And I thought I’d have nothing interesting to talk about today…

I’m minding my own business searching for “Honor Society” on twitter as I do quite often to keep up with the news for, and I see a link to this video of the Wonder Girls going to their CD Release Party.

I knew that I was definitely in a spot to be on camera when they were filming this so I checked it out and I was right! I can be spotted twice in the video. Can you find me?


Under the cut are 2 screen caps I took with me in them.

Push Play 9/26

Lauren somehow won an invisible twitter contest from Popstar! which landed us what we thought would be “VIP” tickets to the Push Play CD Pre-Release concert in NYC. We were told it included soundcheck, M&G; and tickets to the show. We were hesitant to make the trek BACK into the city after going for the Today Show but were both a bit curious to see how they’d sound on a full electric set again. (It had been a year since we’d last seen them electric)

We got to the venue at 5 as we were instructed and were greeted by a LOT of chaos. There appeared to be 2 guest lists, one which we assumed was the bands list (friends, street team, etc) and one for those who won from Popstar.

The other line went in first, of course, and then the popstar line was let in to go to willcall to get their tickets/passes. We were then ushered upstairs to the stage where they were doing a LEGIT soundcheck (stage wasn’t even entirely set up yet) not a fake soundcheck “performance” which was interesting.

They did two songs and then said they’d see us in a bit, for what we assumed would be the M&G.; We were told to line up in the merch hallway for the M&G.; Then they told us, no, we can’t go out there yet. Then they said no, we have to go downstairs first. THEN it was “why is no one moving?” Maybe because every time we were told one thing, someone else immediately after told us another?

We went down to the lobby and people lined up. Some of the girls were let back up for the M&G; and then one of the Staff members told us that Push Play’s manager told him that the popstar winners were NOT given a M&G; and “someone dropped the ball” and that we wouldn’t be let back upstairs until a bit before doors. LAME!!!

Just before doors opened we were let upstairs, making sure to get our 21+ wristbands before heading up. And then we went straight to the bar. It was needed. lol

An hour later the show started with Care Bears On Fire. I really hate saying negative things in my review so I won’t say much. These girls are young and their set was pretty long.

After Care Bears On Fire was Phil Bensen. His set seemed much shorter but it was much more enjoyable. Not sure if that was because I finished my drink by this point or not 😉

Then Push Play came out. Their intro was cool, one band member at a time and Nick and Steve were standing on boxes and it was a nice touch. Their stage presence has improved 10-fold since last year. CJ even jumped up on the boxes and made his way to a ledge during their cover of “Fight For Your Right To Party” (though the selection of that as a cover was questionable)

The guys also rapped at one point, which I am finding out now was some sort of “promo rap” they had made up earlier in the year talking about upcoming shows? I guess the fans were into it, but to an outsider it seemed completely out of place and like it wasn’t a good idea.

We left before the encore (which we assumed would be “midnight romeo” and it woke me up on my alarm clock the next day on the radio so we didn’t miss much)

Set list – possibly incomplete and definitely not in ANY order and a couple of pictures (the lighting was a lot of strobing and really horrible) under the cut.

Start Again
This Is Us Breaking Up
My Everything
Barely Legal
Away Away
Taking It Back
The Life
Watch It Burn
Fight For Your Right To Party
Heart Attack
Starlight Addiction
Where I Belong
Promo Rap

(Midnight Romeo)

Interesting Train Ride

I was going to post a bit about the Push Play show we went to, but the train ride home was a story in and of itself, so Push Play will have to wait until Monday.

We got to Grand Central with time to spare and decided to pick up drinks (and I got a snack) for the ride home. Lauren’s change went flying all over and I think she lost a quarter and my candy bar was melted. (And I thought *that* was going to be my fun for the trip)

We took off on schedule and then stopped. We were getting re-routed so we had to go all the way BACK to grand central and the track we left from and then we were on our way again.

The seats in front of us were the ones with 4 seats, facing each other. There was a young guy that we were facing and then an older guy and woman. I don’t know what sparked it, but there was mentions of Russia and America and people being rude. And then the kid was telling the guy to F-off and said he was from NY and the older guy said he was too and then the kid was like “yeah the a-hole part” and they were going back and forth and for a bit I couldn’t decide if they were serious. Then they introduced themselves to each other and my prediction was that they would become best friends by the end of the ride.

