More on my Goals

I’ve mentioned a bit about my goals for 2009 but I don’t think I’ve really expanded on them. Since the year is more than half over, I thought I would take some time to see what progress I had made with them. Maybe I had forgotten about some and it will spark me to get motivated to actually complete it. (PS this weekends to-do list is now down to 11 items)

Get Organized (I don’t think I will ever truly be organized. I am putting in a better effort though)
Time Management (To Do lists go in here. I’m doing a bit better with this.)
Double my savings account (I dont think this is going to happen, but it should come relatively close)
Read at least 10 books (Completed and upped to 15)
Watch at least 50 movies (I’m at double that)
Scrapbook at least 150 pages (done!)
Go to at least 15 concerts (doubled this too!)
Get all the pennies available in Connecticut (very much so failing at this)
Try digital scrapbooking (trying my hand at it now for Honor Society Live)
Ride my bike at least 5 mins a day (probably the biggest fail)
Try new scrapbooking techniques (Flocking, Foiling, Eyelets, etc) (I’ve done a little flocking and foiling. Still scared of eyelets.)

Places to visit and some more comments under the cut

And places to visit…
Nassau, Bahamas – Rock Boat brought me here
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas – We missed docking here on the rock boat.
Keyspan Park – Still haven’t seen the Cyclones
Citi Field – Been here too many times 😉
Hard Rock Cafe Miami – didnt make it here
See NYC on a double decker bus – still time for this but nothing yet!
NYC Wax Museum (to see David Wright) – Did this in Feb~!
DC Wax Museum – this was on here for Jonas , who were in NYC when we went…
Newseum – DC trip *is* coming up but I dont know…
Bethesda Fountain Central Park – Haven’t made it here yet
The Mark Twain House – havent visited yet
Ellis Island – on the short list for this fall.
Hard Rock Cafe Nassau – CHECK!

So there you have it. I kind of forgot all about that bike goal! And the penny goal. Maybe I’ll write some more about pennies this week. Though I haven’t really gone out smashing in a long time they still take up a lot of my free time…

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