Flashback Friday – 2003

2003 – Hanson was BACK! I wasn’t quite allowed to drive all over to see them yet so my numbers aren’t that high. haha. And my Idol obsession began.

Radio 104fest

American Idol

Hanson! Acoustic show & M&G;

Hanson – was front row and thought I was going to dieee

Hanson again…

Justin/Christina show got postponed when the stage collpased

John Mayer – first show I drive to on my own – and accident!

Christina Aguilera & Justin Timberlake (rescheduled show)

Hanson (maybe my count for this year was higher than I thought lol)

Ty Pennington M&G;


Frosty the Show Man – page 1

Frosty the show man – page 2

Hanson 4/29 – The Walk

Tonight hanson played their 4th studio album, the walk in its entirety.

We had a girl who decided to scream bloody murder throughout the whole show so I decided tonight would be a good night for the ear plugs and they were amazing! It really was just like I turned the volume down on the place but I could still hear the guys singing, the cheers and even make out every word when the guys spoke.

The guys also replayed a few songs, so it made it easy to compare as I went without the ear plugs for the repeats. Definitely love the new ear plugs and for $11 everyone should get a pair!

Tonight was very high energy again and it was nice to hear Fire On the Mountain with the full band, previously I had only heard it as one of Zac’s solos.

I am exhausted and glad yet sad it will all be over tomorrow! Also, for some reason, everyone who walked by and needed to know what we were waiting for decided to ask me! I guess the girls in line all looked 18. Someone also asked if Hanson was those ‘little boys’ I told him they were old now. Some people had no idea what mmmbop was. Must be nice to live under a rock πŸ˜‰

I also got another set of the 5 posters for a girl who couldnt make it to the shows and I’m a bit fascinated there were still any left if they were ‘limited’ to 150… Hmm maybe they weren’t as popular as I thought they’d be?

Great Divide
Been There Before
Watch Over Me
Running Man
Fire on the Mountain
One More
Blue Sky
Tearing It Down
Something Going Round
Your Illusion
The Walk

One More
Tearing It Down
Something Going Round
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Hanson – 4/28 – Underneath

Tonight Hanson played in its entirety their 3rd album, Underneath (2004).  If you asked me, I would say it was my least favorite album of theirs.  However, it didn’t really occur to me until tonight just how many memories I have associated with the songs on this album.

Being front row in 2003 to the first show of the Underneath Acoustic tour and not knowing any of the words, Zac “dedicating” Broken Angel to me in Canada, being Reporter and getting them to play a whole ton of Underneath songs because they hadn’t been.  All the fun I had saying “HEY” on the off beat.  Rocking out to Lost Without Each Other.  The time Zac fell off his drumstool from headbanging too much. And I’m sure there are many more that didn’t come back to me tonight. (Before this album was released, I had been to 3 concerts. I am now at 44 – and I’ve heard Penny and Me 35 times just to show you how many Underneath-ish shows I have gone to HAHA)

Tonight they were definitely “on.” Way more so than last night.  Almost as much as Monday night. (I’m not sure anything will top the energy of Monday night)  Before the show started, we spotted Taylor’s wife and daughter in the reserved section.  Penelope had on a sequined jacket – for a 5 year old the girl has great fashion sense and I might need her to pick out some outfits for me!  We figured this was because she wanted to hear “Penny & Me” and before Taylor started it he said it was going out to a “special little girl” awww!

I was secretly hoping they would play “Love Somebody to Know”, it’s not on Underneath but it was on Underneath Acoustic.  Somehow, I have never seen this live.  After tonight, I still have never seen this live because they have yet to be “compelled” to perform an encore. Which is fine, but I’d still really like to hear it.  How I missed it on the acoustic tour, I don’t even know.. but I did.

My throat is killing me.  I totally over did it on Lost Without Eachother, but that is my favorite song of theirs (in recent time.) So upbeat, you just want to dance, clap and rock out. And scream, at the top of your lungs in my case I guess haha

A downside to the night was when Zac came out by himself for the encore to sing the bonus track, Lullabelle. It’s a slower, quiet ballad and girls were talking through it.  Not only were they talking through it, they were talking LOUDLY through it! Just LEAVE at that point if you so badly need to talk to your friend – it was the last song.  And I know that Zac absolutely HATES when people talk through his song so I am hoping he couldn’t hear them from the stage – but it was bad enough that someone else felt the need to yell out “SHUT UP” from the crowd.  Totally ruined that moment.

