Old People


Our phone number is a couple digits off to the local Macy’s and we have been getting calls asking for them for as long as I can remember. (When I was a kid it was Filene’s, but they have since merged and kept the same phone number)  Today a “Private” number came up on the caller ID so we let the machine get it. We had a laugh.  A couple minutes later, it rang AGAIN, once again a “Private” number and the second message was left. I love how she found it “disgusting” that no one was talking back to her – when she was talking to our answering machine. Gotta love stupid old people.

If she called a 3rd time, I was going to answer and say that it was Macy’s but we no longer had a bedding department and mess with her.  But she never did call back.

I guess this is what I get for getting angry people were calling and then hanging up on the machine all last week. hahaha

(PS – I have added a new contact me form to the right column ->> over there somewhere – it goes straight to my email if you have anything you want to talk to me about but don’t want to leave in a comment!)


I had mentioned earlier that I was looking for some cool designs for my digital photo DVDs that I was making.  I found some great templates at the official lightscribe website, in their design center! (http://www.lightscribe.com/ideas/index.aspx?id=2564)
So far I have done 6 designs, an ipod, guitars/drumset, a jukebox, a concert crowd, solo guitar and a cassette tape.  My favorite (so far) is the Juke Box which can be seen in this post.  I might try the other designs again on other colors because sometimes the darker color discs don’t show the designs as well.
This design could have been modified further, the 3 panels on the bottom of the jukebox you can insert photos!  Since my discs have so many different events being stored on them, I found it hard to choose what photos I wanted to add in, although I did use this feature on one of the discs I made. If you were making a mix cd for a friend – it would be a nice touch to add photos to the two of you to the bottom.

Would You Rather Wednesday

April 15
Have a pair of oversized dice for an adam’s apple
ralph lauren polo logos for nipples?

LMAO.  Ralph Lauren Polo Logos. Duh.

April 16
Have a toilet that bucked like a bronco
a bigoted toaster oven?

Toaster Oven, I guess.  A bucking toilet could complicate things.

April 17/18
Eat a bowl of earth worm spaghetti
a carton of larve rice?

Ick.  Worm spaghetti.

April 19
Have to communicate solely in baby talk
in double entendre?

Baby talk.

April 20
Have your eyes always moving as if watching a ping pong match
Speak in the voice, volume, and intensity of a screaming Janis Joplin when speaking to anyone under seven years old?

Janis Joplin.  I guess.  I think my eyes constantly moving would make me pretty dizzy.

April 21
have your baby develop in your shin instead of your womb
deliver your newborn baby through your mouth?

Deliver the baby through my mouth.  I’ve been told I have a big mouth?

*Because Hanson’s 5 of 5 is coming up.. I will be skipping WYWW and doing 2 weeks worth once 5 of 5 is over*


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