Kris Allen & Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

Last weekend I went to my 29th state- Arkansas. While I am trying to see Hanson in every state, they have never done a tour show in Arkansas so I figured when the opportunity came up to see *a* concert in a new state I would take it.  (Maybe I’ll have to modify it to a concert in every state instead of just specifically Hanson lol)

Thursday morning I had a ridiculously early flight out.  It was one of my worst travel days. I had gotten next to no sleep the night before, the flight attendant woke me to ask if I needed the wheelchair I asked for, only for it not to be there when I landed (or someone else took it, there were 3 that showed up and 3 that got wheeled away.)  When I went to find someone to push me, I ended up also being with a man and his seeing eye dog who my pusher barely got to his gate in time for boarding. (He also liked patting me on the shoulder every time he talked to me, which I am *never* a fan of) and when I got to board my final flight of the day I realized too late they “moved me closer to the front” but into an aisle seat which I loathe.

I got to the hotel 3 hours early and their app had no way of me telling them I’d show up any earlier than 4pm.  Fortunately, the girl at the front desk, though super annoyed I was there so early, was nice enough to check on the room I had checked in online with and found out it had just finished being cleaned so I was able to get in early. It was a rainy evening so while I had initially had plans to go to the Zoo for their GloWild event, I decided that would be better off happening the next night, ordered some BBQ and spent the night in my room and did no exploring.

Friday I decided to check out the Old State House Museum that was right next door to my hotel and their “Play It Loud” exhibit about concerts at a venue in Little Rock.  It was really cool and I probably could have stayed there for hours.  I would have, if not for so many without masks on coming through.  The museum even had a penny machine! I checked out some of the other exhibits they had as well and it was really cool.  I ended up going back to the room to order food but falling asleep and waking up in time to get to the Zoo.  Uber and Lyft were VERY slow and not a lot of cars available.  I don’t know if something else was going on this weekend or if that was always the case, but I had to wait 20 minutes for a car who did about 5 other drop offs before getting to me to get to the Zoo.  I also realized that I kept thinking the show wasn’t until 8:30 but that is what time it was EST and what had been showing up on my Facebook Events all week when I was home and doors were actually 6:30 for a 7:30pm start time.  Keeping this in mind, I raced around the loop of the lanterns at the zoo twice (they were so pretty and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything!) and had to get a surge priced Uber for the way back to the concert – but managed to get to my seat 15 minutes before the show started.  (And paid about $2/min I was actually at the zoo, but I am glad that I did it and it all worked out!)

For the first night, I decided to get seats in the front row of the balcony for the show to get a full perspective of the show.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, just knew Kris was super excited about it since he played in the children’s orchestra as a kid.  The orchestra did about 3 songs without Kris and then 3 with Kris and then he left the stage and it was time for the intermission.  Since they were calling it the “Kris Allen Holiday Spectacular” I was expecting, well, more Kris Allen.  For the second half if was about the same – half just the orchestra/choir and half with Kris as well.  At the very end they did a sing-a-long and this was when I decided to order my dinner as I had eaten nothing but a cinnamon bun (which was delicious, I might add) all day and hope that it would have made it to the lobby of the hotel by the time the show was over.  My hotel was connected to the venue which made things nice and easy pre and post show.  Definitely worth the extra money I spent to be closer, hands down. And I only had to wait about 5 minutes for my dinner to show up from the Mexican restaurant.

Saturday I ended up being so wiped out from everything I did on Friday, I had no desire to leave my room at all. I watched some Disney+ and ordered a large late lunch that held me over (I thought I’d do a post show vending machine snack run only to find out it was change only so I was limited to just 1 item) and then headed over for the show around 7.  For the second show, I was front row orchestra seating, so I couldn’t see much more than Kris and the front of the orchestra.  Kris seemed to be a bit more relaxed this show having gone through it all the night before and had a bit more witty banter going on. I ended up enjoying this show much more than the night before – I am not sure if it was because I knew what to expect, or I didn’t have a giant maskless man taking over half of my seat, or because I hadn’t been running around all day or because I was so much closer.  I was glad that I decided to do 2 of the shows though and while Kris was going to be streaming Sunday afternoon’s show, it would be started just as I landed back in CT so I didn’t even attempt.

