Recycled Percussion Weekend

Over the weekend Kim and I headed to New Hampshire to check out Recycled Percussion.  Kim loves them and had been out to Vegas 3 times in 2012 to see them. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but decided to tag along anyway.  We did 3 shows – Claremont on Saturday and 2 in Manchester on Sunday. I think it is fair to say I’m hooked. (Which is a good thing because I committed to 3 shows and if I hated them after the first? We’d have had a problem!)

The only issue was that on Saturday, we were getting 2-6 inches in Connecticut and 1-3 in New Hampshire.  Reports kept changing and we left around 1pm once the show hit at my house.  It took us a couple extra hours to get to Claremont for show #1 because we were driving so slowly so we would make it there in one piece. (And we did. And we made it back. So it’s all good.) There were piles of snow everywhere already because they had a big storm a couple of days previous.  But everything looked so pretty and sparkly. (and slippery.)  The front of Kim’s car actually froze solid – we couldn’t see her license plate at all in the front!

We had front row for all 3 shows.  And while the general set up of the show was the same – since it involves so much audience participation, you never know what you’re going to end up seeing.  Each night as you enter you get a colored sticker.  That represents the “team” you are on for the night.  Either Green – Todd, Black – Matt, Red- Justin or Blue – Ryan.  The first night I was Green and Kim was black.  The second night Kim was Green and I was black.  The 3rd show they asked us what one we wanted and Kim got blue and I got red, but then they gave us the second color too so we each split our cheering for team Blue and Red that show.

The first night they tweeted a teaser setlist and Kim had gotten excited that it said “Grinders”, except for whatever reason they didn’t end up doing it.  They did end up doing that at shows 2 and 3 though.

The first night, I was laughing so hard I was crying at a few points.  It was just so great.  I was worried that after having seen it once I wouldn’t have the same reaction again – but the 3rd show I think I was laughing harder and tearing even more than the first show.  And the second show Ryan ended up right in front of us on the ledge behind the pit and he got Kim in the eye with some silly string.  So every show is different even if the general idea of it is the same. (And yes, you may end up injured)

I’m finding it hard to accurately describe the show – the fact that I am writing this after getting home at 1 am from seeing them last night might have a little bit to do with it.  And I’m also watching their live from Vegas DVD while writing. That probably wasn’t a good idea either.  Their drum sets are made up from non-traditional drum material – buckets and pots and pans and other neat stuff.  They do have cymbals though.  It is amazing that they can put together all that “stuff” and get a great drum sound out of it.

The show is a lot of fun – almost like a concert and a comedy show all in one and I think that if you get the chance to check them out you definitely should.  (They are the only band in the world to have a headlining show in Vegas every night –  I’ll probably have to head out there this year to check it out!)  And all 4 band members are super awesome, we had the chance to chat with all over them over the weekend and they’re great :)

I have to say this video clip was certainly one of the highlights of the show(s)

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