Interesting Train Ride

I was going to post a bit about the Push Play show we went to, but the train ride home was a story in and of itself, so Push Play will have to wait until Monday.

We got to Grand Central with time to spare and decided to pick up drinks (and I got a snack) for the ride home. Lauren’s change went flying all over and I think she lost a quarter and my candy bar was melted. (And I thought *that* was going to be my fun for the trip)

We took off on schedule and then stopped. We were getting re-routed so we had to go all the way BACK to grand central and the track we left from and then we were on our way again.

The seats in front of us were the ones with 4 seats, facing each other. There was a young guy that we were facing and then an older guy and woman. I don’t know what sparked it, but there was mentions of Russia and America and people being rude. And then the kid was telling the guy to F-off and said he was from NY and the older guy said he was too and then the kid was like “yeah the a-hole part” and they were going back and forth and for a bit I couldn’t decide if they were serious. Then they introduced themselves to each other and my prediction was that they would become best friends by the end of the ride.

Then the woman started talking to the kid and I couldn’t really hear what she was saying, but next thing we know the kid is CRYING. Of course I am terrible and found this to be hysterical. (Lauren and I were twittering and BBMing to each other and Lauren called him “a white Kanye” lmao)

Then a bit later he was snapping at the guy again because he was “eavesdropping” and THEN started talking about baseball (Luckily his critique of Citi Field was right on or I would have had to butted in to set him straight)

And then he was crying again! Unfortunately he got off the train (with the woman) at the first stop in Connecticut so we weren’t able to watch his antics anymore 🙁

At one of the stops, the doors didn’t open for a bit. The conductor dude walked by and people asked if the door was going to open and he said yes and there was still a delay with it opening.

THEN the guy behind us started snoring. LOUDLY. (The guy next to me told his wife that the guy sounded like HER when she was sleeping!)

At one of the stops, the guy next to the window in the snoring guy’s row wanted to get out to get off the train. He politely tried to wake the snoring man but he was NOT budging so the guy JUMPED OVER snoring man. It was amazing.

But we made it home and my DVD Recorder WORKED and actually recorded SNL so now I need to catch up on that and then get some sleep because if its not raining I might be going to the Big E with my cousins tomorrow.

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