Marisa, Lauren and I made it to check in for the Fallon show with just minutes to spare. We were group Y.

On the way to check in we spotted NBCs Sue Simmons who said 'the mets are on a roll' to me after waving hahaha (I had on my new Francoeur shirt)

A little before 5 we were escorted into the studio and we were 3 or 4 rows back. The warm up guy had us cracking up and then The Roots came out to play for us. They are great.

The guests were Kathie Lee Gifford, Brian Posehn and Gogol Bordello.

We didn't think Kathie Lee would be all that great, but she was really the game she played with Jimmy had us in stitches.

Brian was pretty funny too – I guess he is on Sarah Silverman's show? But I remember him from Just Shoot Me.

Gogol Bordello was interesting. The lead singer reminded me of Borat lol and the band consisted of a TON of instruments! Even an accordian! The fans in the band bench were rocking out and the performance was really high energy!

After the show Jimmy ran through the aisles and slapped hands with Lauren!

When we left we got what we were told was a $10 Subway card. When we got to subway it only had $5 but it was enough for Jimmy to have paid for our dinner 😉

Then we made our way over to gramercy theater (not before getting stopped and being told I didn't look 21 by a guy trying to get me to sponsor a child – I already have and love Moses thank you very much!) For hanson's first of 5 shows – more on that to come later – need to change my bb's battery!
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