The Walk is up for tomorrow night – can’t wait!  (Although there won’t be any songs I’ve never heard until Friday night’s shows)

Strong Enough To Break
Dancin In The Wind
Penny And Me
Lost Without Each Other
When Youre Gone
Broken Angel
Get Up And Go
Crazy Beautiful


Hanson – 4/27 – This Time Around

Tonight Hanson played in its entirety their sophomore release, This Time Around (2000).

The album is a fan favorite although I don’t think it was very critically acclaimed. It seemed tonight Hanson really didn’t bring their A game. At first I thought I just thought it because my heart was in 2 places at once (here and at the Honor Society show back in CT), but after the show a friend mentioned it without me having said anything about it. So it wasn’t only me who felt that way!

There were rumors of guests showing up – collabs on the cd included Jonny Lang, Rose Stone and John Popper. I didn’t get my hopes up (last nyc special show at Carnegie Hall they hyped it up and it was a letdown with no one) and it was a good thing because nobody showed.

What I forgot was that I don’t like the Isaac songs on this cd. Love Song and Hand In Hand. Though I must say Hand In Hand wasn’t that bad and out of the blue it appeared Isaac had mastered the art of stage presence. I was impressed.

I loved In The City – especially since we were in THE city… And that song is just full of energy.

The best of the night though was the ‘encore’ of Song to Sing. It was just their 3 voices and the piano AND they added in the extra verse! (There is a verse under the cd when you take the cd out of the case which they sometimes include when they sing the song live) I thought that was a great way to end the night. Again no b-sides or non album songs were played, so the show only lasted about an hour.

You Never Know
If Only
This Time Around
Runway Run
Save Me
Dying to be Alive
Can’t Stop
Wish that I was There
Love Song
Sure About It
Hand in Hand
In The City

A Song To Sing
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Hanson – 5of5 – Middle Of Nowhere

Tonight was the first night of Hanson’s 5 night residency at the Gramercy Theater. They played their debut album, Middle of Nowhere (1997) in its entirety.

Although it was obvious what songs were coming next (I have the tracklist memorized, to this day) it was an amazing experience.

The show is being recorded for a dvd release and was being live streamed as well. They had photographers who were taking photos so it was nice to sit back and relax and just take it all in as I went back to my middle school days.

Another nice touch was Zac adding in all the yelling he did on look at you and the harmonies on madeline (I don’t remember him doing that the last time I heard them live)

Also in attendance was Ryan Cabrera! I know he is a fan because when I met him he saw mine or my friends symbol necklace and we talked a bit about Hanson and I think he has covered MMMBop in his sets before.

We left after the encore while they re-did a couple songs for the recording. Merch was limited so we had to go get it! I managed to snag one of each of the limited to 150 posters. (Now I need to make sure I buy a house with a LOT of wall space!) I also got an I heart Hanson shirt and a shirt commemorating the 5 shows. Then I lent all my money to marisa and lauren because, as usual, the stupid credit card machine wasn’t working!

Now I am on the 1122 train home. I plan to blog about all the shows on the way home while they are fresh in my mind – and so that I don’t get too backed up with my updates! (Ps this train is a lot more peaceful than Saturday nights train was!)

Tomorrow night is my favorite album, This Time Around so it should be a great night! (And even greater if I get good seats in the presale!)

Thinking Of You
Where’s The Love
Look At You
I Will Come To You
Minute Without You
With You In Your Dreams
Man From Milwaukee
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Jimmy Fallon 4/26

Marisa, Lauren and I made it to check in for the Fallon show with just minutes to spare. We were group Y.

On the way to check in we spotted NBCs Sue Simmons who said 'the mets are on a roll' to me after waving hahaha (I had on my new Francoeur shirt)

A little before 5 we were escorted into the studio and we were 3 or 4 rows back. The warm up guy had us cracking up and then The Roots came out to play for us. They are great.

The guests were Kathie Lee Gifford, Brian Posehn and Gogol Bordello.

We didn't think Kathie Lee would be all that great, but she was really the game she played with Jimmy had us in stitches.

Brian was pretty funny too – I guess he is on Sarah Silverman's show? But I remember him from Just Shoot Me.