And it was a good thing I didn’t event attempt the stream.  I tried to get an uber at 4am as my flight out was 7:30am and I wasn’t sure how busy the Little Rock airport would be.  Turns out it is the smallest airport ever and I was off the hotel shuttle, through security and at my gate before 5:30am.  The TSA agent even complimented that I knew what I was doing and must have done it before.  (The first half hour I was at my gate was a steady stream of “who forgot their ID, phone, hat, etc at the checkpoint” announcements)  Upon getting to my gate there was a woman with a violin who proceeded AT SIX IN THE MORNING to play every Christmas song she knew for an hour.  (I kept track of the setlist)  We left Little Rock without a problem, a wheelchair was indeed waiting for me (after a nice pilot helped me get my bag up the giant jet bridge – he told me it was only C that had the long ones, A and B were much shorter) and I only had to go like 2 gates away (of course).  The gate across from mine was the earlier flight out to Hartford (what are the odds) but it was final boarding by the time I realized what was happening to even ask if I could get bumped on to it.  Then I realized all the flights around me were being delayed at least an hour and then I got an alert mine was delayed 20 minutes.  There must have been some bad weather that needed to be diverted somewhere, despite everything being delayed, everything did end up taking off and I landed just 23 minutes later than expected (but the pilots bragged we were 39 minutes EARLY? oh. no sir. that’s not how this works lol)

I’m glad I was able to find some outdoor and socially distanced activities to participate in and not stuck in the hotel room the whole weekend (although it did have a nice bridge view – when it wasn’t super foggy, that is) and cross off my 29th state!


Kris Allen @ Daryl’s House

Back in June, I purchased tickets to see Kris Allen at Daryl’s House and a M&G.  I remember saying to myself, “well, I’ll have to leave work early to get there in time, but that’s a future me problem.”  Future me then became present me – full of anxiety having no follow up information about the email.  But the ticketing website said that it was at 5:15, so I left at 4, got there at 5, looked around the parking lot and realized I was the only one there… and headed in at 5:15 to ask about the Meet and Greet.

“I wasn’t aware there was any meet and greet” the girl at the desk said, and went backstage to check. “Yeah, I just asked them and they said there isn’t one.” “Then what did I pay an extra $70 for?” I asked.  Someone else had joined and said “No, this says everyone paid $30.  There’s $30 and $20 tickets and it just means if you have a table or not.”  “I bought the table for $30, but I also paid $70 for a M&G. Let me find my confirmation email.”  I opened my confirmation and they were shocked.  Someone went backstage again and someone came out and said “Yeah… there IS a 5:15 M&G option.  It’ll probably start at 5:30”  I got to choose my table, a chair was placed on the stage right next to my table and shortly after Kris came out to say hello.

I had a question for him about a project I had heard he was involved with years ago, so we chatted a bit about that and it ended up evolving into a conversation about Hanson (go figure) and Jon McLaughlin (who I am seeing tonight!).  Kris told me he is a big Hanson fan but never really met them (save for one awkward interaction he told me about the night he won Idol) and so I said I’d have to put in a good word for him with them.  We also talked about his upcoming shows and how I am going to be going to Arkansas to see his Christmas show with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.  I had really been on the fence about going (my plane ticket is even the refundable option!) but hearing him so excited about it got me excited for it too! He is absolutely looking forward to hearing the orchestra play his original Christmas songs.  He then said he would play a song for me, but if I didn’t have a request it was ok.  On the spot, the first 2 choices I made he said would be in the set, so we ended up deciding on Monster.  Just before he was about to start – 2 more joined the M&G so they got to hear the song I had picked and we chatted a little bit more with them and then we took some photos before he left to get ready for the show!

I was able to have a 4 seat table up front all to myself, as they said there would not be many people there and Kris had mentioned some of the shows didn’t sell that well but it would be very intimate.  At one point I tried to count everyone who was there and it was about 30.  But Kris still gave it his all and played some older songs, some of the newer released songs and a few that had not yet been released but were contenders for future releases (one of which had the F word in it.) It was nice to hear the background about how he came about writing all the songs before he went into playing them.  (And he ended up not telling the story about Different Bridges Same River, but the other M&G girls had asked about that one.)  He had us sing some harmonies with him and considering it was such a small amount of people, I think we did a great job.

