A presale at Midnight?

96.5 TIC is holding their All Star Christmas concert again this year and as soon as Kris Allen was announced as a performer, I knew I had to go.

Tickets go on public sale tomorrow morning, but there was a presale which started at midnight last night!  At first I wasn’t sure if they meant noon but got the AM/PM screwed up.. because I had never done a presale at midnight before and it seems like an odd time – especially during the middle of the week!

I had my 4 browsers open though, and was prepared for a midnight presale and at about 12:03, everything went up for sale!  I didn’t have much luck, most tickets were in the 2nd section of the venue and nothing was in the front center sections.

I managed to get 4th row on the left side of the theater and I know Kris really plays up the stage and will run back and forth so I’m not too worried about him – but I’m not sure about everyone else who is performing.

I will give it all another try tomorrow during the public sale and will have to look into LiveNation’s “exchange” program.  They claim if you find better seats at equal or greater value and buy them, you will get exchanged for the other set you bought – at participating venues.  Oakdale is one of the venues so I am hoping if I do find something better it won’t be a HUGE hassle to do an exchange. *fingers crossed*  (I did pull up seats 2 rows closer just after I bought the seats I currently have – but ended up losing them due to the time constraints!)

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