Gogol Bordello was interesting. The lead singer reminded me of Borat lol and the band consisted of a TON of instruments! Even an accordian! The fans in the band bench were rocking out and the performance was really high energy!

After the show Jimmy ran through the aisles and slapped hands with Lauren!

When we left we got what we were told was a $10 Subway card. When we got to subway it only had $5 but it was enough for Jimmy to have paid for our dinner πŸ˜‰

Then we made our way over to gramercy theater (not before getting stopped and being told I didn't look 21 by a guy trying to get me to sponsor a child – I already have and love Moses thank you very much!) For hanson's first of 5 shows – more on that to come later – need to change my bb's battery!
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Honor Society – Nokia Theatre 4/24/10

Last night was Honor Society’s “hometown” show of their Here Comes Trouble Tour.  Lauren, Christine and I took the 1:05 train into the city and made it to Times Square a little after 3pm.

I had won tickets, so we went to see if we were there but they had told me they wouldn’t have the list until 4:30.  We said hello to some friends and then found a spot in line.  We weren’t sure how we would find out about Soundcheck or Meet & Greet, but eventually a Nokia staff member came by and told us where to go.  My name was on the list for just 1 wristband but we had no problem getting Christine in with me.

We were let in to the venue and picked a spot at the rail in the second section of the Nokia.  They started by singing See U In The Dark, they also sang When I Come Home and Where Are You Now and answered a few fan submitted questions.  They also mentioned HANSON and that they had last been at Nokia when they won a contest to open for them.  I was glad they finally mentioned what band it was and Christine and I screamed for Hanson πŸ˜‰

After they were done we all had to get lined up for the M&G;, it was incredibly rushed because they had a ton of people to go through, we didn’t have time to say much more than hi to each other.  But Andy told me he would see me later LOL

We went back outside to see about our tickets, but the guest list was still missing. Once it arrived my name was not on the list and we had some communication problems when Honor Society’s manager said there was nothing he could do, so we bought tickets, only to get 2 from HS’s assistant shortly after.  To make up for the mixup she got us merchandise M&G; wristbands to meet the guys after the show.

Christine and I had to get back in line, at this point Lauren was already inside and told us she was trying to win VIP tickets.  We met up with her and spent a really long time trying to win.  You were allowed to use every email address you had, so Christine had one of the girls who were typing in names while Ashley, Lauren and I had another, and the 3rd was working with other people.  Finally, Christine ended up winning with one of her email addresses. But we figured we would win, eventually, since we had pretty much monopolized the girls who were plugging in our information. We got 4 VIP passes and were able to go up to the VIP Balcony area, where there were seats! Yay!

By the time we got in, Ashlyne Huff was already about half way through her set.  Her single “Heart of Gold” was actually on the radio in a commercial a couple weeks ago and I had been trying to google the lyrics but couldn’t find anything.  Of course, I figured it out once she sang it! I am looking forward to her cd coming out on May 11!

Freestyle Steve, Timbaland’s DJ, was spinning in between sets – but it was a lot of rap/hiphop/whatever and that’s not really my thing.  It seemed to keep the girls in the crowd entertained and it did kind of seem to make the time go faster but I would have preferred to have been listening to something else.

Just Kait was out next and I sat against the back wall to keep my energy for when Honor Society would hit the stage.

The set lists were taped down and I took a picture of Jason’s with my super zoom and I was exciting Can’t Box Me In was on the list, but was pretty shocked that Rock With You and See U In The Dark were missing.  When they came out playing Rock With You we were confused.  Apparently the leg of Jason’s keyboard had cut off the first two songs!  I always hate taking pics of the set list in the beginning, because it ruins the surprise, but there was still a surprise! (Usually I take the setlist pic whenever I get the option though because you never know what might happen to it throughout the show lol)

I couldn’t see Alex for almost the whole show, because there was a curtain blocking the back of the stage from our view at the far corner of the balcony.  He came out to sing “Down” and “When I Get Home” so I made it my mission to get a couple good pictures of him – and I ended up with only a couple – the boy looked down for pretty much the entire song!

They brought out Ashlyne and Kait for Don’t Close The Book.  I was bummed I couldn’t see Alex during his solo on Nobody Has To Know (my favorite honor society song).  They closed out the night with Over You and Full Moon Crazy and just looking out in to the crowd to see how big it was compared to my first show at the knitting factory was amazing.  The venue held 2000+, and while it wasn’t sold out, it had to have been pretty close!

