Every time I wear a new necklace, Andrew from Honor Society compliments it. When he saw my latest necklace (called “im with the band” from pennyroyalsilver.com, an eighth note)

He started telling us about a website that takes old family seals from estate sales, casts them and then makes necklaces (and bracelets and rings) out of them.

The website is pyrrha.com and he was right, everything on there is really cool and of course now I want to buy like 4 new necklaces lol

Honor Society’s logo is a seal and we are now hoping that they will make a pendant out of it! (similar to my hanson symbol pendant and smaller than the medallion they gave out with the Fashionably Late preorders)

Definitely something to bring up when we see them again next week. (So CRAZY that October is next week! And so far so good with my daily blog posts!)

ps I cant decide if yesterdays appearance should count as a concert or not. I had to get up at 4am and we did get to talk to them, but we could barely see their performance through the sun shades and couldn’t hear them. They did one song (twice) so in that respect it would count… but I don’t know… Anyone have any thoughts? Either way it counts as a TV Show Taping… but should it count as an honor society concert too?

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