to “The Lot”.  We had missed a DJ and 21 Pilots but made it in time for DJ Jayceeoh’s first set.

We walked around and got some free stuff at the booths and went to the ADA platform to check out Cher Lloyd’s set. She was joined for It’s All Good w/ Ne-Yo. Then we saw The Band Perry, Pete Tong, Miley Cyrus (girls gone crazy), AWOL Nation, Avril Lavigne, Krewella, another DJ and then it was finally time for The Wanted – the reason I was there.  They were introduced by surprise guest Danity Kane who sang some of Damaged acapella before The Wanted took the stage.  The guys looked like they were having a TON of fun on stage!

After their set I tried to get more free stuff and got Britney’s new fragrance and a Walgreens gift card as well as some Macys TShirts.  They were adding transfers to the shirts but we got cut off from the line so we went to the back of the tent where they were just giving the shirts with no prints on them off.  (They said “iHeart” and you could pick “Vegas” and other words to add to your shirt)

Then it was time to head back to the hotel, assess my sunburn and get ready to go see Hanson!

Some of the songs I remember from the sets:

We Can’t Stop
Party in the USA
What Are They Doing To My Songs
Wrecking Ball

The Wanted:
Chasing the Sun
All Time Low
Walks Like Rihanna
I Found You
We Own the Night
Glad You Came

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The Wanted at Sands Bethlehem Event Center

Saturday night my friend Shea and I made the trek down to PA to see The Wanted.  Shea and I have known each other since we were 6 and she calls me her “oldest friend”, but the last time we went to a concert together was LFO when we were in high school!  She recently decided she liked The Wanted after watching their show on E! and I obviously love all boybands so we figured it would be a fun trip and I’d also get to case the place out for when I go see Hanson there next week.

When we arrived, we had no idea where to park and ended up going in through the casino and then walking through to the event center where the line was INSANE.  We talked to the box office about ADA seating and got that all squared away and the woman at the box office recommended we grab a bite to eat rather than standing in the huge line since our seats would be saved.  So we headed to the food court and grabbed a bite to eat and by the time we got back the line was much, much smaller.

There was a DJ on for a while playing the same old crap.  Then he said he had 5 more minutes left so we got super excited that The Wanted would be out next – but they ended up coming out like half an hour after that!  Their set was a bit different than when I had seen them last year (actually, exactly a year ago!) due to the new singles they’ve released and all that – but they still have so, so much fun on stage that you can’t help but feed off their energy and then they must feed off the crowd too and it’s just so fun!!

We sang at the top of our lungs and probably made the whole rest of our section annoyed, but we had such a blast!  Shea had said that since I meet everyone, I had to take her to meet The Wanted and I had warned her that I’d do what I could but I’m not a magician.  We grabbed a spot at the barricade near the buses and I told her that this would be our best shot.  She thought I was nuts at first and a couple times we made a “if they don’t come out we will leave at this time” pact – that we didn’t stick to.

All 5 guys ended up coming out and we ended up getting photos with all 5 of them and chatting with them for a bit.  Getting pics was kind of a pain with such tight quarters – which meant the flash was too close to my face and I blinked in a couple of photos… but whatever. (And my pic with Jay came out great and we were hoping for pics with just ONE of them so the fact that we got all 5 was just ridiculously amazing)

We left about midnight and went back around to get the car and then Shea said she’d pull around to see how we can get to that lot so we can park closer next week for Hanson and Siva and Nathan were STILL out there signing, trying to make sure that everyone who waited got something.  They were so gracious and sweet and Shea was asking if I thought it was an act or not but I truly think they are just so happy that people come out to see them and that they get to tour everywhere!!

We drove back home after and got home about 2:30am but it was beyond worth it!

Lose My Mind
Walks Like Rihanna
Heart Vacancy
The Killers Medley
Gold Forever
Chasing The Sun
I Found You
All Time Low
We Own The Night
Glad You Came

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Kiss108 Jingle Ball

The final event of the week was the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball in Boston.  Originally I wasn’t going to go to this one because I used up all my vacation days and wouldn’t be able to have Friday off.  But then my friend made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse – 5th row tickets and a MEET AND GREET with The Wanted.

