Product Review: Stella Artois Chalice

Did you know that Stella Artois is best drinken from a Chalice? And that there is also a 9 step pouring ritual?  If you didn’t – then I am here to let you know all about it.  I recently received a free Chalice from bzzagent to use over the holidays when drinking Stella.  The chalice is made in such a way that it easily holds a full beer and it also has a star on the stem where you can hold the chalice so that the body heat from your hands does not heat up the beer, thus making your drinking experience more enjoyable.

My dad took over our chalice and bought himself some Stella for the new year.  He was impressed that the whole bottle fit in the chalice without a problem and that it let the beer “breathe” more and made it taste better.  He also told everyone who came over to our house for new years eve about his chalice and I think he thought using it made him royalty!

If you are already on “Team Stella” and don’t need me to convert you – be sure to join La Societe Stella Artois – where members are provided with access to experiences, daily musings, and much more!

Stella Artois is a belgian beer, initially intended to be a holiday or christmas beer.  Once it had great success, it was decided to brew and sell it all year round for everyone to enjoy.

If you’d like to purchase your OWN chalice and be royal as well, they are available 2 for $14.99 at


I received the Chalice for free for being a bzzagent, I had to purchase the beer myself.  Drinking may be enjoyed by those 21 and over only. Always drink responsibly.

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