The magic number is 1! That’s right, my next concert will be #200!  I’m kind of amazed that I did so many concerts, so fast.  It took me nearly 10 years to hit 100 in July of 2008.  Now, less than 2 and a half years later – I am going to hit 200!  I guess that’s what happens when you have your license and a “real” job. (As well as a season lawn pass for the summer! That helped too!)

As of right now, #200 will be Tyler Hilton and Josiah Leming on Saturday October 30 in Fairfield, CT with my friend Jessa!  Unless of course something else pops up before then.  I don’t forsee that happening, but you never know!

I don’t think I’ll really do anything to “celebrate” but the scrapbook page will have to be nice and sparkly lol

(Speaking of scrapbook pages – I am all caught up with the exception of the Jason and Kris/Lifehouse stuff from last week!  Layouts will be posted soon!)

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