The only down side was we needed to be there by 4:30, so I had to leave the NJ hotel at 8am and drive through PA, NJ, CT and MA. (It was kind of bittersweet driving past my house exit and knowing I wouldn’t be seeing my bed for a while longer!)

As part of our VIP package we were given a backstage tour and got to see everyone’s dressing rooms and the side stage, go in the arena while Bridgit Mendler was doing soundcheck and then hang out at a pre-show party where Karmin performed.  And we also got an added bonus of meeting Alex Clare.

Everything was disorganized after that and we had NO idea when our Meet and Greet would be.  Everyone we asked told us a different time between 7:15 and 7:50. (7:50 was when Ed Sheeran was set to take the stage so we were very nervous we would miss his set!)  Finally we went over to the table and were told we had ALMOST MISSED IT.  (Thanks for the wrong information, EVERYONE!) and ended up in the back of the line.

Then they told us we could be in 2s for the photo, but wanted us to be in 4s once we got up to the front of the line. (We refused and fortunately the guy didn’t fight us on it.)  Sarah and I both like Jay the best, but he was on the far end so we decided we’d put him in the middle of the photo so we could both be on either side of him without completely ignoring the other guys.   Sarah went first and next thing I know she was throwing Jay over to me and then Max and Tom got upset and stood by the wall.  The photographer snapped a candid photo at this point that is HILARIOUS and it’ll be up on the Concert Katie Facebook page shortly! (If I didn’t get it posted already)  After the photo Jay turned and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek!  Unfortunately they kicked us out before I could say anything to or hug Max :(

We went to our seats to catch the tail end of Ed’s set – You Need Me I Don’t Need You and A-Team – and we showed up in his photo of the crowd!  I’m glad we got to see at least a little of him, though obviously I’d have like to see the whole set!

Next up was Cher Lloyd who did basically the same set as the night before.  She’s fun, but I’m still not totally sure if I like her or not.

Next up was Karmin who did basically the same set as the night before again. But they are fun and I don’t know why I ever didn’t like them!

Keenan Cahill was also there hanging out!

And then it was time for THE WANTED!!! Our seats were amazing, 5th row center – Jay pointed at Sarah and I during I Found You and Max winked at us (I guess he’s not so mad at us afterall, lol)  They did the same set from the night before too – Chasing The Sun, Lightning, All Time Low, I Found You and Glad You Came.  The set was over far too soon, but we’ve decided we will be hitting as many shows as we can when they come back to the US in 2013…

After The Wanted was Train who I really had no desire to see… but I sat there anyway. Their set was short – only 6 songs so it wasn’t too too bad. 50 Ways  If It’s Love, Mermaid, Drop of Jupiter, Hey Soul Sister and Drive By.

Then it was time for Justin! I did the whole show without earplugs too which was kind of dumb especially during Justin!  He did a similar set to the night before (All Around The World, Beauty and the Beat, Be Alright, Fall, Mistletoe, As Long AS you Love Me, Boyfriend and Baby) but I think he skipped out a couple of acoustic tracks and for the Christmas song he did Mistletoe and said he wasn’t sure he knew all the lyrics.  At one point he did stop but the crowd covered for him.  Before his last song – he TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT and the crowd went wild!  The set seemed to be a lot different than the night before – just that Justin seemed to be more into it and it didn’t end so abruptly like it did the night before. I felt like there was closure.

I then hung around in the parking garage for half an hour waiting for the traffic to go away because I couldn’t believe I had actually driven IN BOSTON (by myself!) and was convinced I’d get lost going home.  Which I did, but not too badly. (Though I think I had to pay an extra $5 toll I wouldn’t have otherwise. oops) I ended up making it home at 3am and made it in to work Friday before 10!

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Q102 Jingle Ball Philly

Show 2 of the week was the Philadelphia Q102 Jingle Ball.  We got a hotel in New Jersey and found that it wasn’t too bad of a drive to Philly and to the venue. (We had been a little nervous about that – but it all worked out fine)

Doors were at 5, show started at 6 and at first there was next to no one in the arena area.  We had seats on the side of the stage, 8 rows back. A lot of the acts came over to the side to give us some love.  Although some (Justin Bieber) seemed to favor the other side of the stage more.