A highlight of the night was when Christine went to talk to Johnny Wright and got a bunch of NSYNC gossip from him!  We were all a little bit too excited over that haha.

Setlists for Ashlyne, Kait and Honor Society under the cut!

Ashlyne Huff’s set:
Make it rain
Sweet Nothing
Heart of Gold
Trippin’ It Up

Just Kait’s Set:
Girls World
Love Trying
Paramore Cover
Hot Stuff
Heart Shaped Bruise

Honor Society’s set:
Rock With You
See U In The Dark
Here Comes Trouble
Two Rebels
Can’t Box Me In
My Own Way
Acoustic Medley
When I Get Home
Where Are You Now
Sing For You
Don’t Close The Book
Nobody Has To Know
Over You
Full Moon Crazy

Train Ride From Hell

I have to first write about our ride home from last night’s concert, and then later I will actually write about the show.

When we got on, there was a guy trying to leave down the aisle as we were trying to go down it. (He had a bit to drink, it seemed /sarcasm)  We sat all together in a row and then our drunk friend came back and was telling the people he was with about what he saw.

There were 2 guys who were naked a couple of cars up, apparently they had gotten sick on each other and decided to just strip naked? I don’t know.  Glad we didn’t end up in that car… although I think they were all a bit crazy.

The girl behind us seemed like she was about to get sick and we did not want to be there for that so we got up to move back a train car.  Except that when we made it to the next door, it had a paper on it and said “closed car” We were trapped.  And when we went back to our row, we had lost our spot because the group sitting near us decided to spread out.

The guy making the announcement of what station we were going to, didn’t even seem like he was speaking english… and then at 2am the announcements were just screeches and feedback.

“Finally” we reached the FIRST stop of the train – and about 200 obnoxious kids got on the train. The ticket taking dude even had to tell them to calm down because they were SCREAMING at each other.

Then when we had 1 more stop to go, someone pulled the emergency stop. So we got jerked around by the train and finally made it to our stop. I don’t even think this comes close to accurately describing the train ride – but I tried.  Just know, it was bad.

Note to self – try to avoid the 1am trains – ESPECIALLY on the weekends.

And we’re off!

My crazy week has just begun and I already have a sore throat from screaming! Tonight I went with Christine and Lauren to CitiField to see Honor Society sing the National Anthem for the Mets game!!  We had hoped they would hang around to watch the game, but MTV ended up inviting them to perform streaming on their website, so they had to leave right after (bummer!)

We got to the game super early, in hopes of bumping into them around the stadium (no such luck)  I did manage to pick up a Francoeur shirt (the state of Connecticut apparently does not sell them) at the Team Store and then spotted the penny machine and got 4 new shiny Mets designs for my baseball collection!

After going up to our seats, we spotted Ned and Alex down on the field.  Andy joined them shortly after to watch some of the Braves BP.

It felt like we waited forever for National Anthem time to roll around (something I usually pay no attention to because David Wright is usually out there stretching) but it finally did and the guys did awesome!


Then it was time for the game – I believe the gents are batting 1.000 with home teams winning on days they sing the anthem, but with the current state of the Mets we were a bit concerned that they weren’t going to continue their streak – especially after the Braves had an early lead and John Maine wasn’t looking so hot (and then left with an injury)

But rookie Ike Davis hit a MONSTER home run – 450 ft to the Shea Bridge – his first major league home run! And tied it up 1-1.   There were some other exciting plays like Pagan stealing home on an infield fly rule play (those are always so crazy – especially when the infielders DROP THE BALL) and the Mets ended up winning 5-2!!!!

(And I managed to get our names on the scoreboard – but no confirmation email from the Mets ever came so we were totally unprepared when it went up and got no photo of it!)

Flashback Friday – 2002

Not too many shows this year. NSYNC (where I met Tony Lucca, but my photo with him is oddly missing from any of the pages), O-Town, Pink and my first John Mayer concert. Also we went to see Joey Fatone in RENT and Champions on Ice.


Champions On Ice


Pink (I got so excited i got 2nd row – I typed in my city, USA Great Britain. lol)

RENT (w/ Joey Fatone)

John Mayer

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