I think that having such a long gap without live music during covid really has made me appreciate it a lot more. All of the shows I have gone to since they have been back, have been some of the best shows I have been to.  I think that the artists have missed performing and I’ve missed seeing it and it makes things have a bit of a stronger connection.  I’m still really anxious before/during shows and I don’t take my mask off unless eating/drinking, but it is nice to be back to somewhat of a “normal” feeling too

Kris Allen Setlist Daryl's House Club, Pawling, NY, USA 2021

Kris Allen at Stage One

October 5th Kris Allen brought his 10 years, 1 night tour to the Fairfield Theater. I had purchased the VIP M&G package so we got to have a little Q&A with Kris before the show and also try to “stump” him with the song requests. We were told to try and pick something that would not be on the set later that night – but as I was trying to be surprised with what his set was, I had no idea what was and what wasn’t on the set. Some of the other fans conspired together to pick the same stumpers – so we ended up getting Out Alive and Fighters. My choice was Faster Shoes – but it did end up on the setlist that evening! He hung out for a bit and we got photos with him and then we had some time to kill before it was showtime. I ended up going for front row this show instead of my usual 3rd row (no stairs to deal with) and at the end of the show a young girl asked if I was ok and if I needed help getting up the stairs. I declined, but thanked her for checking in. Later I saw her and her family chatting with Kris at the merch table and she seemed absolutely embarrassed of them. They may embarrass her, but they definitely raised a nice young lady! (None of the adults around asked if I needed help!) The show was just Kris – no opener and no backing band. He also told some stories in between the songs – sometimes about the songs themselves or about other things in his 10 year career since winning Idol. (Has it really been 10 years? We are old…) His setlist was 19 songs and I thought he did a great job taking us through not only some of his Idol songs but through all of his albums to present day. His new album is called “10” and has 9 tracks on it – he said that was on purpose because there is still more to come!! After the show I picked up a CD version of the album and had a chat with him about the name Katie vs the name Katy and how I am Kathryn and should spell it Katy and his wife is Katherine and spells it Katy not Katie so we somehow balance each other out in being backwards. He asked if I wanted a photo and I said “well, we got one earlier, I don’t think we changed much?” His merch guy let out a laugh and Kris said, “Well I sweat a little?” but ultimately we just said our goodbyes and did not take another photo. (Nothing will top the one we took a few years ago and someone mistook us for a married couple when I had it on my facebook. It’s on my dating app profiles now – maybe that’s why I’m not getting many dates?)

Kris Allen Christmas Tour

Last year Kris Allen did a mini Christmas show at the mall, this year he went on a full fledged Christmas tour – complete with a Christmas Tree (Or Kris-mas tree?) on stage with him.  This show fell right in the middle of my mini Hanson tour and I chose to see Kris instead of see both Hanson shows in Chicago.  Turns out, despite getting little sleep after the show and making things all around exhausting for myself, I made the right choice.

Before the show I had VIP with a few others, he sang “River” we talked a bit about Thanksgiving and how Kris had gone vegetarian and thought he might have wanted some meet during Thanksgiving but was still able to avoid it due to all the yummy veggies that were around.  I asked if his kids were excited for Christmas and he said his daughter was still too young to understand it and his son seemed more excited about Halloween – he was Buzz Lightyear and was still running around in his costume even the night before Kris left for the tour – wings and all!  He also mentioned the setlist was almost entirely Christmas songs with the exception of 3 of his songs that he tried to rework to make more Christmasy (which he did a pretty great job with, I think).

Opening for the show was Marie Miller who was just a joy to watch and has an amazing voice. I really enjoyed her set and picked up her album after the show and got the chance to chat with her a bit… so look for a review of that CD coming at some point. (Although considering how late this post is and how I haven’t even started my Christmas CD reviews, it may be a while…)  Kris also joined her for a song called “Wasting Away”.

The highlight for me had to be “Please Come Home For Christmas” it was so, so, so good. (And Zac sings this on the Hanson tour so you know it had to have been for me to love a different version!!)  He started and ended the set with the same song – Somethin’ About Christmas Morning which I thought was a really nice touch and really made the set come full circle.  After one song somehow it came out that it was one of the girls in the audience’s birthdays… after more questioning Kris found out that it was not ACTUALLY her birthday that DAY but she was celebrating it by being at his show and then somehow it ended up with Kris making a joke about “Fake News” and then cracking himself up.  I probably just did an absolutely horrible job of describing it, but it was hilarious if you were there.

