My first photos with Celebs

A lot of times I mention that Tony Lucca was my first photo with a celeb. This is a lie. Actually, my first photo with celebs was when I was very young and it was with Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn. I’m not sure how old I was here and I don’t remember all the details either.

I know we went to their house for the photo shoot, it was my mom, my Aunt Susan and my brother David. I remember there being big umbrella like things set up for the lighting for the photo shoot. And there was a horse on the top of their book shelves which Hume lifted my brother to get a closer look at.

I’m working on an 8×8 scrapbook of all my photos with celebs and needed to scan this one to get a print done up, so I figured I should share it 🙂

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