I was a bit nervous when I found out that Tyler Hilton and Josiah Lemming not only had another support act on tour with them – but an opener too.  I don’t want to stay out too late because I need to be up and out of the house by about 4:30am tomorrow in order to get to the airport with time to check in for my 7:20am flight to OK.

But today StageOne sent out the plan for the night, and it looks like it won’t be as late of a night as I had first thought after all.

7:00 Doors and cash bars open
(note: our bar only takes cash )
7:30 Clay Garner
7:50 Bar break
7:55 Dion Roy
8:15 Bar Break
8:30 Tyler Hilton or Josiah Leming TBA
9:15 Bar Break
9:25 Tyler Hilton or Josiah Leming TBA

I should be home in plenty of time to throw together a quick review! Probably no photos though as I’ll need to get in a few hours of sleep. (And I hope I can fall asleep on the planes!)

I’ll have a bunch of stuff to catch up on when I get home – but my next shows aren’t until November 15 so I should have no problem getting that done 🙂 

Here’s hoping that Josiah goes on first tomorrow so I am not tempted to leave early lol

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