Back To The Island – Day 2

The second day we slept in until 11!  We also found out that our neighbor was Hanson’s backup player Dimitrius.  (Later we found out their bass player William was also our neighbor)  We took a tour outside of our back door and one of the water sports guys showed us where some fish hang out.  We also spotted the nude beach – complete with a guy on it. Of course.

We went to lunch at the Reggae Cafe near our room and there was a cat with no eyes that sacred Maribeth.  We were going to make a stop at the pool but there was some light rain going on.  We went back in the room and waited for the rain to pass and saw that 2 lounge chairs outside our door were open so we went to hang out there – immediately spotting a crab in the water!

At 3 it was time to make our way over to cooking with Taylor.  We found a table that also had wifi, so that was exciting as I could “live tweet” what was going on.  Taylor was taught by the chef how to make a couple of things while we all watched.  Honestly of the 3 events we did, this one was the most boring.  They first made Jerk Chicken, then some salt fish and finally Taylor asked them how to fry plantains because he likes eating them and wanted to learn.

After that it was time for mixing drinks with Isaac.  To get in the mood we got strawberry daiquiris.  Isaac was hilarious and had to watch the bartender make a drink and then try and copy it.  It seemed to be a lot more interactive than the first event and Isaac was joking around, enjoying himself and enjoying the drinks.

Then it was time for the acoustic show – which has been dubbed “the show no one remembers” – uhh yeah.  We started in the back and I had one of the drinks that had been named the Isaac Hanson… then Maribeth found us a spot on the side of the stage right by Zac where we remained for the rest of the show.

Zac did another new song – the shocking song with a swear word in it! (shit.)  After the show was over we went to the bonfire and then rested up to be ready for Tie Dye with Zac the next morning at 11!

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