Yesterday I mentioned a bit about how I love to do web design. I made my first site from scratch when I was 15. I taught myself HTML because I wanted to make a Hanson site.

In college I took a couple of electives and my professor told me I had to STOP doing things from scratch and use programs, it would make my life much easier. So I bought Dreamweaver (packaged with Fireworks and Flash) and I am quite happy with it!

Currently I run/work on several websites: (just got this domain a couple months ago, still working on moving/redoing content there!) (not too much effort here, blogger is really amazing and does most of the work!) (an archive of all Hanson concerts Ive been running since about 2005) (site I do for the penny people)
Gossip Girl Filming Locations (sub site of (I do image editing only, had nothing to do with the layout/creation or anything – though I WISH I did! haha)
Baseball pennies (Sub site of concertkatie)

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