Book Review: Words Can Change Your Brain

Words Can Change Your Brain contains 12 conversation strategies to build trust, resolve conflict and increase intimacy.  It talks a bit about how to improve how you communicate with others and how you say things and how fast you say things can change the meaning of things.  It also talks about how negative words can ruin your mood – you can be calm and happy and then you hear the word “NO!” and it will give you a completely different attitude and outlook towards things because it is a negative word.

Having graduated with a minor in Communication – this type of stuff is always so fascinating to me.  How words can make such a big impact on what we are trying to convey to people and how much of it they will retain based on how quickly we talk or how much we talk.

Also mentioned in the book is how your lips can affect what you say as well as eye contact.  Body language is a huge part of our interaction with people and sometimes we are completely unaware of what kind of vibes we are giving off with our body language and how it is being read by the person that we are talking to.

I received a free ecopy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

“The practice of compassionate communication can be an important step towards creating greater empathy and dialogue among all types of people in all sorts of circumstances.  By fostering such a dialogue, we have an opportunity to create a new and deeper understanding so that we can improve ourselves and the social world in which we live.  Together, we can create winning conversations where everyone benefits from the encounter.”

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