I had mentioned earlier that I was looking for some cool designs for my digital photo DVDs that I was making.  I found some great templates at the official lightscribe website, in their design center! (http://www.lightscribe.com/ideas/index.aspx?id=2564)
So far I have done 6 designs, an ipod, guitars/drumset, a jukebox, a concert crowd, solo guitar and a cassette tape.  My favorite (so far) is the Juke Box which can be seen in this post.  I might try the other designs again on other colors because sometimes the darker color discs don’t show the designs as well.
This design could have been modified further, the 3 panels on the bottom of the jukebox you can insert photos!  Since my discs have so many different events being stored on them, I found it hard to choose what photos I wanted to add in, although I did use this feature on one of the discs I made. If you were making a mix cd for a friend – it would be a nice touch to add photos to the two of you to the bottom.

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