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Kris Allen December 8, 2009

I don’t think I ever posted about going to see Kris today – so here is a bit of a recap – last Monday I woke up to BBMs from my friends saying that Kris Allen was performing at KC101’s Lounge 101. Immediately I *knew* I had to win because I love love love Kris Allen and didn’t get to see him in Bridgeport.

I streamed KC101 all day and knew that if I didn’t win on Monday I would go INSANE by the time Friday rolled around listening to Top 40 constantly. Maze had a twitter contest – didn’t get through from that. Wendy Wild asked for caller #101 – I got hung up on so I don’t even know if I really got through. Trey wanted caller 10. I was 4. And then he was all “Hey KC101 who is this?” so I knew I won. Amazing.

Yesterday we saw that 96.5TIC was giving away tickets to their Listener’s club, so the girls all bought one (thinking it was just one ticket) to go and see him twice in one day.

Lauren and I made it to Hartford by a little after 11, parked and waited for Christine. Finally we got our confirmation email that we won our passes and should be there at noon – and that we had a PAIR of passes. Oh well…

We went in and Article 19 was playing. I had heard of them before and they weren’t bad but it seemed like they were trying a bit too hard at times.

At noon, we were brought upstairs and grabbed a spot in the back with a pretty clear view of the stage.

He played Heartless mashed-up with Gangsta’s Paradise – which was really cool.
Man In The Mirror
Alright With Me
The Christmas Song
Live Like We’re Dying

There was a lot of banter going on between songs – he said he was trying to get his voice going and apparently he did that by talking. There was talk of baseball teams and Derek Jeter, Mexican Restaurants and then he checked if he had any pit stains. Cale teased that he was done now because of all the cameras and then called him pit stains mcgoo. (fyi – there were no pit stains)

Then we got to get a picture with him – told him we’d be seeing him soon at the next show and he seemed excited about that.

The plan was to “fly” to Hamden, but of course 91 traffic made that difficult. We took a detour and made it to the 2nd location with plenty of time to spare.

Got there and waited for my cousin and then went in and grabbed a seat at the bar. The stage was not elevated here so it was hard to see and at one point Kris stood on his chair because he wanted to see every body. Of course then for us he became speaker head because of the angle we were at.

He played the same set list except no christmas song and not as much banter – though he did mention that some people were at both shows and he thought that was cool. He also apologized for not playing the Bridgeport show and said he’d book a show here to make up for it. (Let’s hope it is not at Toad’s)

Somehow we ended up at the front of the photo line this time and I told him I was so upset when he didn’t play in Bridgeport and he rubbed my back and was like “I felt so bad about that. I am so glad you got to see me today” and I was like “Yea me too!” and then I got yelled at for talking to him for too long. LOL.. Oh well.

Now normally I would end the review – but there was more excitement when we went to Panera for dinner. We were sitting there minding our own business when we hear this “BOOM!” I looked to my right and a girl at a table jumps up and there is dust/smoke everywhere. Turns out – a car drove RIGHT INTO THE BUILDING. It seemed at a fast speed too and more than just accidentally putting it in drive instead of reverse and hitting the gas. The cops were still there when we left and the brick on the side of the building was messed up pretty good.

Photos under the cut!!

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A Series of Unfortunate Events – Idol Style

Let’s just recap last night a bit. Then under the cut I’ll do pics and review and setlist and all that good stuff 🙂

1. Had tickets, then didn’t
2. Got 8th row, 6th row popped up right after
3. Took an HOUR to get off the exit and find parking
4. Squeezed in such a tight spot, I barely was able to get out of my car.
5. As I walked in, music was starting. (Luckily, just the intro videos!)
6. Sat down and women next to me are whispering about me and looking at me. One goes “FYI, but my husband is coming BACK” and motions like his seat is my seat. I tell her “but this is MY seat” and she looks at her ticket to realize SHE CANT READ. Mayyybe read before accusing me of stealing your seat? (This happened to me at the Red Sox game too, apparently I look like I can’t read or count. Trust me, I can. At least when it comes to tickets~!)
9. The door to the parking garage I came through was LOCKED (but thankfully I found my car)
10. There was a ton of construction on the highway on the way home

definitely in the bottom as far as concert experiences go. unfortunately.

Under the cut I’ll try to be a bit happier 😉

Michael Sarver
In Love With A Girl, Gavin DeGraw
Closer, Ne-Yo
Michael was up first. I can never remember the order they were voted out. So I’m like.. wait.. he was kicked out before she was? and stuff like that throughout the show lol The crowd didn’t really seem into him, but I think he did a great job and he just kept waving to everyone. Super cute.

