Back To The Island – Day 4 and 5

On the 4th day of Back To The Island – Maribeth went snorkeling while I hung out in the lobby and played on the WiFi.  Hanson had announced they’d be doing it again next year and I was reading all the girls who were at home complaining because we got priority to book first and a discount.

We went to the beach for a bit and were going to go from the beach to the autograph signing, but ended up going back to the room when we noticed I was getting a bit burnt.  We changed out of our bathing suits and then found out that we were not only getting an autograph but we were doing PHOTOS WITH THE BAND as well.  Good thing we didn’t roll up in our bathing suits!

The funny thing at the M&G was – Isaac and Zac just kind of asked how I was doing but Taylor decided he was going to ask me if I was going to the show that night.  I kind of wish I had said no – but I said Yes in what I am sure was a confused tone.  Why would I pay all this money to fly to Jamaica and skip the last show? haha.  I know he just was trying to make small talk, but it was amusing.

Then we just kind of hung out until the last show… We decided to bring a chair mid-beach so I could be a bit closer.  Girls started standing on tables closer to the front completely blocking our view so we had the Island Gigs staff ask them to move.  Very frustrating that they had to be that close and standing, but they listened and moved off to the side.  I ended up standing behind my chair and hanging on to it for support once the show started though because more and more people were standing in front of us and not scrunched up towards the stage.

I also loaded up on glo sticks. Perhaps too many, but I wanted to use them all and not have to bring any home!

They did 2 new songs – their first single from the new album “Get The Girl Back” and another new one that Zc sings lead on called “You can’t Stop Us Now” which I absolutely am in love with.

During Give a Little they had 2 guys and a girl up on stage to dance and it was freaking hilarious. I wish I got it on video. Someone must have, I’ll have to track it down and post it because we were cracking up the whole time.

They were also joined by Warren Haynes for “Soul Shine” as well.

After the show we ended up waiting for the guys to come out from the “backstage” area. Isaac came out and a bartender asked for his autograph but Isaac didn’t have a pen – but guess who did? Oh right, me. So he borrowed my pen and then all 3 of the guys left a little while later.

Turns out they went to the piano bar, which Maribeth found out about when she was in the lobby for WiFi. I was in the shower so I missed out on most of the fun, but I did get to hear Zac singing from outside our door because they had opened the doors at the piano bar so at least I got to feel a little special! (And considering how crowded it was, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to get much closer anyway!)

Then next thing we knew it was time to have our bags outside our door so that we could take our shuttle. We went for breakfast, packed up our carry ons and I managed to break my leg brace… when the dresser tried to eat me. (Not looking forward to how much the replacement is going to be!)

But we made it to the airport and only got my bug spray confiscated. (Not sure how I got it there but couldn’t take it back, but that’s ok. I almost left it behind anyway!) then we had a few hours to kill at the airport.

The rides home were uneventful except that I definitely got a cold from SOMEONE on board… and then I made it home without a problem from the airport and was happy to have the next day off to relax!

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