And we’re off!

My crazy week has just begun and I already have a sore throat from screaming! Tonight I went with Christine and Lauren to CitiField to see Honor Society sing the National Anthem for the Mets game!!  We had hoped they would hang around to watch the game, but MTV ended up inviting them to perform streaming on their website, so they had to leave right after (bummer!)

We got to the game super early, in hopes of bumping into them around the stadium (no such luck)  I did manage to pick up a Francoeur shirt (the state of Connecticut apparently does not sell them) at the Team Store and then spotted the penny machine and got 4 new shiny Mets designs for my baseball collection!

After going up to our seats, we spotted Ned and Alex down on the field.  Andy joined them shortly after to watch some of the Braves BP.

It felt like we waited forever for National Anthem time to roll around (something I usually pay no attention to because David Wright is usually out there stretching) but it finally did and the guys did awesome!


Then it was time for the game – I believe the gents are batting 1.000 with home teams winning on days they sing the anthem, but with the current state of the Mets we were a bit concerned that they weren’t going to continue their streak – especially after the Braves had an early lead and John Maine wasn’t looking so hot (and then left with an injury)

But rookie Ike Davis hit a MONSTER home run – 450 ft to the Shea Bridge – his first major league home run! And tied it up 1-1.   There were some other exciting plays like Pagan stealing home on an infield fly rule play (those are always so crazy – especially when the infielders DROP THE BALL) and the Mets ended up winning 5-2!!!!

(And I managed to get our names on the scoreboard – but no confirmation email from the Mets ever came so we were totally unprepared when it went up and got no photo of it!)

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