Product Review: COVERGIRL blast flipstick

I was super excited when bzzagent chose me for their campaign with COVERGIRL blast flipstick.  These lipsticks are truly unique in that each stick is actually a duo with a different color on each end.  You can use just one color or mix and match them to find the perfect color for any outfit or situation!

I also found the lipstick to be long lasting.  Sometimes even when I think I have gotten it all off before bed, my lips look extra pink in the morning!  It can easily last all night if I am not eating/drinking, but if I am I do tend to reapply a few times throughout the night (even though I may just be paranoid and it’s probably not 100% needed)

When I did my week run of The Wanted shows in early December, I decided to try it out for my M&G.  When I met up with one of my friends at the venue she was raving about how pretty she thought the lip stick looked and was asking me all about it!  Now, if you know me at all you know this M&G was a HUGE deal so I would not be wearing just anything in to this meet and greet.  I am absolutely loving this product and having a ton of fun mixing to find the perfect shade for the mood I am in that day.



This is with both shades of the “minx” stick.  I found the darker shade was too dark, but added in with the lighter shade it looks much better!


I also found that the bright shade of stunner (above) is a bit too bright for my liking, but added with the other end of the lipstick it gets a sparkly shade to it that I really enjoy!

The third stick I received is my favorite and currently is residing in my purse!  I wasn’t able to get a photo of myself wearing it – but I am sure it will be popping up in more and more meet and greet photos throughout the year.


I received 3 free flipsticks from bzzagent for free in exchange for writing this review.

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