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Book Review: Lily Robbins MD

Nancy Rue is at it again with another book about Lily. I’ve read a few of these in the past, they are geared towards teen girls but I always like to check out an “easy read” now and then.

Lily and her Mom are out getting pizza when they witness a car accident.  Lily’s Mom wants to stop and help to make sure everyone is ok, and Lily ends up looking after a small boy who was hurt in the accident trying to make him feel better before the paramedics came.  She did such a good job of it – the boy even wanted her to go to the hospital with him.

After this incident, Lily decides that she likes helping people and wants to be a doctor.  She asks her parents to sign her up for CPR classes, but they end up enrolling her in a Taking Care Of Your Body class with 2 other girls at the library.  After the first class is about puberty – something she thinks she already knows everything about – she wants to quit, but had made a deal with her parents to follow through and not quit before enrolling.

While hanging out with her friends, one of them hurts her ankle.  Lily decides she knows just what to do for the sprained ankle and makes a splint and has her other friends walk the girl back home.  It turns out that Lily doesn’t really know everything and her friends ankle was broken in two places – and only got worse by Lily “helping”.  Now her friend’s mom won’t let her talk to her friend anymore.

All of her friends (and her siblings!) are beginning to get annoyed with Lily being a bossy know it all and her friends slowly begin to stop talking with her.  Realizing the error of her ways, Lily tries her best to change and be a good friend without being a bossy know it all.

This is a great book for girls who are in their early teens and just starting puberty (it does some explaining about puberty and starting your period) as well as girls who may be struggling with friendship issues at school.  I think part of the reason I read these books now is because I wish there was a series like this for me when I was growing up!

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

It’s Dr. Lily to the rescue!

The second book in the Lily series, with over a million copies sold!

After witnessing a car accident and helping a little boy who was hurt, Lily embarks on a mission to become a “great doctor”—and no one’s going to stop her! Lily starts watching medical shows on TV, checks out health books at the library, and signs up for a Taking Care of Your Body class for girls. As usual, Lily goes overboard, and it’s not long before she’s trying to change the Girlz Only Club into a health class—fitness plans, label reading, exercise, and more. However, her friends aren’t too thrilled about her newfound passion, and when they stop wanting to be around her, Lily has to choose. In the end, Lily learns and important lesson about friendship that she’ll never forget.

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