40 Days of Water – Complete!

40 Days of Water has been done for about a week now (I ended sooner than Easter because Sundays don’t count in the lenten calendar and I went straight through most weeks)

My first non water drink was an XXX Vitamin Water, which I thought was going to end up being too sweet – but it was actually just as I had remembered it!

Soda on the other hand, was a whole other story. I decided to have a coke with my lunch at work and with the first sip, I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. With every sip after that I felt like my throat was burning. I didn’t want to waste the can, so I suffered through it and then decided drinking soda was a really bad idea.

Then, I decided to get another soda with my dinner one night. Apparently I thought that Dr. Pepper would not be as bad as Coke? But it was.

And I’ve actually been opting to have a glass of water even when there is soda in the house – so while my donation might have helped those in Uganda have access to clean water, I think the real victory here is that it helped me kick my soda habit!

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