Then the woman started talking to the kid and I couldn’t really hear what she was saying, but next thing we know the kid is CRYING. Of course I am terrible and found this to be hysterical. (Lauren and I were twittering and BBMing to each other and Lauren called him “a white Kanye” lmao)

Then a bit later he was snapping at the guy again because he was “eavesdropping” and THEN started talking about baseball (Luckily his critique of Citi Field was right on or I would have had to butted in to set him straight)

And then he was crying again! Unfortunately he got off the train (with the woman) at the first stop in Connecticut so we weren’t able to watch his antics anymore 🙁

At one of the stops, the doors didn’t open for a bit. The conductor dude walked by and people asked if the door was going to open and he said yes and there was still a delay with it opening.

THEN the guy behind us started snoring. LOUDLY. (The guy next to me told his wife that the guy sounded like HER when she was sleeping!)

At one of the stops, the guy next to the window in the snoring guy’s row wanted to get out to get off the train. He politely tried to wake the snoring man but he was NOT budging so the guy JUMPED OVER snoring man. It was amazing.

But we made it home and my DVD Recorder WORKED and actually recorded SNL so now I need to catch up on that and then get some sleep because if its not raining I might be going to the Big E with my cousins tomorrow.


Every time I wear a new necklace, Andrew from Honor Society compliments it. When he saw my latest necklace (called “im with the band” from, an eighth note)

He started telling us about a website that takes old family seals from estate sales, casts them and then makes necklaces (and bracelets and rings) out of them.

The website is and he was right, everything on there is really cool and of course now I want to buy like 4 new necklaces lol

Honor Society’s logo is a seal and we are now hoping that they will make a pendant out of it! (similar to my hanson symbol pendant and smaller than the medallion they gave out with the Fashionably Late preorders)

Definitely something to bring up when we see them again next week. (So CRAZY that October is next week! And so far so good with my daily blog posts!)

ps I cant decide if yesterdays appearance should count as a concert or not. I had to get up at 4am and we did get to talk to them, but we could barely see their performance through the sun shades and couldn’t hear them. They did one song (twice) so in that respect it would count… but I don’t know… Anyone have any thoughts? Either way it counts as a TV Show Taping… but should it count as an honor society concert too?

Today Show 9/25

Today show went rather well. I woke up a little after 4 to get ready. Lauren showed up around 5 and we took the 5:22 train in to the city.

We got to the plaza and got a spot in the pen. Al Roker came over and shook everyones hands and said hello. Matt and Meredith came out but stayed to the other side of the pen.

I spotted one of the guests leaving and we hoped we'd see john krasinski leaving but no such luck.

Al came over and talked to the family that was next to us so I am pretty sure I was on TV but of course I only set the recorder for 1 hour!!

At 9 a bunch of people left and we moved to the other window. Of course then HS comes out the door we were watching all morning but moved away from! They came down briefly for the interview with extra and went back inside.

We saw them performing a check or prerecord for the coming up next spot. Then later they performed for real. Unfortunately we had no sound, but the fans sang along anyway! (The guys didn't know we couldn't hear)

Then we waited for them to come outside. They went downstairs but shortly after came back and we got to talk to andy for a bit.

Then their manager had us say 'honor society rocks mtv no duh' and I was right by mike so I can't wait for that to be online!

Now we're on the train home! Can't wait to get back to bed.
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DVD Recorder

I have a Sony Rewards credit card and a while back I used my points to get a DVD/VHS Recorder Combo for about $8.

Later I found out that I can’t record from the TV unless I had some sort of box (it had no spot for the cable to go into it!) So we went to cable and got a box and I now pay $7.50 a month for this box. (But I get a TON of channels, including The N so I am all caught up on Degrassi now so really… I can’t complain)

Then I managed to WATCH DVDs but not RECORD them. Last night I managed to get Audio through the DVD recorder but no VIDEO. $20 later I got a new cable, which I just hooked up and then found out.. I didn’t really need it. Supposedly it will give me better quality and I don’t feel like taking everything apart so it will stay.

Tomorrow it will be put to the REAL test when I use the timer to record the last hour of The Today Show which I will be attending to see Honor Society perform. (5:22am train WHAT?)

Tomorrow’s blog, if I don’t sleep all day and night once I get home, I am sure will be about that experience. Now though I need to go to bed because I have a 4:30AM wakeup call.

So long Citi Field, until 2010…

Last night was our last game at Citi Field for the season. The Mets lost, 3-2. At least they were in the lead for a little bit of the game. That loss makes my overall record at the stadium this season 5-3. Lame!

Before the game, Snoopy was hanging out in the dug out. He was sitting on the bench, leaning over the rail, laying down and getting his picture taken. I thought he’d come back out during the 7th inning stretch with Mr Met, but he left before the game started and was never to be seen again.

While it was nice to see David Wright back in the game.. I was disappointed he is still not back to wearing his ridiculous and super safe batting helmet (really wanted to see that thing in person) and he did a whole lotta NOTHING.