Megan Joy
Put Your Records On, Corrine Bailey Rae
Tears Dry on Their Own, Amy Winehouse
Megan was better than I expected she would be, but wasn’t overly impressive or amazing. I’ve read other reviews that said she was… so either those people need new ears or perhaps she also has the bug? Who knows. Glad she only did 2 songs though.

Scott MacIntyre
Bend & Break, Keane
A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton
Scott gave us all a high five and was talking about how his and Ryan’s hi-five was the “high five heard round the world” He tried to joke a bit but they all seemed to fall flat. He sounded great though, even though I hear after Kris he is probably the next sickest.

Lil Rounds
Be Without You/Just Fine, Mary J. Blige
No One, Alicia Keys
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), Beyoncé
Lil sounded really raspy. Again, don’t know if it’s the bug or if she’s just strained from performing night after night. She rocked at doing the Single Ladies dance. And there was some guys standing next to the side of the stage doing all the choreography with her. Very entertaining.

Anoop Desai
Always On My Mind, Willie Nelson/Elvis Presley
Mad, Ne-Yo
My Prerogative, Bobby Brown
Anoop BROUGHT IT. Boy can sing and boys got moooves! Totally impressed with his set. I mean, I knew he was good in the original auditions but on the show he seemed to lose that edge he had. (Heck, he didn’t make the Top 12!) But he can definitely sing. And dance!

Matt Giraud
Hard to Handle, Otis Redding/Black Crowes
Georgia on My Mind, Ray Charles/Hoagy Carmichael, Stuart Gorrell
You Found Me, The Fray
Matty G was awesome too. He has a great voice. Though didn’t really seem to have the fanbase during the show. (He definitely does now though!)

Production Number
Megan & Lil: Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, Four Seasons/Andy Williams
Scott & Matt: Tell Her About It, Billy Joel
Michael: Suspicious Minds, Elvis Presley
Anoop, Matt, Scott, Michael, Lil, Megan: Beggin’, Four Seasons/Madcon
I really liked the medleys and them all singing together. For me this was the best part of the show. Little did I know what was coming juuust after.

Sick Kris 🙁 🙁

Allison Iraheta
So What, Pink
Cry Baby, Garnet Mimms/Janis Joplin
Barracuda, Heart
I was incredibly devastated during Allison’s set. But she is amazing! So talented for being so young. She had great stage presence too.

Danny Gokey
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), Michael Jackson
Maria Maria, Santana
What Hurts the Most, Rascal Flatts
My Wish, Rascal Flatts
Gokey still can’t dance, but he tried.

(love this shot)
Adam Lambert
Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin
Starlight, Muse
Mad World, Tears for Fears/Gary Jules
Slow Ride, Foghat (with Allison Iraheta)
Life on Mars/Fame/Let’s Dance, David Bowie
Adam sounded like a chipmunk during Starlight. And I think the girl in front of me noticed too because when he started she turned to her friend and gave a “WTF?” look.. and I’m sure I looked about the same. I don’t even understand where that voice came from but it was only for that one song. I stood for his set, because if not I wouldn’t be able to get pics. And then I was sad when I got good pictures. I was just.. completely sad the whole second act.

Group Idol Finale
Entire Group(-Kris): Don’t Stop Believing, Journey (with a chorus of Steam’s Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye)

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The Today Show – Concert Series with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

Wednesday night Lauren and I ventured into NYC and met up with my friend Jaime who kindly let us crash at her apartment for the evening. (Thanks again, Jaime!) At about 11 we went to sleep – and at 3:45am our alarms were going off and it was time to wake up.

We left the apartment a little after 4am and ended up in line for the concert at 5am. There we maybe 50 people in front of us, which wasn’t bad at all!

Around 6am we were let in to the “pens” as they call them, right in front of the stage. Shortly after Kris came out to sound check. He sang Heartless twice and then No Boundaries. Adam was up next, and asked us if we were cold. (I had my jacket tied around my waist!) He said that he was from L.A and not used to this weather. (I really don’t think it was any colder than 65!) He sang Mad World twice. And he didn’t scream, which was awesome because it was way too early in the morning for that.

A little while later, they removed the tent that had been over the stage. It was time to sound check once again, Kris came back out and sang Heartless again and Adam did Mad World – this time with screeching. (And oddly enough, he screeched and the crowd screamed. I don’t understand how people like that? I did however enjoy his performances where all he did was sing, I’ll admit that)

Around 8:30, it was time for the real performances and Kris once again did Heartless. (I’m so done with that song now!) Adam did Mad World and a little bit later Kris did No Boundaries. He came down near our side to sign autographs and take pictures. He was maybe 3 people away when Adam joined him. I ended up squished into the barricade and a couple of photos from the press later, the two were gone. I’m blaming Adam for ruining my chances of meeting Kris, not that they had a schedule and somewhere else to be. It’s more fun that way. (To me, anyway)

Check out the pictures under the cut!

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