Life List

It is my goal to at some point in the not so distant future to make my life list. Which is a list of things that I want to accomplish before I die. (Sometimes known as a bucket list) Right now I do have some things in my head that I know I want to do, but I really need to write them all down!!

A few years back my friends turned me on to the websites: and Where you can list 43 things you want to do and 43 places you want to visit. I’m not sure why they limit you to 43 things, but once you achieve something you mark that you’ve done it (and if you want to help others with questions they may have about doing it) and then you can add 1 more item to your list so you are back at 43.

Right now on 43things, I’ve done 88 things and have 33 listed. Although I don’t think I’ve updated in close to 3 years so who knows how accurate that is now!

My counts on 43places are that I’ve visited 203 places and want to go to 38.

Funny, that I didn’t know why the max was 43, yet I’m not even at the max on either site!

Maybe later in the month one of my daily posts will be the start of the list… We’ll see!

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