Book Review: Roadie

Roadie is the story of Karl Kuenning and how he became a roadie as well as all of the stories from the road – that he can remember.  Karl did sound and lighting for many different tours and artists.  I really liked Karl’s writing style, it was as if he was sitting in the room with me recollecting these stories.  Except that he wasn’t and I was just reading it – but I really like when books like this flow in a more natural way and not a “properly written” way.

Like many in the business, there was a time when Karl was addicted to drugs.  He talks a bit about some of the things that happened while on drugs and also that he has worked very hard to become and stay clean.

There are a lot of great anecdotes in the book and I always love reading about the inner workings of the music business and touring.  I see so much of it from the fan side, but I always wonder what is is like from the band or the crew side!  And if it is as glamorous as it seems – and after reading this book I am thinking probably not!  Showers are often hard to come by and there are many, many elements that go in to putting a show together.

It was interesting to read about some of the Connecticut venues that he talked about – I tried to figure out if I knew which ones were which – but many are probably gone or no longer operating as concert venues as most of his touring was done before I got in to concerts (and maybe before I was born?) and of course now we have “state of the art” venues. HA.

I purchased this book off of my amazon wishlist because it was something I was looking forward to reading. I was not asked to write this review nor was I compensated for it, it is just a book I thought was interesting and wanted to share with my readers.


About the Book

Once upon a lifetime ago, I was a “roadie” (a sound and lighting technician) and had the unique experience of working with rock stars, jazz performers, Disco and R&B artists from around the world. My behind the scenes stories contained in this book are all true. Some of the stories are exciting, with high drama, and unexpected plot twists. Other stories are very sad, oddly bizarre, or even incredibly ironic. Mixed in, on almost every page, is a large dose of humor to keep the reading light. Grab your backstage pass and hop on the tour bus, the show is about to start!

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