Bridgit Mendler from Disney’s Good Luck Charlie kicked off the show and did 2 songs – one was her latest single Ready or Not. (I think the other song was Hurricane)

Olly Murs was up next and he did 4 songs as compared to the 3 he did the night before.  He started with Heart Skips a Beat, ended with Trouble Maker, also did Oh My Goodness and Dance With Me Tonight.  It was nice to actually see his performance, he has a TON of energy and it is hard to get photos of him because he is always on the move! He also did the theme song from the Fresh Prince since that song mentions Philadelphia.

Third up was The Wanted – which was a bit surprising. I thought that they would be a bit later on in the show. Jay and Nathan seemed to really like coming over to our side and dancing which was awesome! Their set was a bit shorter than the night before, since they weren’t headlining.  They did Chasing The Sun, Lightning, All Time Low, I Found You and Glad You Came.

And then next on the bill was – PSY! He came out and did Gangnam Style and that was it. I don’t know if anyone would have cared if he sang anything else. He seemed like he was SO serious and really into his performance. It was fun and now I get to say I saw it live.

Next up was Ed Sheeran, who I was super excited to finally get to check out. He did Lego House, A Team, You Need Me I Don’t Need You at least. (I didn’t keep track of the setlist except for Justin and The Wanted. I know, I know.) I’m not sure that the younger crowd actually “got” him, but I was very, very impressed with his performance.

Then it was time for Cher Lloyd. There was a young girl in the seat in front of me and she was cracking me up during Cher’s performance singing along. So sassy! Cher performed Swagger Jagger, Superhero, With Ur Love, Oath and Want U Back if I am remembering correctly.

One Republic was probably the band I was least excited to see of this line up, but then I realized just how many singles they had and that I pretty much knew all their set. They started off with Secrets and also did Good Life, Apologize, they debuted a new song, Stop and Stare, and maybe some others I am forgetting. But it was a good set for them.

Next up was Karmin who I used to hate but now completely love and I want to be Amy when I grow up. They performed Hello, Crash Your Party, Look at me Now, I Told You So and Brokenhearted. (I think that was everything?) They just seem to be having so much fun on stage and before they came out we saw Nick doing push ups on the back of the stage. (The stage rotated around so they could do set ups for one performance while the other was still going on. It was genius)

Then finally it was time for Justin Bieber! The girls were obviously all there for him and they went nuts. He started his set with All Around The World and then went in to Beauty and the Beat. After that he sat on a chair and did an acoustic set including Die In Your Arms, Be Alright, Fall and then Christmas Eve. He asked if we wanted another acoustic song or to do another upbeat one and then went in to As Long As You Love Me. The acoustic portion seemed to go on forever. A bra also got thrown on stage which was pretty funny. He also did Boyfriend And he ended his set with Baby. It seemed like a really abrupt ending to the set as well and when the video came on at the end saying the show was over we were a bit confused because it didn’t seem like it was over based on how he ran off the stage, but we also didn’t think he’d do an encore.

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K104′s Not So Silent Night

Tuesday night was K104′s  Not So Silent Night.  Some friends of mine found out about this show before it was really announced and that The Wanted would be headlining, so of course I had to go.  Shortly after buying a GA seat, they released VIP pit seats.  At first they said these would be “front row seats” but they were actually just access to a front pit which we’d be released into around 3pm and the show wouldn’t end til 11.  Considering this, I decided taking the wheelchair was the way to go because there was no way I was going to be able to stand that long.

The show kicked off at 5pm with Olly Murs despite the guys at the venue saying the show wouldn’t start until 6 and everyone would be doing 45 minute sets.  Olly did 3 songs – Heart Skips a Beat, Oh My Goodness and Troublemaker.  Clearly NOT a 45 minute set (we’d have been there into the next day if they did!)

Next up was The Ready Set – who did a set of More Than Alive, Young Forever, Spinnin’, Killer, Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) and Love Like Woe.

After that I stopped keeping track of the setlists because I didn’t know any of the acts.  But also performing was Austin Mahone, Rita Ora, Chris Wallace, and Boys Like Girls.

