Push Play 9/26

Lauren somehow won an invisible twitter contest from Popstar! which landed us what we thought would be “VIP” tickets to the Push Play CD Pre-Release concert in NYC. We were told it included soundcheck, M&G; and tickets to the show. We were hesitant to make the trek BACK into the city after going for the Today Show but were both a bit curious to see how they’d sound on a full electric set again. (It had been a year since we’d last seen them electric)

We got to the venue at 5 as we were instructed and were greeted by a LOT of chaos. There appeared to be 2 guest lists, one which we assumed was the bands list (friends, street team, etc) and one for those who won from Popstar.

The other line went in first, of course, and then the popstar line was let in to go to willcall to get their tickets/passes. We were then ushered upstairs to the stage where they were doing a LEGIT soundcheck (stage wasn’t even entirely set up yet) not a fake soundcheck “performance” which was interesting.

They did two songs and then said they’d see us in a bit, for what we assumed would be the M&G.; We were told to line up in the merch hallway for the M&G.; Then they told us, no, we can’t go out there yet. Then they said no, we have to go downstairs first. THEN it was “why is no one moving?” Maybe because every time we were told one thing, someone else immediately after told us another?

We went down to the lobby and people lined up. Some of the girls were let back up for the M&G; and then one of the Staff members told us that Push Play’s manager told him that the popstar winners were NOT given a M&G; and “someone dropped the ball” and that we wouldn’t be let back upstairs until a bit before doors. LAME!!!

Just before doors opened we were let upstairs, making sure to get our 21+ wristbands before heading up. And then we went straight to the bar. It was needed. lol

An hour later the show started with Care Bears On Fire. I really hate saying negative things in my review so I won’t say much. These girls are young and their set was pretty long.

After Care Bears On Fire was Phil Bensen. His set seemed much shorter but it was much more enjoyable. Not sure if that was because I finished my drink by this point or not 😉

Then Push Play came out. Their intro was cool, one band member at a time and Nick and Steve were standing on boxes and it was a nice touch. Their stage presence has improved 10-fold since last year. CJ even jumped up on the boxes and made his way to a ledge during their cover of “Fight For Your Right To Party” (though the selection of that as a cover was questionable)

The guys also rapped at one point, which I am finding out now was some sort of “promo rap” they had made up earlier in the year talking about upcoming shows? I guess the fans were into it, but to an outsider it seemed completely out of place and like it wasn’t a good idea.

We left before the encore (which we assumed would be “midnight romeo” and it woke me up on my alarm clock the next day on the radio so we didn’t miss much)

Set list – possibly incomplete and definitely not in ANY order and a couple of pictures (the lighting was a lot of strobing and really horrible) under the cut.

Start Again
This Is Us Breaking Up
My Everything
Barely Legal
Away Away
Taking It Back
The Life
Watch It Burn
Fight For Your Right To Party
Heart Attack
Starlight Addiction
Where I Belong
Promo Rap

(Midnight Romeo)

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