My other favorite moment was how during “Just Like Snow” he told a story about how they went to a cabin for Christmas one year and it doesn’t really snow in Arkansas and he woke up and there was a lot of snow and to him that was Christmas.  Then he went back into the song – AND IT STARTED SNOWING.  It was just the most perfect moment and I was in awe.

Something About Christmas Morning
Here Comes Santa Claus
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree
Baby It Ain’t Christmas Without You
Happy Birthday
Peace and Happiness
Monster / You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Jingle Bells (w/ Marie Miller)
O Holy Night
Holly Jolly Christmas
The Christmas Song
Winter Wonderland
If We Keep Doing Nothing / Joy To The World
Please Come Home For Christmas
Mommy, Is There More Than Just One Santa Claus?
Live Like We’re Dying
Baby Won’t You Wait Until the New Year
Just Like Snow
Silent Night
Something About Christmas Morning


These videos are not mine, but you can see a couple of my favorite moments…

Parachute at The Warehouse Fairfield, CT

Thursday night Parachute’s “Getaway Tour” hit the Warehouse in Fairfield, CT.  This show was announced later than the other dates on the tour and it was a bit more of an “intimate” setting than their last show at the Warehouse but it was a great time.

Opening up the show was Kris Allen.  He did a bit of a shorter set than I am used to when I see him headlining, but I thought he picked out a great selection of songs to showcase his talent. (and later Will from Parachute said that he thought Kris has one of the best voices and whenever they hear him singing on the bus they think he’s an angel!) He threw in a Katy Perry cover as well – which typically I do not enjoy but it’s Kris and I’m pretty sure he could sing anything and I’d be in love with it.  After his set I got to stop by merch and say hey. It’s always fun chatting with him 🙂

Then it was time for Parachute’s headlining set.  For this tour they had the fans vote on the setlist so it was also a good mix of songs, new and old. The set even included the first time they had every played What Breaks My Heart live.  Will told a really nice story about the song and how he wrote it because he was bummed that a girl he was into, wasn’t into him. But it has a happy ending – because that girl is now his fiance! #goals. The crowd may have been small, but they were really into it especially with the call and response and during one of the songs Will jumped into the crowd announcing that he was going to give a high five to EVERYONE. While he didn’t get to everyone (he missed me!) he did seem to get most of the people that were standing in front of the stage, so that was pretty cool!  They also said they hoped to be back this way in the fall and they would play the Warehouse as long as they kept having them, so I am looking forward to their return and hope that I can make it out to another show soon!

Kris Allen at Cafe 939

Saturday I was supposed to head to Boston with a friend for another night of Kris, but unfortunately my friend had to back out of the trip.  I wasn’t sure I could get to Boston alone and got a refund on our VIP passes and kept trying to sell or give away the tickets but had no one interested.  A friend of mine from MA ended up agreeing to meet me at the T stop by the venue and I decided to try and be adventurous and ride the T into Boston on my own.  I had done it before with friends and never remembered it being a problem, but it had been 3 years since I last was in Boston so I was hoping that my memory didn’t fail me.  I drove the 2 hours to the train stop, took the T in which took about 45 minutes and then ended up walking from the T to the venue on my own since it was just around the corner and was quite pleased with my accomplishment.  I’m usually very focused on what I “can’t” do, or rather what I *think* I can’t do, so I was happy that I tried it and it worked out.

Everything for this show seemed to be delayed.  VIP was supposed to be at 5 but was pushed to 5:30 (I bought a new pass that morning) but it was much later by the time we got let inside.  Once again, Kris was waiting for us.  And as I approached he said “there she is again! Hello, Katie. How are you?”  He had remembered me from the night before!  He did Way Up High and then took photos and chatted with everyone.  I opted to stay seated while he went through the line and then he was ready to leave before taking a picture with me! He apologized, I told him about how I wasn’t sure I could go but my friend Jon had offered to help – and if he could please play Jon’s song request I’d really appreciate it.  He told me he had already planned on playing it.  Then I told him about how last night I was way in the back and tonight I pointed out where they were sitting me and he said “we can get you a chair closer. I think we can make that happen” and sure enough he was able to get me a chair right in the front row so I could see everything 🙂  (The venue had said next time to let them know ahead of time so they could make accommodations for me – when their website said to either call OR talk to them when you get there. I didn’t call because I didn’t know until that morning I was going and by the time I did know I had to start driving there. Plus I didn’t think grabbing a chair was something that was difficult and required such advanced notice. Silly me.)

