My mom and I went to the Nate Berkus show taping today.  I’m not sure how much I can say but I will refrain from talking about the topics on the show until the show airs. (Probably in a few weeks – though I will probably type it up and save it now so I don’t forget stuff lol)  But here is a bit about our day:

First, we had an issue at the train station.  We were going up the ramp, slowly, and this woman went running past and said she needed a ticket.  Well, so did we… She ended up getting to the cash ticket machine before us so we were forced to use the credit card machine and therefore I got no change of Presidential Dollars 🙁  My brother and I are collecting these and thought it would have been nice to have a few more to possibly add to the collection. Ah well, we all made the train with plenty of time to spare.

We got to Grand Central and killed some time – I checked in and got the Historian badge on Foursquare!  Then we got a cab and headed to the studios.  We went by Pee Wee’s theater and I got the Pee Wee Badge too!

We ended up at the studio at about 11 and wouldn’t be checked in until 1.  They said tickets didn’t guarantee admission, so we wanted to make sure we were there with time to spare.  We were #8 and 9 in line.  Don’t let the line fool you though – just because you were there first, doesn’t mean you’ll get prime seating! We were in the back corner :/  I figured we wouldn’t be let in in the same order we arrived in but sheesh the side seating is really limited views! We could really only see Nate for one segment, which was filmed right in front of us.  There were lots of monitors around though.

The audience is mainly middle aged women who want to marry Nate.  lol I thought I was the youngest person there, but then a few girls maybe around my age ended up getting seated next to me.  The studio holds about 200 people.  His warm-up comedian is GREAT.  She did a segment on his show a couple days ago that I thought was hilarious (choosing a date by looking at the guy’s bedrooms!) and when I saw she was there I was psyched.  You get rewarded if you steal. I’m not giving any more information about this but my mom and I did not steal and therefore were not rewarded. (With an item I am kind of obsessed with lol)

Filming took about 2 hours – I don’t remember exactly when it started but we were there from about 3-5.  No gifts, but I don’t think he’s really given much stuff out.  He gave a can of paint one day though and that’s when I decided we needed to go. lol  We went to the Hudson Eatery across the street after – we were the only ones there and the prices were reasonable and the food was good!

Then we took a cab down to 5th avenue.  We were dropped off at a store with postcards so I got 10. Five for a dollar is a good deal lol  I probably should have even gotten more, since a few are for me to keep.  Next stop was Build A Bear and I picked up the David Wright jersey that they don’t sell in Connecticut (even though they sell the damn Yankees ones… but that’s a rant for another day!)

Next up was my new favorite store, Little Miss Matched.  They sell mis-matched socks! Since I wear a brace on one leg that goes up to almost my knee, I wear a knee high sock on one foot and a regular sock on the other.  So I picked up 6 fun new knee highs – and they have no matches!

The we stopped at B&N; because I had a gift card and picked up a case for my Nook.  There is a journal I wanted but they didn’t have it there 🙁  And then I saw Apolo was going to be there tomorrow 🙁  I want to see him but I don’t think I’m going to be able to pull it off because he is in CT the same night as I am going to see Let’s Make a Deal.

Then it was time to kill more time at Grand Central before finally boarding our train home! None of the doors were opened though and the tunnel was HOT.  Then we saw one door at the waay end was open so we had to go through that one and then in between every train car (and dang those doors are heavy). We went all the way to the second to the last car too lol  When I wonder why my arms hurt tomorrow – remind me its from opening huge doors on trains.

I got a pretty good picture (at least on the camera screen) of the Empire State Building, so I’ll try to post that at some point – OH and Nate show let us keep our ticket so I might post that too 😉

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