sTORI Telling

One of my goals for 2009 was to read at least 10 books. I reached 10 and then upped it to 15, since there’s still a decent amount of 2009 left. (And with summer basically over, concerts will be a bit more spread out so I’ll have more free time!)

Yesterday I finished Tori Spelling’s book, “sTORI Telling”. I’ll be honest, for a while most of what I knew about Tori Spelling was what the media thought I should know about her and what they fabricated about it. But there’s 3 sides to every story (yours, mine and the TRUTH) so it was nice to hear Tori’s side.

A while back my mom and I were channel surfing and landed on Oxygen and “Tori & Dean : Inn Love” We thought LiLi was adorable and got sucked in to watching this show of Tori and Dean trying to run a successful B&B.; There were days where we would sit and watch several episodes in a row during marathons, we were hooked.

If not for stumbling upon that show, I probably would have never even considered picking up this book, but I am glad I did. It was a relatively quick and easy read (I had started off reading a chapter or two before bed but over the past couple of nights I gave myself more time and knocked it out) and incredibly interesting. Everyone thought that Tori had it all because her father was Aaron Spelling, but that kid of hindered her as an actress.

In fact, as soon as I finished reading it I went over to Netflix and added So NoTORIous to my queue, and then bumped it up to the top so that those DVDs will be coming to me in the next couple of days.

If you think you know anything about Tori Spelling and have the time to read 20 chapters about the REAL Tori, I definitely recommend you pick up sTORI Telling and check it out.

The next book I will be started tonight is called “Rock Wives” and is of course another groupie book – my current favorite topic.

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