Book Review: The 13th Sign

I don’t know if you remember, but a year or so ago there was talk about there being a 13th Zodiac sign – Ophiuchus.   It caused a bit of a stir because it completely changed the signs most people were used to.  With the addition of the new sign, I went from being a Cancer to I believe a Gemini.  I remember twitter going absolutely NUTS over this.

The 13th sign is about this new Zodiac sign and all the trouble it causes.  The book starts with Jalen and her friend Ellie going to a fortune teller for her 13th birthday.  Jalen is annoyed that the horoscope she is read is simply from the pages of Seventeen magazine.  While browsing the shop at the fortune tellers, she spots a book she wants.  The fortune teller says it is not for sale, despite the fact that it has a $30 price tag on it.  Ellie grabs it, and leaves $40 on the counter for it.

The book is locked, but the girls manage to get the book opened and everything changes.  The 13th sign is released so the characters change based on their new zodiac signs.  Gemini ends up showing up at the house telling the kids that they must fight all 12 signs who are now angry about the 13th sign being unlocked.

The kids (Jalen, Ellie and her brother Brennan) are now on a mission to find these signs and defeat them.  Each one has its own special way to appear, based a bit on their sign and symbol.

This was a fun book and it made me laugh a bit as well since I remembered all the uproar that I mentioned in the beginning of this post!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

On her 13th birthday, Jalen and her friend Ellie visit a fortune teller. There, they find a book with an ornate lock. The book is not for sale, but when the teller’s not looking, Ellie takes it, leaving a wad of cash on the counter.

When the book opens, life begins to shift. Jalen, Ellie, and Ellie’s brother are doing and saying things that are out of character. The three are visited by Gemini, who demands that they fix what they’ve unleashed. Soon, they realize that all twelve zodiac signs will take shape on Earth and try to destroy Jalen for unlocking the 13th sign. Jalen will have to use her strength to outwit the signs and to protect her ailing grandmother. But how can she fix everything with friends who have changed in ways great and small?

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