Why I love Disqus

Disqus (pronounced ‘discuss’) is the new blog comment system I set up a while back.  I love it.  It might not be practical for some other blogs, but for mine it is perfect.  I like it a lot more than the default comment system blogger offers – mainly because it allows you to “reply” to comments and have them be nested rather than just leave another comment below.  But this past week I have learned another reason why I love it.

I can delete comments and mark them as spam by email!  I am not always home when I check my email.  All of it goes to my phone (in fact, I have reached the “limit” of email addresses a blackberry can have between all the emails with all my sites) so if I am out shopping or out doing whatever it is I do, I can reply and it gets taken care of immediately.  With blogger comments, I’d have to log in to my account from my browser and go in to the post and delete it – this is not something I have time for when I am out!  (Unless I’m sitting through a really boring opening act)

This became clear when yesterday I got 2 spam comments.  From the same person, but on two separate posts.  The first one came through on a disqus post.  I replied “SPAM” and ta-da, disqus marked it as spam and deleted the comment from the post.  The second one was on a Would You Rather post, which was set up before I made to switch to Disqus, so they still use blogger’s system.  I was pretty much stuck until I got home and could go to the post in question while logged in and delete it from blogger.  Meanwhile, this spam was there for all to see.  Fortunately, it wasn’t anything inappropriate.

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