DVD Recorder

I have a Sony Rewards credit card and a while back I used my points to get a DVD/VHS Recorder Combo for about $8.

Later I found out that I can’t record from the TV unless I had some sort of box (it had no spot for the cable to go into it!) So we went to cable and got a box and I now pay $7.50 a month for this box. (But I get a TON of channels, including The N so I am all caught up on Degrassi now so really… I can’t complain)

Then I managed to WATCH DVDs but not RECORD them. Last night I managed to get Audio through the DVD recorder but no VIDEO. $20 later I got a new cable, which I just hooked up and then found out.. I didn’t really need it. Supposedly it will give me better quality and I don’t feel like taking everything apart so it will stay.

Tomorrow it will be put to the REAL test when I use the timer to record the last hour of The Today Show which I will be attending to see Honor Society perform. (5:22am train WHAT?)

Tomorrow’s blog, if I don’t sleep all day and night once I get home, I am sure will be about that experience. Now though I need to go to bed because I have a 4:30AM wakeup call.

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