I have to first write about our ride home from last night’s concert, and then later I will actually write about the show.

When we got on, there was a guy trying to leave down the aisle as we were trying to go down it. (He had a bit to drink, it seemed /sarcasm)  We sat all together in a row and then our drunk friend came back and was telling the people he was with about what he saw.

There were 2 guys who were naked a couple of cars up, apparently they had gotten sick on each other and decided to just strip naked? I don’t know.  Glad we didn’t end up in that car… although I think they were all a bit crazy.

The girl behind us seemed like she was about to get sick and we did not want to be there for that so we got up to move back a train car.  Except that when we made it to the next door, it had a paper on it and said “closed car” We were trapped.  And when we went back to our row, we had lost our spot because the group sitting near us decided to spread out.

The guy making the announcement of what station we were going to, didn’t even seem like he was speaking english… and then at 2am the announcements were just screeches and feedback.

“Finally” we reached the FIRST stop of the train – and about 200 obnoxious kids got on the train. The ticket taking dude even had to tell them to calm down because they were SCREAMING at each other.

Then when we had 1 more stop to go, someone pulled the emergency stop. So we got jerked around by the train and finally made it to our stop. I don’t even think this comes close to accurately describing the train ride – but I tried.  Just know, it was bad.

Note to self – try to avoid the 1am trains – ESPECIALLY on the weekends.

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