Kris Allen at the Ridgefield Playhouse

Thursday night Kris Allen’s Out Alive tour came to the Ridgefield Playhouse. Although Kris took the tour name a bit too literally and got in a head on collision and broke his wrist a week or so before the tour was set to kick off – the show must go on! (Despite Kris’ doctor telling him otherwise!)

Before the show I had a meet and greet with Kris and told him I felt bad making him sign left handed and he said he felt bad that it looked so bad! He also said it was kind of weird without his guitar, but his band is great and makes up for it.

Opening was Jillette Johnson who I had previously seen open for Honor Society. She has an amazing voice and adter nearly every song the woman behind me would say, “wow”.

At about 9pm Kris took the stage and started his set with “Out Alive”, he also did Loves me Not with special guest: Jillette!

On the tour Kris said each night the band would  take requests of a cover – but he had tweeted that he had something “special” planned for our show.  he did the song for Newtown (Amy) that he debuted at his stage it show. I think just about everyone was in tears or near tears and when he was done we gave him a standing ovation.

During one song (and i can’t remember what one now!) he was playing a tambourine with a “stick”, it fell, he kept on playing it on the ground then somehow it got caught on the stick (more like a wisk) and he picked it back up and put it back on the stool it was on.  He said most people would pick up playing it in a day its taken him a week.

We stood for the encore and a bunch of girls ran up front. He did River acapella with the whole band singing with him. Then he asked who was at the Bridgeport show he didn’t perform at and he said a lot of hands were up. So he did a song we probably missed heading – Heartless! He pulled out his phone and said he’d been forgetting words but his phone was dead. He ended the encore with 7 Nation Army (awesome!) and Shut That Door.


Out Alive
Better With You
Alright With Me
Loves Me Not
Red Guitar
Faith / We Are Young
Newtown (Amy)
(New Song)
Leave You Alone
Live Like We’re Dying
Heartless / Gangstas Paradise
7 Nation Army
Shut That Door


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