Boys Like Girls frontman (I think, I was sitting and couldn’t really see anything) had the band completely stop playing when they were going to do love drunk and then called out some girl who was going to record the song and went on this big rant about how the had a ton of other videos of them performing the song the exact same way on YouTube and that we should all put our cameras away.  Of course, this was the song I had handed my camera to Sarah to take photos for me (She took all the photos but The Wanted for me so I didn’t have to stand) so I only have a couple of them.

After their set I did find a pick on the ground though that must have slipped out of someone’s hand!

The bad thing about being in the middle of the crowd was there were a lot of young girls who didn’t know how to handle themselves.  At one point, a girl tried to drink water and ended it up spitting it out all over everyone.  Thank GOODNESS it was just water or things would have gone downhill FAST. (Her friend later came back saying she did start throwing up. I am glad they got her out of there in time!)

Then there was a girl during Boys Like Girls who was attempting to crowd surf by climbing over the barricade and attempting to land on me.  I felt a foot hit my arm and then saw my friend yell at her for almost falling on me and then pushed her back over the barricade.  There was a bit of fighting going on but when security came over nothing happened.

Finally it was time for The Wanted. The crowd surged a bit so girls got in front of me that weren’t there before so I ended up 3rd row.  (The barricade had a lip and since there were already girls there, I didn’t want to have the wheelchair half on the barricade and half on the floor because it wouldn’t be stable, so these girls took advantage of that and then wondered why they kept bumping into the leg rests throughout the show. Duh!)

I *think* I have The Wanted’s set but it might not be in the right order, I tried to record a clip of each song but failed miserably. I know I forgot to record any of Heart Vacancy and the first couple are so short in time I have no idea what they are now.  I love how in the moment I am like “Oh that was enough for me to figure it out!” haha, nope (I also didn’t think so much crowd noise would be picked up – not used to the video on the new camera yet!)

All Time Low
Heart Vacancy
Gold Forever
Chasing The Sun
I Found You
Glad You Came

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The Wanted at Mohegan Sun

Friday night I dealt with some awful CT traffic and made my way up to the casino to see THE WANTED! After mixtape festival last week, I was more than excited to see them again.

Opening the show was Carly Rae Jepsen – who did the same set that she did at Mixtape Festival – which was good because there were some holes in the setlist that I had that I was able to fill in! I also decided I really like her song “Guitar String Wedding Ring” but am really over “Call Me Maybe” especially since this was the 5th show in a ROW where it was performed.  (Twice by Honor Society’s openers, once by Kelly Clarkson and now 2 times by Carly Rae herself).  She mentioned she would be opening for Justin Bieber this fall and that her new album Kiss comes out September 18th so they had been holding back on playing new songs to save them.

Then it was time for The Wanted!  I decided to go absolutely picture crazy during this show. (Moreso than usual.) It was funny how somehow Siva was never in good lighting, but at times Tom would be glowing because he was always in great lighting. (Some day I’ll get a photo album up and running where you can see everything beside the few I pick and choose for the blog posts!)  Max seemed to be really in to the crowd and mentioned 2 or 3 times that he wanted to come back. (I hope that means something is in the works!)  They did a very different set from Mixtape Festival. (2 more songs too!)  The guys just seem like they are having SUCH a fun time on stage that I have gotten over my “but boybands need to dance!” hang up.

For Heart Vacancy they brought up 5 girls on stage – I was shocked to see a girl that I had told I liked her shirt up there! It could have been me! (Although I don’t think I’d have gone. I’d have been scared out of my mind to be on stage!) This is also when I decided it is now on my bucket list to get a hug from Jay!

After the show we wandered around the casino in hopes of bumping in to the guys, but a little while later saw a tweet that they were back on their way to NYC 🙁  As much as I love shows at the casino – it is becoming more and more frustrating that it is near impossible to meet them.

Setlists under the cut!