For the most part the setlist was the same as the night before. He didn’t add in Alright With Me, but instead did I Remember You as the first song of the encore.  He also had fans come up on stage and dance during Everybody Just Wants To Dance.  He again talked a bit about the Idol finale and how Nigel kept saying to him, “Kris, get your fans off my back!” because they were not happy he was not included in the show on Tuesday night that was a retrospective on the season.  He teased we should all tweet him now 😉

Before playing Jon’s request he had everyone in the audience say Hi to him since he was in the front row and Kris wanted everyone to know he was not a plant! It was another great show and Jon went again to NH but unfortunately I have this thing called work on Monday morning and couldn’t do a 3rd show in a row! (Which had 4 tickets left when I got home after the show but was sold out by the time show time came around! Yeah Kris!)

The ride home on the T was just about as uneventful as the ride there – with the exception of the guy using crutches who had to yell “MISS! MISS!” at me until I said hi to him… ooook.  I don’t know if he thought he knew me or if he just felt a bond because I had my cane… but it was certainly interesting.

Kris Allen Setlist Cafe 939, Boston, MA, USA 2016

Kris Allen at Daryl’s House

Friday night I decided to make the trip to Pawling NY (just over an hour away) to see Kris Allen’s Letting You In Tour at “Daryl’s House”.  Daryl’s House is owned Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates.  Since I knew I would have to head there right after work, I opted to get myself a single ticket to the 7:30 dinner seating and a VIP package to meet Kris before the show.  We were told to get there at 5:45 to meet Kris starting at 6, I ended up getting there about 5:30.

When I entered the venue, Kris and his band were doing sound check.  I was told that the VIP had been pushed back to 7 and I could be seated at 6, but to head to the bar area until they began seating.  At 6 when sound check was over, an announcement was made that anyone with VIP should head to the back door. We were checked in and headed through a series of doors to a backstage room where Kris was waiting for us.  We chatted with him a bit about the Idol finale the night before and he talked about the gold jacket he was wearing and the Bowie medley that he did with the other guys.  Everyone seemed to agree that they thought the show needed more Kris!  Then Kris played a couple of songs for us – Way Up High and Alright With Me and had us sing along with him.  Then we did photos and autographs and some more chatting.

When I headed back out front, I asked if I could sit at any table or if they were assigned and was told that they were assigned and that the 3 people who had “single” tickets were all going to be sitting together.  That was fine with me, since I kind of figured that was going to happen.  What I didn’t think was going to happen was that it would be the table all the way in the back corner!  There were 3 of us, 2 of which had VIP which should signify we are pretty big fans of Kris… and wished to be up a lot closer.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not the same as being in the back row at an arena by any means, but it just seemed kind of crappy that the singles were stuck in the corner and not in the front section.

As more people filled in I began to realize that the people who were standing in the section between the lower area and the upper were certainly going to ruin my view.  I spent most of the night in strange contortions in order to be able to see Kris.  Another “fun” part of this venue is that the only cameras they allow are cell phones and you can only record short snippets of the songs, not full songs, which was apparently at the artists request.

Having just gotten a Galaxy S7 which was supposed to be good for photos in low light I at least felt a little better about things, but wished I was closer.  We were “allowed” to move up closer to take photos – but that also involved going down 2 steps without a railing or maneuvering myself down and around the ramp (where the SRO people were standing) so needless to say, I didn’t opt to do that.

The show was a lot of fun and featured many of the songs off of the new album, Letting You In. He also had a lot of fun bantering back and forth with some people in the crowd and at the bar and at one point sang “we can heaarrr you” to the bar after they made a comment lol

The other girl that was VIP at my table was from Dublin (yes, Ireland) and during the last song, Kris mentioned she was there.  When he asked where she was and he realized she was in the back he commented on how they couldn’t find a better seat for her? Really? And had her come up on stage with him as well as another fan that had traveled from France! You can see the video I took below.

