I don’t think I ever posted about going to see Kris today – so here is a bit of a recap – last Monday I woke up to BBMs from my friends saying that Kris Allen was performing at KC101’s Lounge 101. Immediately I *knew* I had to win because I love love love Kris Allen and didn’t get to see him in Bridgeport.

I streamed KC101 all day and knew that if I didn’t win on Monday I would go INSANE by the time Friday rolled around listening to Top 40 constantly. Maze had a twitter contest – didn’t get through from that. Wendy Wild asked for caller #101 – I got hung up on so I don’t even know if I really got through. Trey wanted caller 10. I was 4. And then he was all “Hey KC101 who is this?” so I knew I won. Amazing.

Yesterday we saw that 96.5TIC was giving away tickets to their Listener’s club, so the girls all bought one (thinking it was just one ticket) to go and see him twice in one day.

Lauren and I made it to Hartford by a little after 11, parked and waited for Christine. Finally we got our confirmation email that we won our passes and should be there at noon – and that we had a PAIR of passes. Oh well…

We went in and Article 19 was playing. I had heard of them before and they weren’t bad but it seemed like they were trying a bit too hard at times.

At noon, we were brought upstairs and grabbed a spot in the back with a pretty clear view of the stage.

He played Heartless mashed-up with Gangsta’s Paradise – which was really cool.
Man In The Mirror
Alright With Me
The Christmas Song
Live Like We’re Dying

There was a lot of banter going on between songs – he said he was trying to get his voice going and apparently he did that by talking. There was talk of baseball teams and Derek Jeter, Mexican Restaurants and then he checked if he had any pit stains. Cale teased that he was done now because of all the cameras and then called him pit stains mcgoo. (fyi – there were no pit stains)

Then we got to get a picture with him – told him we’d be seeing him soon at the next show and he seemed excited about that.

The plan was to “fly” to Hamden, but of course 91 traffic made that difficult. We took a detour and made it to the 2nd location with plenty of time to spare.

Got there and waited for my cousin and then went in and grabbed a seat at the bar. The stage was not elevated here so it was hard to see and at one point Kris stood on his chair because he wanted to see every body. Of course then for us he became speaker head because of the angle we were at.

He played the same set list except no christmas song and not as much banter – though he did mention that some people were at both shows and he thought that was cool. He also apologized for not playing the Bridgeport show and said he’d book a show here to make up for it. (Let’s hope it is not at Toad’s)

Somehow we ended up at the front of the photo line this time and I told him I was so upset when he didn’t play in Bridgeport and he rubbed my back and was like “I felt so bad about that. I am so glad you got to see me today” and I was like “Yea me too!” and then I got yelled at for talking to him for too long. LOL.. Oh well.

Now normally I would end the review – but there was more excitement when we went to Panera for dinner. We were sitting there minding our own business when we hear this “BOOM!” I looked to my right and a girl at a table jumps up and there is dust/smoke everywhere. Turns out – a car drove RIGHT INTO THE BUILDING. It seemed at a fast speed too and more than just accidentally putting it in drive instead of reverse and hitting the gas. The cops were still there when we left and the brick on the side of the building was messed up pretty good.


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