And the penny machine was still out of order. (I got my set but some others wanted sets too. Oh well. I didn’t even try it, as I was sick of it taking all my money!)

There’s always next year.

Web Design

Yesterday I mentioned a bit about how I love to do web design. I made my first site from scratch when I was 15. I taught myself HTML because I wanted to make a Hanson site.

In college I took a couple of electives and my professor told me I had to STOP doing things from scratch and use programs, it would make my life much easier. So I bought Dreamweaver (packaged with Fireworks and Flash) and I am quite happy with it!

Currently I run/work on several websites: (just got this domain a couple months ago, still working on moving/redoing content there!) (not too much effort here, blogger is really amazing and does most of the work!) (an archive of all Hanson concerts Ive been running since about 2005) (site I do for the penny people)
Gossip Girl Filming Locations (sub site of (I do image editing only, had nothing to do with the layout/creation or anything – though I WISH I did! haha)
Baseball pennies (Sub site of concertkatie)

Penny Collector

Last night when I was thinking about writing this blog I was going to go on about how I’m not really excited to collect anymore and haven’t been planning as many “squishin’ missions” as I used to. (Partially due to the fact that I have all the close by sets!) But then I got an email that there is now a machine at Toys R Us in Times Square and since we’re going to the city Friday for Honor Society, and I used to work at Toys R Us, I’m totally excited again lol

I got my first penny when I was about 6 years old when we were at the Statue of Liberty. It wasn’t in a touristy machine and I’m not even sure if a machine was actually involved. For a while I kept it in my jewelry box.

From then on here and there I’d get a penny when I saw a machine, but I really started getting into it in 2006. Soon after I joined a yahoo group dedicated to people who collect and trade the coins and through that I made a bunch of penny pals and eventually joined The Elongated Collectors

While in college, I started doing volunteer image editing on This site is amazing because it lists ALL the machines around the WORLD. It is kept up to date by collectors and is a great guide when going on vacation. They also have a trading tool so you can keep track of what you have, want, and have extras of to trade and you can be notified if someone has a set you want or vice versa. They also sell a lot of baseball pennies which is my FAVORITE genre to collect. (I also like Einsten, Crabs/Sealife and Carousels)

Earlier this year I became the webmaster of I am not a professional webmaster by any means, but luckily it is another volunteer position and they are happy with what I have come up with! It is a never ending job and hopefully I will gain more knowledge of web design – as it is one of my favorite hobbies. (Though I’m not sure I’d want to do it as a job with deadlines and stuff. ick!)

More on my Goals

I’ve mentioned a bit about my goals for 2009 but I don’t think I’ve really expanded on them. Since the year is more than half over, I thought I would take some time to see what progress I had made with them. Maybe I had forgotten about some and it will spark me to get motivated to actually complete it. (PS this weekends to-do list is now down to 11 items)

Get Organized (I don’t think I will ever truly be organized. I am putting in a better effort though)
Time Management (To Do lists go in here. I’m doing a bit better with this.)
Double my savings account (I dont think this is going to happen, but it should come relatively close)
Read at least 10 books (Completed and upped to 15)
Watch at least 50 movies (I’m at double that)
Scrapbook at least 150 pages (done!)
Go to at least 15 concerts (doubled this too!)
Get all the pennies available in Connecticut (very much so failing at this)
Try digital scrapbooking (trying my hand at it now for Honor Society Live)
Ride my bike at least 5 mins a day (probably the biggest fail)
Try new scrapbooking techniques (Flocking, Foiling, Eyelets, etc) (I’ve done a little flocking and foiling. Still scared of eyelets.)

Places to visit and some more comments under the cut

And places to visit…
Nassau, Bahamas – Rock Boat brought me here
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas – We missed docking here on the rock boat.
Keyspan Park – Still haven’t seen the Cyclones
Citi Field – Been here too many times 😉
Hard Rock Cafe Miami – didnt make it here
See NYC on a double decker bus – still time for this but nothing yet!
NYC Wax Museum (to see David Wright) – Did this in Feb~!
DC Wax Museum – this was on here for Jonas , who were in NYC when we went…
Newseum – DC trip *is* coming up but I dont know…
Bethesda Fountain Central Park – Haven’t made it here yet
The Mark Twain House – havent visited yet
Ellis Island – on the short list for this fall.
Hard Rock Cafe Nassau – CHECK!

So there you have it. I kind of forgot all about that bike goal! And the penny goal. Maybe I’ll write some more about pennies this week. Though I haven’t really gone out smashing in a long time they still take up a lot of my free time…

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