Kris Allen Setlist Daryl's House, Pawling, NY, USA 2016

Kris Allen Norfolk, CT Infinity Hall 9/7/14

Sunday night was the make up of Kris Allen’s show at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT. I had bought VIP Tickets which entitled me to a pre-show performance and M&G with Kris! The website said that the M&G would be at 7 with the show starting at 7:30. I got to the venue a little after 6 and while I was checking my phone, putting my GPS away, etc. I noticed Kris’ band going for a run all around me. I decided shortly after to head up to the box office to get my ticket and Kris was running past me! A little weird, since I’d be meeting him at 7… but ok.

I pick up my ticket and am told that they “don’t know what is happening with the M&G” but to check back. I asked the woman taking tickets if I could sit because I didn’t want to go up all the stairs to the venue if the M&G was going to be downstairs. While she is ripping tickets a couple comes up and says “Oh we had VIP tickets but we just met him!” She looks at me and I look at her like “what?!” So we go back to the box office and they say “Yeah well the M&G was at 6 but a lot of people missed it so we’re trying to figure out what to do” I guess Kris’ people thought it was 6 but everyone else thought it was 7 because of the website!

So I hung around longer and the woman from the box office came over and told me that the M&G would be after the show and they were trying to make it so that those of us with VIP would get to the front of the line since he’d be signing for everyone afterwards anyway. She told me to go to my seat and they’d have more info later.

I was a little bit annoyed because I have been to over 400 shows and NEVER missed a M&G (though traffic has made a couple of close calls!) And if the website had no info I’d have called to confirm!

Sarah Barrios opened the show and did a mix of covers and original songs. She apologized before she started her set saying she had come down with a cold and doesn’t normally sound like this – but I thought that she was great. I may have to check her out when she is healthy because she’ll be even better!

Then it was time for Kris! I love this venue, it is so small and even though I was in the 3rd row I felt like I was practically on stage (I cant only imagine how those in the front felt!) He started his set with Young Love and said he’d be playing mostly new stuff because that is what he is excited about right now but that he’d play the first single off his first album too, but he was making us sit through everything else first and that it often gets yelled out at shows to play it.

I had read an article where he said he’d be doing song covers but wanted to do more female songs because that is less expected. One of the covers that he did was of Haim’s “The Wire” he also worked in some current popular songs for covers like Magic!’s Rude mixed in with Monster (love love loved this!) and did a medley of Sia’s Chandelier and Sam Smith’s Stay With Me during the encore. He also threw in I Want You Back (Jackson 5) with Everybody Just Wants to Dance which worked out perfectly as well.

I’d post show “highlights” but really, every song was a highlight. I can’t really single out anything that was better than the rest! Although, something that probably doesn’t happen every night is that a song ended… but the drums kept going. Oops! Random drum solo time! Kris just started cracking up. At first I didn’t even realize what happened – I thought he was just going into the next song. But then everyone on stage was cracking up so I realized that was not what was happening!

I was also super psyched that they still are doing “End of the Show” as the last song of the encore. The song is hilarious but also a perfect way to end the show.

Afterwards I found the box office and they told me to go in to the restaurant and that Kris would be in when he was ready. There was about 9 or 10 other people in there that had missed the M&G too! He came in and came pretty much right up to me. He addressed the room and apologized that we had all gotten the wrong info. We chatted a bit about remembering names and how he never can (and sometimes forgets Cale’s name haha) and our car accidents and how it affects us mentally and we freak out and think cars are all out to get us now. Glad to know I’m not alone with that. He signed my CD and there was a couple next to me that was nice enough to take my picture with Kris (and in turn I took one of them with Kris). It was a nice chat and I’m glad that it was still a private M&G and not just something rushed at the end of the show. Bummed I missed getting a performance but I guess next time I’ll get to the venue several hours early!

Paul Simon/Young Love
Better With You
Don’t Set Me Free
Beautiful and Wild
Prove It  To You
Alright With Me
In Time
It’s Always You
The Wire
Everybody Just Wants to Dance/I Want You Back
Live Like We’re Dying
Chandelier/Stay With Me
Shut That Door
End of the Show


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