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Mixtape Festival – Day 2

Day 2 of Mixtape Festival definitely had the better line up (in my opinion of course – but hey its my blog so everything is my opinion don’t forget!) and I was very, very excited.  We decided to sit at the North Stage for almost the whole day and moved to the South Stage only once – for 98 Degrees’ reunion.  As soon as we sat down we loaded up on sunscreen – Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration – which I will be reviewing over the weekend so look out for that 😉

First up was The Dan Band – a cover band. We finally figured out during their set that they were actually the wedding band in The Hangover. Apparently they pride themselves on covering mostly female pop songs w/ added swearing.  This became obvious quick when he had the crowd shouting the F word back to him.  Kind of awkward especially since they were the first act and there were a lot of kids around. But whatever. (I hate when bands use swear words simply to make themselves seem more “cool”)

Then on the South Stage was The Ready Set. Unfortunately with The Wanted coming up on the North stage next, I didn’t pay much attention to The Ready Set, in fact I paid so little attention I completely missed a song on the setlist! It ended and I realized my oops.

Then it was time for The Wanted. I was so, so, so excited.  Jay mentioned that everyone should put on sunscreen and he knows from experience because he was very pale.  They seemed to just be having a TON of fun on the stage and although I do love boybands that dance, I didn’t really miss it with their performance. (They were all jumping around anyway – I guess that is close enough to dancing)  I did feel their set was too short though and wish they just played forever. They were so good and I can’t wait to see it all again on Friday!

Carly Rae was next up on the South Stage and while we weren’t over there, it didn’t seem like anyone was all that in to her.  She talked a lot, but we couldn’t really understand her from where we were.  She also apparently didn’t warrant the video screens to show her for the first half of her set. Then when the camera did turn on, the sound board tent was blocking her and then they did a different shot of just part of her band, not her.  Very strange and Im not sure what happened to the camera they had been using during The Ready Set! She also said she was going to change up her last song – which was obviously going to be Call Me Maybe – but it was funny to see the delayed reaction from the crowd near us because the beginning didn’t sound like what we are used to hearing on the radio.

LL Cool J was up next – we weren’t sure what he was going to do with an hour set and we dubbed this our bathroom and snack break time. (rootbeer float!)  The crowd seemed to be into him though.  He tried to rip off his shirt at one point and it didn’t rip all the way. I don’t know if he did that on purpose or not.  He also gave away a laptop to one of the guys in the audience and was tossing out roses as well.

We left before LL was done and ended up opting to get a spot on the rail for 98 degrees instead of going into the ADA area. So we were “front row” of the Field area at least for their set! (VIP A and B had barricaded areas in front of us so we weren’t really that close) I had never seen 98 Degrees before so I was really excited for their reunion.  Unfortunately, one of them seemed to be a bit flat on the singing. We think it was Drew.  (I had noticed something being off from the videos from the Today Show but was hoping they’d pull it together for the show) It didn’t really take away from seeing them though.  They only had a 45 minute set though, wish it was longer! (if I was in charge I totally would have changed up a few set times – plus if 98 Degrees was on the north stage instead of LL we’d have never had to leave our seats!)

Before 98 degrees was over (they had a song or two left) we went back to the North Stage to get our seats again for NKOTBSB.  This would be the last performance of the super group – though they did mention possibly getting together again sometime.  For the most part,  the set was the same as when I had seen them last year.  However, there were a few changes because it was their last show and each band had some tricks up their sleeve.  At one point AJ had on an LMFAO jersey, ripped off his pants to have on these tight shorts and next think you know… they’re shufflin’!  Brian and AJ came out during Joe’s ending of Please Don’t Go Girl to sing with him, Joe came out during BSB’s set with a phone and was singing with them… just to name a few things (I don’t know if I’m remembering everything – it’s been quite a weekend)

At one point NKOTB was talking about The Wanted and the band started playing Glad You Came, and I thought NKOTB was going to sing it – which would have been cool… but next thing you know, Max is walking up the stairs on to the stage and I completely lost it. (So much so it is now 2 days later as I write this and my throat still is hurting from the scream I let out lol)  Also at one point, NKOTB, BSB and 98 Degrees were all on stage together as well. Which was awesome.. but…. made it painfully obvious there was still one boyband missing.. (NSYNC!)

At the end, NKOTB came out wearing BSB shirts and then BSB came out wearing NKOTB shirts.  There were lots of hugs – NKOTB announced they’d be working on a new album and a new tour and BSB would of course be having Kevin rejoining the band and doing a new album and tour because they have now been a band for 20 years.


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